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Male Car Insurance

Male Car InsuranceMale car insurance for ages 18-25 has traditionally been higher than females of the same age bracket for a number of different reasons that will be evident later.

The nationwide typical price for one year of car insurance payments to date in 2010 is $1,566. The typical price for vehicle insurance countrywide for 2008 was $1,600. Nationwide yearly average expense in 2009 was $1,736.

Why is it that being born a male rather than a female can cause a male’s car insurance rates to jump up much higher than a female’s? Read on to learn all about male car insurance rates and then to find cheap car insurance for males or females just enter your zip code above to find the best car insurance!

Male Teenage Drivers

Commonly teen drivers as well as motorists under 25 years old that have male car insurance possess among the highest car insurance rates around. Youthful motorists have proven to be high-risk motorists regarding car insurance firms as a result of the higher volume of crashes as well as their particular lack of experience operating a motor vehicle. Males will drive more miles while young simply because of the freedom factor and because they want to become experienced drivers thus males will have more chances to have a accident.

Male motorists below the age of 25 generally possess the top premium rates because they are more likely to take more risks than females of that same age bracket. Women typically cost a little less to insure as a result of data demonstrating they aren’t as aggressive driving and as an average drive less that their counterparts behind the wheel. If you’re below 25 and married chances are that the rates you are paying will be a tad lower than a driver who is single in the same age bracket..

Where You Live Affects Your Rates

The place you reside within the United States may also have an effect on your male car insurance premiums. Numerous state insurance regulators possess evaluation charts of prices shoppers may download. Frequently this particular information consists of prices for various regions of the state and various age brackets.

Should you be serious about determining the average price for male car insurance for ages 18 to 25 within your specific state, please get in touch with your state’s Department of Insurance.

On the other hand, if you have a little time, receive an online male car insurance estimate by just entering your zip code into the free tool on this page and find out what is the cost for a 18 – 25 year old driver.

Males Pay More for Car Insurance Than Females Across the Board

Costs will vary from one car insurance company to another. In most cases it is based on claim experience with time, however with all aspects equal, a woman driver between 18 and 25 will typically spend less then the woman’s male counterpart. The reason being in most cases young women have gotten into less accidents and had fewer moving violations compared to guys within the exact same age group.

Why Males Pay More

A number of reasons why this is the case is because guys on average drive more then females in this age bracket. If you drive more then your odds of being in an accident increase. Additionally, teenage males tend to be more frequent high risk takers when driving. This key factor usually results in more traffic violations. Each of those factors will result in higher rates. Women in the 18 to 25 age bracket are married traveling with a baby on-board, driving with a lot more caution and using slower driving speeds, thus fewer accidents and moving violations.

So gender will have an effect on your costs for male car insurance, simply because when you run the numbers women drivers have fewer accidents than guys along with less traffic tickets. So marital status, driving history, and the kind of car you drive when your young will affect your costs of running a vehicle.

Good News

At this point in the article there is some good news, many insurance companies acknowledge that since you did drive more miles as a young male that as you grow a little older your experience behind the wheel grows, you’ll then be able to anticipate paying a lot less than females. This holds true especially if you have a excellent driving record with no claims.

It All Evens Out

So in the end it all evens out for male car insurance holders, it is just that when males are younger and the testosterone is flowing they will drive to impress the female with bad results sometimes occurring. The lesson to be learned here is to drive within your skill level when you are starting out. Practice will help you with the basics, drive within the speed limits, watch your traffic signs, and do not take any chances that may have an end result that could be risky to your life.

Driving is just as fun as you make it. Keep a cool head, check the maintenance on your car periodically (liquid levels – tire pressure – etc.), do not take any unnecessary chances, check your spare tire to see if it is inflated, and make sure you have a towing service to call if you get stranded out on the highway. All these are reasonable things to do before you operate your vehicle, why take a chance with your life when you do not have to.

Drive safe and find cheap male car insurance. Enter your zip code in for free car insurance quotes now!

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