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Here's what you need to know...
  • Car insurance rates for first-time drivers are bound to be higher than average
  • If you have an expensive car, you can expect your insurance rates to be higher
  • There are many discounts you can ask an agent about when purchasing insurance coverage

Driving is exhilarating. The world opens up with possibilities when you can drive, but it also comes with lots of responsibilities. Those responsibilities are not just for your own vehicle, but for other drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and the laws of your state. Don’t get caught off guard if you’re a first-time driver.

If you are looking for car insurance for first-time drivers, then you have come to the right place. Buying car insurance is just a matter of shopping around, choosing a policy that fits your needs, and carefully coming to a contractual agreement.

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The Thrill of a New Ride

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Isn’t the feeling of getting behind the wheel for the first time invigorating?

When you drive for the first time you feel independent, in control, and perhaps even ambitious. You can now drive all over the city — perhaps even the entire country.

Well, that exhilarating new feeling wears off over time and before long, you’re grumbling about having to drive to the grocery store!

This may seem like a minor detail, but it’s actually a significant point in learning defensive driving.

Despite your boredom and your certainty that nothing is going to suddenly go wrong, you must always stay on the defensive.

The majority of car accidents happen when people  get too relaxed behind the wheel. This feeling of overconfidence is what causes first-time drivers like young, 16-year-old-drivers, to speed, take risks, make sudden movements on the freeway, and drink and drive.

Many first-time drivers make mistakes like this, which is why the car insurance industry is afraid of them.

Car insurance companies typically view younger drivers and those with bad credit, as risk takers and premiums will be higher.

No wonder many young drivers under the age of 25 choose to join their parents’ auto insurance policy for the family car, instead of seeking out a new policy under their own name.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Factors That Determine Cost

Almost every U.S. state requires some form of liability coverage, which protects other drivers from the damage you cause. Proof of insurance is usually required before you are legally permitted to own a driver’s license.

However, there many ways to reduce car insurance premiums for first-time drivers.

  • In car insurance, the term shop around and compare is a rule. However, there are some factors that are concrete, and you have to work around them if you are a first-time driver.
  • Choose your car carefully. The more expensive the car you drive, the higher the insurance premiums will be. This is why many student drivers and first-timers research insurance quotes for the make and model car of their choice well in advance.
  • Other factors that determine insurance premiums include age, sex, your neighborhood, and what type of business the car will be used for.

Though looking for your first policy can be frustrating, rest assured you can find a policy out there.

There are companies that specialize in first-time driver policies.

Larger insurance providers may also be willing to work with you if you are added to your parents’ auto insurance policy.

Where to Find Discounts

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Students are not powerless when it comes to finding auto insurance discounts:

  • Students under 25 years of age can show themselves to be responsible by keeping good grades and taking courses in defensive driving.
  • Dropping down to liability coverage only is also an effective way to ward off high premiums that accompany comprehensive and collision insurance.
  • Installing anti-theft devices is a smart move and can bring down your total premiums.
  • Even when you have a car and an insurance policy in place, you can receive discounts by avoiding unnecessary driving to get low mileage discounts. Carpool to work or school; drive less and take the bus or the train whenever possible.
  • Raise your deductible or lower your maximum coverage for liability. Understand car dealerships and banks insists upon full coverage when you lease; therefore, buying a cheaper and older model car for cash will allow you to drop all extra coverage.

Car insurance companies are very competitive and aware of the business that comes from online access.

Shop around until you find a company that you can work with. Ask for further discounts that may not be offered unless you speak to a representative. Google the insurance company you are considering and look for customer reviews.

Yes, you have a long road ahead of you, and many more miles to drive before you retire from the big race of life. Don’t get discouraged if rates seem high for the time being.

After a few years of careful driving behind you, you will start to see an improvement in the way the insurance company views your profile. It’s all about decreasing risk and improving as a driver.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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