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Infinity Car Insurance Review

(14 Reviews)
Here's what you need to know...
  • Infinity Insurance offers several special lines of coverage to specialized groups
  • They have a stable rating in regards to finances
  • There are several customer complaints about claims payments and premiums
If you are finding it difficult to get car insurance coverage, you can try getting Infinity Car Insurance because this company is foremost when it comes to non-standard auto insurance in the United States.

Although the company has been offering insurance products for almost 50 years now, the subsidiary that oversees the auto insurance segment of the business was formed officially only in 2002.

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Infinity Auto Insurance Company Background


Although the company is licensed to service all 50 states in the country, Infinity likes to concentrate its efforts in servicing major urban cities in the United States.

It is slowly building its base in less populous areas in the country with the help of the Internet.

Thanks to its strong online presence, a lot of people have now started to recognize the Infinity Car Insurance brand even in small counties around the country.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

or call (855) 425-8122 for free quotes

Infinity Car Insurance Products & Services

If there is something that Infinity Insurance specializes on, it is offering non-standard auto insurance policies.

Some of the types of coverage that the company is promoting include:

  • standard personal car insurance
  • commercial vehicle coverage
  • exotic auto insurance
  • classic car coverage

For added costs, plan holders can also get comprehensive coverage that includes optional medical insurance.

Infinity Insurance – Advantages


One of the things that make Infinity Car Insurance attractive is its willingness to provide coverage to special vehicles, high-risk drivers, and other special cases.

It would seem that the company has cornered a niche market consisting of people who drive muscle cars, sports cars, and other high-end automobiles on a regular basis.

Another advantage that Infinity has over other car insurance companies is its strong online presence. The company is affiliated with over 12,500 independent online insurance providers operating all across the country.

So, Infinity products have become more accessible to individuals living in rural areas. Lastly, this insurance provider is also one of the companies that have attained stable ratings from the AM Best rating agency.

Infinity Insurance – Disadvantages

Man using calculator and notepad

Although the company strives to achieve excellence in all aspects of its business, there are still some areas where it can use some improvement. For one, there are some independent agents that offer substandard customer support and claims assistance.

Also, Infinity Car Insurance is looked often a more expensive provider compared to other insurance companies.

Thus, it is crucial that you get not only Infinity car insurance quotes but also quotes from various companies and compare their rates and services with those of Infinity. This will ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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14 Reviews for Infinity Car Insurance Review

  1. Peter Surach says:
    • 11111

    They will try hard not to pay your claim. They will look for any reason to deny your claim they are dishonest and unethical. Best advice AVOID INFINITY INSURANCE if you file a claim you will probably need a lawyer. I recommend that you find another insurer and check them out first. I wish I had done that with Infinity.

  2. Olena says:
    • 11111

    The worst insurance ever! Never ever think of getting it!

  3. monica sanchez says:

    Infinity is the worse insurance I have had. I totally agree with peter surach. When I got this first insurance I felt ok with it even though I heard negative things about infinity insurance, but I still kept it thinking maybe it just had some opinions about it, but I should have thought about it twice.

    First experience with them in 2010, brand new car back then, another car hit my brand new cuz this person decided to run the red light. I had an agent assign to me then next thing you the extension they gave me and after I talked to the agent, who never called me back or helped me with my claim.

    Then I tried to figure it out what to do until finally for so long with no car and trying yo fix my car finally got fixed after a decade but they would say it was my fault when I was hit cuz the other person decided to run the red light. Woooooow. Really? My fault???

    I should of let go infinity insurance after this but decided to give it a second chance, but this time, I am determined to change insurance. My brand new car 2013 got hit just my luck again well guess what infinity determined they can’t fix my car. Really? What about when they get their monthly payments on time they don’t say nothing.


  4. Jeremy M. says:
    • 55555

    Great Company!!! Easy to work with, and very professional!!!

  5. Guillermo says:

    This is the WORST INSURANCE EVER!!! I would NEVER recommend this insurance to anyone. I crashed my brand new car on July , almost 5 months and they haven’t fixed my car! They won’t come to an agreement with the bank!!…. & the insurance won’t pay for the damages because I only had this insurance for 2 months before the accident . Please be smart & save you self all this trouble! !!

  6. Mike jones says:
    • 11111

    First thing, I never write reviews or complaints, but that’s changing now.

    I had Infinity insurance for the last whole year of 2014 and had no problems until the end of the year (December 2014) when my car rear-ended while being parked on a residential street. I followed all procedures towards filling my claim and thought everything was going to be handled properly, it wasn’t though.

    My car was classified as a total loss due to the rear-end collision due to the unknown driver that had his information on the police report that I did not have. Infinity made me pay the deductible, which I totally understand is my job until they figure out if the driver that hit my car has insurance. If the driver that wrecked my car had insurance then I would be reimbursed the deductible. Ok got that.

    My total loss agent refuses to call me about information obtained in the police report regarding the other parties insurance coverage or any information. I’ve called the customer support line and tried to talk to someone else regarding my claim and was put on hold for 30-60 mins every time.

    After waiting so long they send you on a wild goose chase transfer to different agents and representatives that have no clue what the claim is about or how they can help you. I’ve sent multiple emails, with no responses. I was only trying to reverse that deductible that was taking from me even though I was not involved in an accident.

    My only option is to go to the police department and obtain the police report myself and pursue obtaining my out of pocket expensive for the month because Infinity refuses to recognize me as a member.

    My biggest thing I have to say to a customer thinking about doing business with this company or that are already joined up this company is; shouldn’t you feel valued to do business with Infinity? Shouldn’t you be able to be responded back in a timely manner? Last shouldn’t you be able to recommend the great team your apart of to other friends and family?

    I feel that this company (Infinity) lacks the respect and professionalism to maintain those three listed points. If you’re with Infinity RUN, it’s a nightmare in real life.

  7. Wayne Ferguson says:
    • 11111

    This Insurance company just lost 2 customers because of an $88.16 dollar Safelite repair bill. They did everything possible to frustrate us during our claim process.

  8. Tiffani says:
    • 11111

    My car was damaged due to the roads. Infinity fixed it due to me having collision. However, I was responsible for the deductible and some of the repairs on one of the parts. So by the time the car was fixed I still had not received the check and I was told when the check did come I still had to send it to my financial company.

    So, on a Thursday afternoon, I receive a call telling me I could take the rental back and go pick up my car because they were cancelling the check cause I still haven’t received it and the car is fixed after 1 1/2 weeks. So, I take the rental back and go to pay the difference to find out they haven’t paid it so I talk to the representative at infinity and they said please fax them a bill of service so they can sign and pay with the credit card, then we get disconnected. I then called back two more times just so they can get disconnected again.

    Finally, I talk to a gentleman who told me it takes up to 24 hours before they can sign the form. So I was like wait yall told me to take the rental back just to tell me I still don’t have my car. Now me and my boyfriend called them while I have already been on hold for 35 min he talked to someone and he’s been on hold for 22 minutes with no answers as well. now a female representative Brandy Mines get on the phone and I faxed it straight to her so she can pass it to her supervisor so they can authorize the payment.

    while waiting she tell me yes I did talk to you and I said turn it in cause it’s due Back by Tuesday. So, I said what difference does it make if I still don’t have my car and today is just Friday. She puts me on hold and immediately were disconnected. Now my boyfriend is fussing with another male representative Frederick Washington who is saying Brandy Mines did not say that and he sitting next to her and there is nothing they can do.

    So, my boyfriend was like yall are not even trying to accommodate us where’s your supervisor, but he’s saying there’s not one. So, now a supervisor gets on the phone to say that they have to first prove I didn’t get the check then they will pay and release my car. It maybe today they not sure.

    Still, No Car, Going Back To Pick Up A Rental I Just Dropped Off At 8:30 AM 4/10/2015 and two hours of bs 10: 40am

  9. Tiffani says:

    So I get to the rental place rent a car just so Nissan can call to say they paid for your car so now I have 300 dollars worth of money on hold from two different rentals one I drove for one day and another I didn’t even pull off the lot. Can you say erked infinity auto insurance sucks

  10. Vanessa says:

    Infinity insurance is the worst. My daughter was backed into by another driver. We called Infinity for insurance claim they started asking my daughter if was she intoxicated, on drugs, on the phone distracted, why didn’t she try to swerve her car to avoid the accident.

    Then when I received a call back they told me to call the other insurance company to file a claim. I asked why couldn’t they do that they are representing us and they told me they would if we pay our $500 deductible now.

    I was in a no-fault accident about 6 months ago and my insurance company is 21st century, they took care of everything they didn’t ask me to pay my deductible to follow up with the other insurance company and I wasn’t at fault I am looking for my daughter a new insurance company since they are the worst.

  11. Kaytlin Alexander says:
    • 11111

    I decided to go elsewhere for my insurance, and also moved in the meantime. I forwarded my address like most people do when they move to make sure they receive any mail left behind. I was unaware there was any remaining balance, and I still am.

    As of now, I’m waiting for a breakdown to verify whether it is accurate. They will NOT even call or email you as a form of contact, only mail which I never received until I noticed it on my credit report. Over $129.00, and no other contact they go against my credit report.

    They were a terrible company when I was insured by them, and after! DO NOT get insurance from this company, there are so many better companies than to deal with the headache of this one.

  12. jigme phuntsho says:

    I recently removed one of my cars (8/24) from the policy and I was told I still need to pay for the removed car on this months bill because the bill was already issued on 8/10. I told them it doesn’t make sense as the bill that issued on the 10th which is due end of August is for the following month coverage (prepayment).

    I asked when is a good date to cancel so that I don’t end up paying twice while maintaining insurance for my removed car from one insurance carrier. They said before the billing period which is the 10th. So regardless, I don’t get coverage for the 20 days remaining even if I were to cancel before the 10th of the following month. I am paying twice for the car that got removed for the 20 days.

    I claimed I should be covered for that 20 days as this months bill is for the following month, but the customer service kept saying your premium will deduct from next month billing. So I am screwed either way. I am ending up paying 20 days of insurance for the car that is no longer insured with Infinity.

    I am so upset. This is not right. I will copy paste my review here and post wherever possible. The world needs to know!!!

  13. Nicole says:
    • 11111

    The worst experience ever.

    It was a hit and run. I suffered several herniated discs in my neck and was going to therapy. They made me meet with one of their chiropractors for 15 minutes who then decided it wasn’t necessary for me to go to Therapy anymore and without adequate notification stopped coverage and sent me a verified letter about 3 weeks later.

    In addition, the woman who I worked with over the phone was extremely rude, challenging, and unhelpful. She specifically told me the payment for repairs would be sent to the auto body shop directly. After a month I still was unable to get my car because they hadn’t received the payment, forcing me to stay in the rental beyond my 30-day limit.

    They refuse to extend coverage because they said they sent the check directly to me. I never received any check. The worst part of this accident has been having to deal with this unhelpful, unprofessional insurance company.

    I am still in pain and it has cost me twice as much as my deductible. DONT CHOOSE INFINITY FOR ANYTHING.

  14. Karina says:

    Worst insurance ever! my car is deemed totaled and they denied my claim because an excluded driver was driving it. The car is in their shop where they TOLD me to take it, they took two days to appraise it & 3 days to tell my claim was denied.

    All I want is to take my car to my house and now they’re making me pay for the days it was in the shop. Such bullshit. At least let me take my car home. The adjuster they assigned to me was so rude and kept talking over me. They literally sell their souls for this job. How does that make sense? Then they tell me why do you want to take the car out if it’s totaled?because it’s my car!! They’re trying to find a way to take my car. This is illegal. They withheld information about my car being in the shop. They are not straight forward.

    Filed a complaint with state Department of insurance. All their reviews are bad. This insurance is trash!!!!!!! Worst customer service and disrespectful claims adjustor. Her name was Naemer R.

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