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Here's what you need to know...
  • Car insurance rates vary greatly depending on both the driver and the company
  • Being a safe, conscientious driver you can find more affordable rates than other drivers
  • When looking for car insurance you will come across two main choices: locally owned or nationwide companies

Car insurance is a necessity so finding ways to save money on your monthly premium is a good way to stretch your dollar.

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Find Value Car Insurance Through Driver Discounts



Drivers have a huge impact on car insurance rates. Things like a negative driving record, multiple claims, and being dropped from an insurance carrier due to non-payment cause your insurance rates to rise.

Understand that by being a safe, conscientious driver you can find more valuable rates than other drivers. High-risk drivers pay higher rates.

Part of getting discounts is making sure you are in a position to qualify for the many discounts that car insurance companies offer.

  • Safe driver discount – generally applies to someone who has had no moving violations or accidents within a certain amount of time
  • Defensive driver discounts – take a defensive driving course to learn how to drive in a way that prevents accidents and tickets.
  • Student discounts – high school and sometimes college students who have an A/B average
  • Military discounts – apply to active military personnel and their family members

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Find Value Car Insurance Through the Right Insurance Company

You can choose to get your coverage through a large nationwide company or a small local company.

When it comes to local companies, they are friendly, locally owned, and easily accessible. By choosing this type of company you are supporting your local economy as well as building a relationship with an agent.

However, local car insurance companies have rates that are 10 percent higher than large nationwide companies. This is due to the fact that larger companies have more customers and more income so they can offer more discounts to their drivers.

To find value car insurance, large companies are the best way to go.

Large nationwide companies typically also have 24-hour service, easy web access, and multiple ways to contact the company in case of emergency.

One compromise you can make is to go with a large nationwide company that has local offices.

You still have the hometown feel and access to a personal agent while getting the coverage and value car insurance that is possible through a nationwide change.

Find Value Car Insurance Online

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The best way to find value car insurance is to shop around. Comparing prices and coverage options will always lead you to the best deal and the best value for your money.

As long as you are getting at least the minimum coverage required by law, the choice of companies is up to you. If you aren’t sure what your state requires, any car insurance company can tell you.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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