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How to Obtain an SR22 Form

Here's what you need to know...
  • An SR22 is documentation that states require drivers to submit after their license is suspended for crimes including DUIs or having several accidents close together.
  • Once a license is suspended, the court or the motor vehicle registry will alert the driver that he needs to fill out an SR22 form in order to take to the road again.
  • An SR22 form is proof that the driver possesses car insurance meets the state’s minimum requirements.

You can easily obtain an SR22 form from your car insurance company. You must have a basic understanding of the information surrounding this mandated proof of financial responsibility.

Read on to learn all about the SR22 form and car insurance and then be sure to enter your ZIP above for FREE car insurance quotes!

Why do I need to fill out an SR22 form?


The SR22 was put in place by the government as a means to protect its citizens from the risks presented by dangerous and/or uninsured drivers.

When a person has their suspended license returned, the SR22 helps guarantee that that person will be driving with enough insurance to help compensate potential victims in the event of an accident.

The SR22 remains in effect for a period of time dictated by the state. Three years is the general rule.

If the driver moves to another state, the SR22 usually follows him. If he moves to a state that has less stringent liability insurance requirements, the driver must keep the liability levels he purchased in the first state. This is the case in all but a few states.

Many states have found that requiring the filing of an SR22 form leads to a decrease in the number of repeat offenders. In the case of DUIs, it has been posited that the SR22 is a useful tool in aiding the rehabilitation of alcoholics.

However, the following states do not utilize the SR22 form:

  • New York
  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • North Carolina
  • Kentucky
  • Oklahoma
  • New Mexico
  • Minnesota

How will needing an SR22 affect my car insurance rates?

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If a driver needs an SR22 form to get car insurance, they are most likely classified as a high-risk driver. A policyholder that is considered a high-risk driver will always pay much higher car insurance rates than a driver that is not considered high-risk.

There are a lot of things that can cause a driver to be considered high-risk. These factors include multiple accidents, defaulting on a previous car insurance policy, and a DUI conviction.

People with a DUI on their record are the most common group that has to have an SR22 form.

There are special car insurance providers that only deal with high-risk drivers. By choosing to go with one of these specialty insurance companies instead of a regular provider you will probably be able to save a lot of money.

Once I obtain an SR22 form, how long does it last?

The SR22 runs out once the driver has proven financial responsibility (as represented by the possession of car insurance at levels that meet or exceed state minimums) for the specified period of time. This SR22 usually lasts 3 years.

At the end of those 3 years, the driver’s car insurance company can file the new paperwork that will officially release the driver from the constraints of having to prove financial responsibility to the state in this way.

If a driver allows his car insurance to lapse at any point during which he is accountable to the state through the SR22, his license is likely to be taken away immediately.

How much does it cost to obtain an SR22 form?

There is a filing fee attached to the filing of SR22 forms in most states.

If there is a lapse in insurance coverage that necessitates the filing of another SR22, the fee must be paid all over again.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

Once I obtain the SR22 form, what do I do?

The SR22 form asks for proof of car insurance coverage. In order to submit the form, you must possess car insurance that meets your state’s minimum car insurance requirements.

You can find the best car insurance policy for you buy using an online quote comparison tool. Be sure to note that you need an SR22. Within seconds, you will receive car insurance quotes from a variety of reputable companies.

The rates will be higher than that of the average driver, but you will be able to choose the policy with the right amount of coverage for the best price.

Be aware that different companies handle the risk inherent in the SR22 in different ways.

Some car insurance companies require drivers to pay for six months of car insurance before they will file an SR22 form, while others only have this requirement for those who must file the SR22 because of a DUI.

Be sure to find out your company’s policy before you commit.

How can I prevent becoming a high-risk driver?


The most obvious way to not be labeled a high-risk driver is to drive more responsibly. This is one situation that is completely in the driver’s control. While even the most cautious driver can still be involved in an accident, they will not necessarily be at fault.

Accidents might not be completely within the driver’s control, but speeding and parking tickets are. Choosing to drive above the speed limit or to park in a restricted area are risks that people often take without fully thinking about the long-term consequences.

Most people worry about the cost of a speeding ticket without considering how much raised car insurance rates will cost them over an extended period of time.

The main way someone will be required to have an SR22 is a DUI and this is a situation that is always in the control of the driver.

Choosing to drink and drive is a choice that will not only put your driver’s license and car insurance at risk, but also the lives of every other driver on the road, including yours.

SR22 Car Insurance Rates

The car insurance company that you find and select by using the online quote comparison tool will be able to file the SR22 form for you. So find your new car insurance company now; you will be back on the road in no time.

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