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Progressive vs Nationwide

Progressive vs Nationwide Car InsuranceShould you buy a Progressive auto insurance policy or a Nationwide auto insurance policy?

Check out this Progressive vs Nationwide comparison and then use the free tool on this page for a free car insurance comparison with many different car insurance companies!

Progressive Insurance Company History

The Progressive Insurance Company was established by Jack Green and Joe Lewis, dated back to 1937. The location in which that the Progressive Corporation headquarters was located in May field Village, Ohio.

Progressive Insurance Corporation accumulated some massive growth that prompted the company to relocate to bigger and better offices located in the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio.

Unfortunately, Joe Lewis passed away and Jack Green was the reigning Chief Executive Officer in 1955. Ironically, Joe Lewis son began his new career with Progressive Insurance short after these chains of events took place.

In 1956, another branch of Progressive Insurance Corporation was established and called Progressive Casualty Company. Progressive Casualty Company was established to write auto insurance, particularly for high risk drivers.

In today’s economy, Progressive Insurance Company insures drivers with less than perfect backgrounds and driving records. Progressive Insurance Company took on some major growth in the 1960’s. After that, the Progressive Insurance Company realized some steady growth over the next twenty years: And after that Progressive made one billion dollars in premiums.

Nationwide Insurance Company History

The Nationwide Insurance Company began and established in 1925. The Nationwide Insurance Company was originally called the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation.

Also in 1925, Ohio state law required actually had one hundred people make a pledge to become policy holders. The first agents that were employed at that time recruited ten times as much people, and on April 12, 1926 Nationwide Insurance Company obtained over one thousand policy holders.

Progressive & Nationwide Products

Both Progressive and Nationwide offer a wide variety of products, but there are some differences between the two. For example, Progressive Insurance Company offers segway insurance for its customers. Nationwide unfortunately does not offer this type of insurance for all of you segway riders out there.

Progressive Insurance Company may be one of the companies you may want to check out for quotes if you own a segway. Oh, and another thing, if you have and love your pets and want to insure them then you will not be able to get a policy with Nationwide Insurance.

The main reason why you wouldn’t be able to do this is because Nationwide does not offer pet insurance or coverage.

Nationwide & Progressive Differences

Nationwide and Progressive are both large and reputable companies, but Nationwide offers some types of coverage and insurance that Progressive Insurance Company does not. One thing Nationwide offers that Progressive does not is All Terrain Vehicle coverage and insurance.

If you own a multiple acre property or have access to forest and off-road trails than you would probably own an all terrain vehicle. Therefore you would like to be with an insurance company that provides such coverage.

If you enjoy riding all terrain vehicles, than you know the dangers that can happen when operating the four wheelers. Also, you would be more likely to choose a insurance company that offers extra insurance plans for your extra belongings in life. Unfortunately, Progressive Insurance Company would not be one of your choices when it comes to all terrain vehicle coverage.

Nationwide or Progressive Car Insurance?

Decide for yourself whether you should buy car insurance from Progressive, Nationwide, or another company altogether. Enter your zip in for free car insurance quotes now!

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