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A Review on Elephant Auto Insurance

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Elephant Auto Insurance ReviewThis Elephant auto insurance review is for Elephant Auto Insurance, an insurance company that provides auto insurance to people in Virginia and Maryland. Elephant Auto Insurance has been doing business since 1994 and they are a subsidiary of Admiral Group, PLC.Elephant Review

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Elephant takes great pleasure in using their name in a funny way. For example, the link on their website introducing their employees and agents is called Meet the Herd; their phone number has the word TRUNK in the end.

In 2011, Elephant was named One of the Best places to Work in Virginia by Virginia Business and by Best Companies Group. Additionally, they were the recipients of the 2010 Employer All Star Award presented by the Society of Human Resource Management Association.

They also received recognition as one of the 50 Most Engaged Workplaces in the United States — an award judged in eight areas that include Communication, Leadership, Culture, Rewards and Recognition, Professional and Personal Growth, Accountability and Performance, Vision and Values, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Elephant does not have an AM Best Financial rating, nor does their parent company Admiral Group have one. This doesn’t meant that the car insurance company isn’t financially sound, only that they haven’t registered to be rated.

The only issue is that without this rating, you are in the dark as to how the company is performing financially.

In addition, there are no comments at the Better Business Bureau for this company. Again, this doesn’t mean anything negative, only that it makes it more difficult to determine the quality of services offered by this company.

Review on Elephant Car Insurance

Overall, you have a lot of choices when it comes to your car insurance. You owe it to yourself to get multiple car insurance quotes before you decide on your best choice.

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2 Reviews for A Review on Elephant Auto Insurance

  1. Rohit says:
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    Worst insurance company ever!!! Buying insurance from them is like not buying insurance. Their customer service sells you products without details and have premiums higher than big good insurance companies. You need to wait 30 minutes to talk to their customer service with rude representatives on the other side. Even in the end when you want to cancel your policy, they won’t leave you without adding fees. I had paid in full in starting, but in the end I had to pay $50 to get rid of them for no reason. So please dont buy any policy from them!!!

  2. Kate says:
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    It was a huge mistake to get Elephant Auto Insurance. I initially got Elephant insurance because, being a poor college student, it seemed to offer the cheapest rate. After almost two years of being insured by this company, I bought a new car. After calling to add the car to my policy, I was informed that they expected me to pay an entire YEAR’S bill for ONE MONTH of insurance just because I added the car towards the end of my policy. They tried to charge me almost 900 hundred dollars for one month of insurance, and when I refused, they said that there was nothing they could do about the charges. I then proceeded to cancel and sign with another auto insurance company who actually provided me with a cheaper rate anyway. While canceling with Elephant, I was informed that I still owed them 112 dollars for some made-up fees. I said I wanted an itemized bill explaining the charges before I paid them and was assured that no money would be taken from my account any longer. A month later, I received a notification from my bank stating that Elephant automatically drafted the 112 dollars right out of my bank account WITHOUT my permission! I spent hours on the phone with them disputing this, and they even confirmed after reviewing the tapes of my previous conversations with them that the representative had said no money would be drafted. They still refused to refund me my money saying they have every right to my bank account!! They’re lying, stealing, cheating people that have no knowledge of customer service or how to conduct a proper business. NEVER get Elephant Auto Insurance.

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