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State Farm vs Progressive

State Farm Progressive Car InsuranceState Farm versus Progressive Insurance is an even battle. Both companies have a long history of near-perfect customer satisfaction, with a wide variety of resources to enrich customer relationships.

Their advertising campaigns are as equally competitive, with Progressive having a slight edge over State Farm in the auto insurance department, as a result of recent sweeping approval and award collection from Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports.

This one is purely a battle of preference. Progressive and State Farm both offer comprehensive auto insurance plans, but Progressive has a more through website.

They also offer an easy-to-use price comparison tool, and show how much their competition are charging for similar plans.

State Farm & Progressive Cost, History, and Comparisons

Progressive has generally higher premiums, which may be the deciding factor in this close battle. State Farm does generally have cheaper rates and smaller premiums, but both companies are truly excellent.

Progressive has established themselves as one of the kings of the insurance-selling jungle in present years. Their ambitious advertising campaigns have reinforced customer relationships.

State Farm slightly predates the predecessor of Progressive’s modern face, and is an elder compared to the new Progressive, which truly came about in the late 90’s after a merger that changed the face of the company forever.

Life insurance policies are better with State Farm, but the auto insurance policies are better with Progressive, generally. Just check out both of the companies and their websites, and find a local agent. The price should be the main deciding factor, here. Our free comparison tool can help you to compare quotes from many different companies.

State Farm vs. Progressive Car Insurance Rates in Various Cities

These are the cities that have shown up as having a significant savings for either company’s plans:

Seattle – Progressive (No surprise here. Progressive reigns as the king of insurance in Seattle)
Portland – State Farm
Dallas – Progressive (A surprise, actually. An average of $200/year savings!)
Austin – Progressive
Los Angeles- State Farm ($500/year savings in LA for State Farm)
San Francisco – State Farm ($200/year savings on average, according to surveys of the area published in 2009)
New York – Progressive
Chicago – Progressive (Biggest savings here. $900/year savings on average. Wow!)

Should You Buy Progressive or State Farm Insurance?

So – should you buy Progressive car insurance or State Farm car insurance? Well, no one company is right for everyone so enter your zip code in to do your own car insurance comparison today!

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