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How much are Ford F-150 insurance rates?

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Ford F-150 car insuranceHow much does car insurance cost for the Ford F-150 pickup truck? Read on to learn all about some of the various safety features and other factors that contribute to the pricing of Ford F-150 insurance costs.

Car insurance (or, hey, truck insurance, right?) is on the mind of many people all over the world. If you are thinking about purchasing a new or used vehicle, it may be in your best interest for your to research your options ahead of time to find out how much the insurance is going to be running you.

Getting quotes on auto insurance is very easy, especially when it comes to the Ford F-150 because it is a very common (and by common, we mean awesome!) vehicle. Be sure and enter your ZIP code above to compare free online Ford F-150 car insurance quotes!

Ford F-150 Durability

Ford F-150’s are rated really high in many different categories. They are great trucks that are made for bigger loads as well as bigger families should you purchase an extended or crew cab. Ford trucks are some of the most durable and hard working trucks that you will ever find.

Factors Affecting Ford F-150 Car Insurance Rates

When it comes to auto insurance for a Ford F 150 you are going to be getting an better than average ratting for auto insurance premiums. That is due to the fact that the pickup performs very well when it comes to safety standards and safety tests.

Ford F-150’s have the fewest amounts of personal injury claims as well as medical payment claims.

The only not so great thing about insurance for a Ford F-150 is that is does rank number 4 on the most stolen cars list so comprehensive coverage tends to be just a little higher. Even though you Ford F-150 is an eye catcher with many thieves everywhere, your passengers are going to be their safest and insurance will be its lowest for bodily injury.

ford f150 ratings

Source: IIHS

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Average Ford F-150 Insurance Costs

The average Ford F-150 insurance premium runs the owner about $2,450 a year. That can be a relatively high insurance premium for a driver, but when it comes to safety, the price does not compare. That is just an average and it does not mean that is what you will be paying for auto insurance for your F-150 pick up. For the most part, drivers of Ford trucks paid anywhere between $1,935 up to $3,210.

Keep in mind that the average 2013 Ford F-150 insurance rates will most likely be quite different than the average 2014 Ford F-150 insurance rates because insurance rates can and do change over time.

There are also many other factors that can affect the cost of your Ford F-150 insurance. For example, maybe you are looking for Ford F-150 Raptor insurance (and, boy, oh boy, do we wish were were in your shoes, and, more specifically – in your driver’s seat!). Well, then the rates will be different than if you were looking for insurance for a traditional Ford F-150 or an older Ford F-150. You get the picture.

Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

Comparing Ford F-150 Insurance Quotes

Of course you are going to be able to save money by shopping around for the best car insurance deal. You may be able to find insurance for your F-150 by comparing a coupe of different companies. Just because the average price for insurance for the automobile is average over $2,000 a year, does not mean that you cannot find it cheaper by comparing. You may also want to call up your auto insurance company and ask about discounts they offer.

Ford F-150 trucks are very safe and reliable automobiles, so you may be able to get a good discount for purchasing this kind of vehicle.

Remember to keep in mind that there are factors that can determine what you are going to be paying for auto insurance. Your age, the age of the Ford, where the Ford is driven, and where the Ford is parked at night along with things such as your age, your driving record and your credit can be used to determine what you are going to be paying for your Ford F-150 auto insurance coverage.

Ford F-150 car insuranceBe sure to take your time a call around to a couple of different car insurance companies so that you can get the cheapest car insurance, but the best policy to cover your Ford F-150. Ford’s are rated one of the safest automobiles due to their size and the fact that they are one of the fewest vehicles with any problems that may cause an accident or break down. Enter your ZIP code to start comparing auto insurance quotes in the box at the bottom of the page.

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