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Car Insurance Costs for a Dodge Charger

dodge charger car insuranceLooking for Dodge Charger car insurance quotes online? Enter your ZIP code in to get free Dodge Charger auto insurance quotes with the exact cost per month for your Dodge Charger.

Car insurance rates for any vehicle is always dependent on a huge variety of factors. Therefore it is impossible to give just one price for the car insurance cost for a Dodge Charger and be accurate or even in the ballpark for many people. You can compare car insurance! Enter your ZIP code and compare some of the best of Dodge Charger insurance!

Getting a personalized quote is key. However, you can see some actual Dodge Charger car insurance costs below. We are here to help you find Dodge Charger insurance rates!

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Actual Dodge Charger Car Insurance Rates

Have you ever wondered, “How much is insurance on a Dodge Charger?” For a 2010 Dodge Charger being driver by a man with an excellent driving record in Jacksonville, Florida, the car insurance cost would range from about $1,440 to $2,100, depending on the insurer. This is for full coverage with $500 deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverage. The same coverage for the same vehicle for a man with a poor driving record would range between $3,900 and $9,500 yearly.

For a 1985 Dodge Charger that is being driven in Jacksonville, Florida by a man with an excellent driving record and who still carries full coverage, despite the age of the vehicle, the cost for annual insurance would be in the range of $963 to $1,240.

If this driver had a poor driving record, including accidents and traffic violations, his insurance premium would be in the range of $2,550 to $4,400 annually.

Of course, there are many different ways to have even lower Dodge Charger car insurance rates than those mentioned above. You just have to know the cost first to know where to save. So don’t be asking yourself, “What does Dodge Charger insurance cost?” before you start looking for ways to save! Then, look for areas to save and begin comparing insurance rates on a Dodge Charger.

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What type of car insurance coverage is available?

dodge charger car insurance costsLiability insurance is one of the first types of coverage on which a new policyholder should focus. This type of insurance will provide coverage to you if you cause an accident. Being the cause of an accident makes the policyholder financially liable for any damages or injuries caused by the accident. If you did not have liability insurance not only would you have to pay these costs on your own, but you would also be susceptible to a lawsuit from the other driver.

The next thing you, as a policyholder, should focus on is making sure that you have enough insurance to cover your car. Collision and comprehensive coverage is the type of insurance that does this. Collision coverage protects against any accident involving a collision with another car or object. Comprehensive insurance covers the car if it is damaged by other things like fire, vandalism, and weather.

Even if you have adequate health insurance you should still invest in car insurance that covers medical expenses. There are two types of coverage that do this, medical payments coverage and personal injury protection coverage. Personal injury protection coverage is more commonly known as PIP or no-fault coverage.

Some states actually make this type of coverage mandatory. To find out if your state does too, you can go to your state’s official insurance site.

For instance, if you live in California, you’d go to the California Department of Insurance.

Not everyone makes car insurance the priority it should be. Because of this, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage should not be looked at as optional coverage. If you are in an accident with someone and they are at fault, but do not have enough car insurance to cover all of your damages, you could have to pay for the rest. If you have underinsured motorist coverage it would cover that unexpected cost.

While the majority of states make it illegal drive without car insurance some people still choose not to get any. If you were in an accident with one of these people you might have to pay for certain things out of your own pocket. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage also protects you in the case of a hit-and-run accident.

OK, so here’s a question: what exactly is the Dodge Charger’s insurance classification? Well, take a look at this picture of a Dodge Charger and let me know if you think the Dodge Charger should be classified as a sports car for insurance purposes:

Dodge Charger SRT8

Ahhh, now that is a sports car! Right? So, while the Dodge Charger is beautiful to look at, then, yes, it will usually be classified as a sports car for insurance purposes which will drive up the Dodge Charger insurance cost. All the more reason to shop around and find the cheapest rates, right? And, yeah, yeah, let’s not even get into the whole, “But it has four doors – how can it be a sports car?” schtick. Come on, have you pressed the gas pedal lately? That’s what we thought…

When to Expect Different Rates

car insurance for dodge chargerBecause your personal information is likely to be different from those quoted above, you should expect to find that your actual car insurance for a Dodge Charger will vary somewhat. Take a look at the factors that will make your Charger insurance rates different from that man in Jacksonville.

If you live in a more rural area with fewer cars on the roads and less likelihood of theft and vandalism, you will find that your car insurance rates will be lower than those quoted above.

If you have multiple drivers on your vehicle you should expect increased rates. If any of those drivers are under the age of 25, the rates will be significantly higher. Young drivers are more at risk of being involved in serious car accidents, especially males; therefore, it is costly to insure them.

If your Dodge Charger is somewhere between the 1985 and 2010 model years, the price will be different. Generally, newer vehicles are more expensive to insure than older ones. If you have a 2010 Dodge Charger, you can expect your 2010 Dodge Charger insurance to be higher than a year later than 2010. However, the scarcity of parts for certain model years will also impact the price of insurance.

If your vehicle is used for a higher than usual number of miles annually you will find that car insurance rates are higher.

If you use your car for business, rates are higher than for vehicles only used for personal use.

If your driving record varies from the examples given, your premiums may be more expensive or somewhere in between for comparable coverage. One accident or infraction may or may not affect the cost of your insurance, depending on the insurer. If you take a driver training course following an infraction, it will typically not impact your insurance in most states.

If you have more serious issues with your driving record such as DUI convictions, reckless driving charges or you have lost your license in recent years, you will find that car insurance will be more costly than the prices quoted above. Make sure you are always practicing safe driving habits, so that the cost of insurance for a Dodge Charger doesn’t rise!

Then of course, there is the entire issue of geographic region and time period. So, Texas Dodge Charger insurance rates will be quite different than Florida Dodge Charger insurance rates (as they will be different from California Dodge Charger insurance rates and on and on ad nauseum). Then, if you closely compare, say, 2013 Dodge Charger car insurance rates to the 2014 Dodge Charger car insurance rates, then, guess what, you will find yet some more differences. Isn’t insurance shopping fun?

What’s the moral of this fun little insurance shopping story? Well, you must learn to shop around and compare rates from multiple companies, of course. Now, get to it – enter your zip code in on this page and start comparing free Dodge Charge auto insurance rates online (did we mention that it’s free?)!

car insurance costs for a dodge chargerHow to Lower the Cost of Car Insurance

There are many different ways to save on the cost of car insurance for a Dodge Charger or other vehicle. One of the simplest ways is to make sure you have all the discounts that you are eligible for. Typically you can get discounts for a variety of things. If you have anti-theft devices on your car you are eligible. If not, invest in a car alarm to be eligible for such a discount.

Discounts are available to members of certain groups. If your home and car insurance are with the same company, you will also get a discount. Ask your agent what others are available. In the end, compare car insurance on a Dodge Charger by entering your ZIP code into our search!  You can also look at an average insurance rates for a Dodge Charger and compare off of that quote!

Insurance prices for a Dodge Charger can always be fluctuating. You must always be on the top of your game and constantly compare for the best rates!

You can adjust the comprehensive and collision coverage on your Charger to save money. By raising your deductibles on these types of coverage, you will lower the cost of your annual car insurance. You may also want to remove the coverage in certain cases to save money. When you are deciding how much and what kind of coverage, you should take a loot at average insurance rates on Dodge Charges for a basis to start comparing!

If your vehicle is not financed, you may elect to not carry collision and comprehensive insurance.

If the car’s value has dropped to a point where it is not worth much more than the deductible, it is definitely time to remove the coverage.

Whew, so this has been a lot of talk about collision coverage and comprehensive coverage and this and that – are you still awake? Do you wish that you were out swerving in and out of traffic cones in your Dodge Charger? What, you would never do that, you say? Why, of course not, we wouldn’t either. What we would do, and what we know that you would like to do too is to look at some more Dodge Charger pictures so let’s have a look at a picture of the Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee, shall we?

Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee

Ah, at least if we aren’t driving one then we can look at one, right? Hey, wipe that drool off your face!

So, back to saving you money on your Dodge Charger insurance costs. By paying for your car insurance up front you can often earn yourself a break on the cost with certain insurers. Check to be sure the company you have your policy with does indeed offer this price break. Before buying a Charger, you should look at the cost to insure a Dodge Charger.

Choosing Car Insurance Properly

If you want to know exactly how much it will cost for you to insure a Dodge Charger, the best thing to do is simply get a car insurance quote. An online quote tool can provide you with multiple insurance quotes at once, so you can easily compare and contrast the different prices out there. Get started now with our FREE online car insurance comparison tool to find the best price possible for your Dodge Charger!

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