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State Farm vs USAA

State Farm & USAAComparing State Farm vs USAA Insurance is not an easy task. Both companies have many advantages and depending upon your specific situation and needs you will find one more suited than the other.

Read on to learn about some of the differences between USAA and State Farm and then use the free tool on this page to compare quotes for car insurance today!

How to Compare State Farm vs USAA

When comparing the two insurance companies first prepare a list of what you need in a policy.

List the things that are most important in your life and make sure they are covered. List the advantages of each company and compare the two and see which meets the majority of your needs.

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Background

USAA, or the United Services Automobile Association offers auto insurance home, life and personal property insurance. USAA provides many services and financial products besides insurance. Their best offerings are mostly customer related.

  • They are one of Business Week Magazines “Top Two Customer Service Champs” for three consecutive years.
  • They offer lower rates than their competitors 4 out of 5 times based on a countrywide survey of new customers.
  • Military discounts and additional benefits are offered for veterans and active military personnel.
  • USAA also offers a whole line of other financial services.

Some of the various insurance and financial products that USAA offers includes:

  • Credit cards
  • Free Checking accounts
  • Free Savings accounts
  • Loans
  • Investment Opportunities

State Farm Background

State Farm also offers several different types of insurance including automobile and boat, home, life and private property. They can combine several policies into one owner’s policy that includes all your insurance needs.

Compare State Farm vs USAA on their advantage points to see what works best for you.

  • State Farm has been providing excellent customer rated auto insurance since 1922.
  • They offer a Discount Double Check to all new customers. The discount provides a double check of all discounts available for the policy in question to make sure the customer gets the lowest price possible.
  • State Farm has an exclusive Pick Your Way to Pay program that allows you to be able to pay online, by check, mail or debit. You can also choose lump sums or installment plans.
  • They offer their own integrated State Farm Bank system that offers all normal banking functions like loans, free checking, savings accounts, investment opportunities and lending accounts.

So – State Farm or USAA?

Both insurance companies come with several advantages. Compare each against what is most important to you in an insurance policy to find out which is the right company for you. Find an agent your comfortable with to guide you through the process.

Having an agent you can talk to makes everything a lot easier. It also helps to do a little research on basic policies and what to expect.

Save yourself some time and money and compare not just State Farm with USAA but compare many different companies using our free tool for comparing car insurance quotes!

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