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Here's what you need to know...
  • The Jeep Liberty was produced from 2002 – 2012
  • The safety features that come standard on the Liberty will help keep insurance costs low
  • Your individual characteristics will affect your car insurance premiums

The Jeep Liberty was first introduced to the American market as a replacement for the mid-sized Cherokee SUV in 2002. Jeep built the Liberty on an innovative uni-body frame designed to improve ride and handling and make it more capable of off-road operation.

The last year the Liberty was produced was 2012.

If you’re thinking of buying one you might be asking, “How much does car insurance cost for Jeep Liberty?” That depends on where you drive it and how safe a driver you are.

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Different vehicles have different annual costs for car insurance depending on a number of factors. Insurance companies will look at:

  • the replacement value of the vehicle
  • the number of miles driven
  • the risk an individual driver poses
  • the potential for theft

In the case of the Jeep Liberty, the average annual cost for the new 2WD V6 model was $1,200 in 2012. You might have paid slightly more for the 4WD model or either model with added extras.

Because you can no longer purchase a new one, the value of the vehicle has depreciated, so the cost to insure will be lower.

How does Kelly Blue Book value relate to the car insurance cost for a Jeep Liberty?


If you purchase only minimum liability for your Jeep Liberty, and no collision or theft coverage, the Kelly Blue Book value of your car is not a factor.

If you do carry collision and/or theft & fire coverage, how much your car is worth on the date it is first insured will figure into the cost of your insurance.

That’s because your car insurance provider takes the risk of having to replace your vehicle if it’s stolen, damaged in a fire, or totaled in an accident.

On average, the Jeep Liberty is more expensive than your average two-door compact, but not prohibitively so.

The annual rate of $1,200 is reasonable considering the fact that most Jeep vehicles retain a decent Kelly Blue Book value for 8 to 10 years after rolling off the production line.

Of course, having collision and theft coverage will cost you more than liability coverage alone, but that goes without saying.

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What safety features affect the car insurance cost for a Jeep Liberty?

Safety is always a concern for car insurance companies because they may have to pay for bodily injury caused to the insured driver as well as his passengers and other parties involved in an accident.

Fortunately, since 2002 the Jeep Liberty has consistently scored five stars in both side and frontal impact tests as rated by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute. Such consistency is impressive for any vehicle, let alone an SUV.

In addition, the Jeep Liberty comes with standard safety features like:

  • front impact airbags
  • overhead airbags
  • daytime running lights
  • four-wheel anti-lock brakes
  • side impact bars
  • seatbelt pre-tensioners

Anti-theft devices on a Jeep Liberty include a security system, panic alarm, and an ignition disabling system.

The added safety and anti-theft features included with this vehicle help to keep insurance costs down.

Will my driving history affect the car insurance cost for a Jeep Liberty?

Driving a car

While vehicle safety ratings and Blue Book value play an important role in determining the cost of your car insurance, a bigger factor is how you perform behind the wheel.

If you have a poor driving history which includes speeding tickets, various moving violations, or more serious offenses like DWI, you can expect your insurance rates to be relatively high.

Car insurance companies understand that cars are simply the tools of damage; it is drivers who actually inflict the damage.

There are other parts of your driving history, not related to accidents or violations, which influence the cost of your car insurance. One example would be how often the car is driven and the average annual mileage.

For a housewife who drives her Jeep Liberty a couple of hundred miles a week for nearby errands and such, the insurance cost would be significantly less than that of another woman who put 1,000 miles a week on hers for work purposes.

In summary, there are many factors used to determine the cost of car insurance for a Jeep Liberty. Some of those factors you can control, while others you can’t.

Shop around for the best rates you can find and then do your best to avoid accidents and violations. You’ll help keep your insurance costs low and your reputation with your insurance company high.

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