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Here's what you need to know...

  • Allied offers several deductible coverage benefits including a deductible waiver if your vehicle is a total loss
  • Allied offers accident and traffic violation forgiveness in certain circumstances
  • Allied offers two roadside assistance coverage packages
  • Allied makes claim reporting easy and fast

Allied Car Insurance was originally called Allied Mutual Automobile Association and was formed in 1929. The corporate headquarters is located in Des Moines, Iowa with several offices located across the United States.

If you are considering buying an Allied car insurance policy, you should also shop around and get quotes from other companies before you purchase your insurance policy.

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Allied Deductible Benefits

When you buy an Allied car insurance policy, you can also buy coverage that will decrease your deductible up to a maximum limit of $500 dollars.

When you sign up for this coverage, your deductible will be reduced by $100 dollars. For every year that you have driven safely, your deductible will decrease another $100 dollars.

There is also a deductible waiver if your vehicle is considered to be a total loss which means you will not have to pay your deductible if your vehicle is a total loss.

Allied Accident and Traffic Violation Forgiveness

When you have a car insurance policy with Allied and you have an accident, your rates will not increase even if you are considered to be at-fault. This accident forgiveness applies if you have only one accident each three years.

If you have a minor traffic violation once each three years, your rates will not increase.

Allied Roadside Assistance


Allied offers two levels for roadside assistance coverage. The basic roadside assistance package includes towing for a maximum 15 miles, lockout, fuel delivery, flat tires, and jump starts, as well as membership discounts.

The plus package includes the basic package plus towing up to a maximum of 100 miles, turn-by-turn directions, trip interruption coverage, emergency messages, and pre-trip map routing.

This roadside assistance coverage can be applied while driving any vehicle from any member of the household that is insured with Allied.

Allied Claim Reporting

You can speak to an Allied customer service representative to report your claim 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Allied will address your needs when you report the claim.

An Allied representative should ask you if you need help towing your vehicle and help you get into a rental as long as coverage is applicable.

After you report your claim, an Allied representative should make contact with all parties involved within 8 business hours.

There is the possibility of settling your claim on the first phone call. An Allied representative should also provide you with contact information for Blue Ribbon Repair Shops.

If you purchase an Allied car insurance policy and an Allied homeowner’s policy, you will then be qualified for the Allied Extra.

The Allied Extra includes the following:

  • A single deductible – You would only have to pay one deductible for any claim when both your auto and your home have been affected by the same event.
  • Bonus emergency lockout – This type of coverage will pay for a locksmith and applies if you get locked out of your home or vehicle.
  • Bonus airbag replacement – This coverage pays for the replacement of an airbag in your vehicle if it should deploy accidentally.
  • Bonus accidental death benefit – There would be $10,000 dollars paid if you died during an accident involving your vehicle.

Allied Car Insurance Quotes Online

If you are interested in buying an Allied car insurance policy, you will have to contact an Allied agent.

You will not be able to make any changes to your policy online. You will have to speak to an agent every time you change something on your policy.

You cannot print your ID cards online. An Allied agent will have to sell you the policy and issue your ID cards.

Before you make a purchase decision based on your Allied auto insurance quotes then use our free tool to start comparing car insurance options today!

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