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Here's what you need to know...
  • Top car insurance companies all have slogans that are created to make you feel secure.
  • Sometimes slogans are misleading, and a company’s customer service is not up to par.
  • Ignorance is a good strategy to ensure you get connected with a human when calling your insurance company.

When time is critical and you need some human support from your auto insurance company, how fast can you actually get to a live operator?

Sure, all of the top car insurance companies offer marketing campaigns to show how much they care, but when you’ve just been in an accident, how difficult is it to get to someone who really does care?

To find out, we called the top car insurers to see just how long it took us to talk to a real live human being.

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State Farm Customer Service Test

Young couple with agent realtor over blue background.

They say that like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. The last time we called our neighbor, however, we weren’t confronted with a plethora of insurance salespeople. Maybe we’re just living next to the wrong neighbors.

Unlike other insurance companies, State Farm expects you to contact your “neighbor,” the actual insurance agent who sold you your policy. You are then connected to State Farm’s Good Neighbor service, which is available for a car insurance claim 24/7.

  • Sequence – Find agent phone number -> Talk to real live person during business hours -> 24/7 support when office is closed
  • Time to Operator  Varies depending on the agent. Our call took one minute and thirteen seconds.
  • Complexity Factor – Medium. What’s my agent’s phone number? What’s my agent’s name? Why doesn’t State Farm have a central number for me to call? Why do you have to answer these questions before you can get help?

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Allstate Customer Service Test


You’re in good hands with Allstate … just not real hands. They’re actually fictional blue hands that appear to be asking you for money as they are outstretched and cupped for coinage.

With this in mind, we called the easy-to-remember 1-800-ALLSTATE number to find out just what type of hands we’re dealing with here.

When called, we were confronted with the option for Spanish several times, which might make the whole process faster if we were bilingual. To talk to a person, all we had to do was consistently press 1.

  • Sequence – Call 1-800-ALLSTATE -> Press 1 for claims ->Press 1 for a new claim -> Press 1 for personal auto claims -> Person
  • Time to Operator – 57 seconds.
  • Complexity Factor – Low. Just dial 1-800-ALLSTATE and press 111.

Progressive Customer Service Test

You would think that a company with a name like Progressive would utilize advanced technology. Maybe having this name is actually a curse, because we’re not sure if insurance is actually “progressing” toward anything other than keeping us safe.

We called 1-800-PROGRESSIVE to see how hard it is to talk to a human being about the progress of filing an accident claim. Bottom line: too many decisions need to be made on the customer’s part to make this easy.

  • Sequence – Call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE -> Press 1 for claim -> Enter claim number (??) or press 0 -> Press 1 to report an accident -> Nice little marketing fluff about doing all of this online -> If there is glass damage only press 1 or full-blown accident press 2 -> Person
  • Time to Operator – 1 minute 21 seconds.
  • Complexity Factor – Medium. We need a claim number? We need to decide stuff? Plus, if we’re already on the phone, how does it help to tell us we could do this online?

Travelers Customer Service Test

As travelers, we can identify with Travelers Insurance. When you’re on the road, of course, you’d expect for Travelers to make it easy to contact someone when you have a problem.

We call 1-800-252-4633. We like this already because the claims department has their own phone number. One problem: they want you to belt out your car insurance claim number to a robot, which probably has a 50% chance of understanding you because it’s not a human.

  • Sequence – Call 1-800-252-4633 -> Press 1 for new claim -> Say “Auto” for car claims -> Decide whether or not you’re limited to glass damage -> Try to attempt to say your claim number (??) or say you don’t have it -> Person
  • Time to Operator – 1 minute 29 seconds.
  • Complexity Factor – Medium. Too many decisions. The claims-specific number is a bonus, although attempting to tell a robot your claim number is borderline ridiculous.

Cheating: How to Get to a Person Fast

Portrait of call center worker accompanied by her team. Smiling customer support operator at work. Help and support concept

The best way to get to a person for your car insurance claim? Act like you don’t know anything and simply stay on the line.

Making any sort of decision on these hotlines will mean that you’re going to have to make more before you get to a person. That’s the fastest way to get around these mazes that the car insurers put up for you to go around. Good luck!

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