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Auto Insurance for Clerks/Cashiers

Here's what you need to know...
  • Clerks and cashiers pay around $1,100 annually for car insurance
  • Because of the times they drive, cashiers can expect to pay more for their coverage
  • If you would like to have lower insurance rates, be sure to keep your driving record clean
The job you have can influence your car insurance rates in a positive or negative way.

The insurance industry has evaluated many occupations to determine driving habits and uses this information to set car insurance rates. Clerks and cashiers currently have an average yearly car insurance rate of $1,105.93.

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Clerk/Cashier Responsibilities

A young food cashier hands an order across the counter to a customerClerks and cashiers have a variety of responsibilities depending on where they work.

Cashiers are needed at almost every retail store, restaurant, gas station, grocery store, and a variety of other places. Any business that handles payments in cash, check, or credit cards typically hires cashiers or clerks to handle the transactions.

In addition to taking cash payments, making change, and processing credit and debit card orders, cashiers and clerks have many other responsibilities.

They can assist customers, answer questions, and lead a customer to items in the store when the customer cannot locate an item on their own.

Clerks and cashiers also have the responsibility of balancing their drawers at the end of a shift.

This means that they have to make sure all the money that they took in, all the credit card purchases, all the debit card purchases and all the coupons match up to the transitions that took place that day.

Being a cashier or clerk takes a lot of training.

Cashiers have to know how to process many different types of transactions, how to answer questions, and how to handle customers that might not be happy.

Though it isn’t an extremely challenging job, it does require the ability to handle stress and have a personality that can talk to customers and answer their questions.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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or call (855) 425-8122 for free quotes

Clerk/Cashier Requirements

There are different requirements to become a cashier or clerk depending on where you work.

Most places require that you be at least 16 years old. Many places that sell alcohol require cashiers to be 21 years old or older. This requirement aside, many teenagers still get their first job as a cashier or as a clerk.

Some employers require cashiers to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Of course, being able to handle and understand the register or computer used to process transactions is important as well.

It is important for cashiers to be able to work with both kind and irate customers as well.

Being a cashier or clerk is considered an entry level job at many businesses, but it is also considered a stepping stone towards different positions within a company. Many assistant managers and managers start out as cashiers where they learn the basics of the company and get to know what the company expects of them.

Being a cashier is a great way to get an open door into a company.

Clerk/Cashier Insurance Rates

Jar of coinsThe insurance rate for clerks and cashiers is in the middle range because the insurance industry has conducted studies on different occupations to try and understand their driving habits.

Driving habits are one of the determining factors of car insurance rates.

This study showed some important things about cashiers.

Cashiers and clerks are likely to work different shifts. This includes different days of the week and varying hours including days and evenings. The varying shifts and hours mean that cashiers tend to be on the road at all different times.

This increases the likelihood of an accident.

The study also found that many cashiers work evening and overnight shifts. The likelihood of accidents increases after 10 p.m. as do the incidences of vandalism and theft. Because of this, insurance companies raised the insurance rates of cashiers and clerks from the low range to the middle range.

Cashiers and those in any occupation can lower their insurance rates by asking for discounts from their car insurance companies. Things like student discounts, anti-theft devices, good driver discounts, and multiple policies can reduce the rate of monthly insurance premiums.

In addition to asking for discounts, drivers can also do their best to maintain a good driving record. Any moving violation or at-fault accident will increase the amount of auto insurance that is paid every month.

Maintaining a good driving record is one of the best ways to maintain an affordable car insurance rate.

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