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How Auto Insurance Company Reviews Will Help You

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Insurance rating companies’ websites are a great source for accurate reviews
  • Reviews can span from being objective to highly emotional, so be discerning
  • A good review vs. a bad review makes all the difference for the auto insurance company and how it is viewed by its customers

Since there are so many insurance companies in the industry, you may benefit from reading major car insurance company reviews. These reviews are written to inform you of the many aspects of this arena.

This is important since you are required to carry car insurance on your vehicle in most states in the U.S.

Major car insurance company reviews include information that will educate you on choosing a good and reputable company.

Some people may suggest a friend or family member’s recommendation. Although this type of recommendation is a good suggestion, provided this referral is in the same state, sometimes you may not receive the service you expected.

People usually have the best intentions when they offer you a referral of any kind. If they had a good experience, they want you to have the same experience.

Unfortunately, these good intentions sometimes backfire and you may end up having a totally different experience from that of your friend or family member.

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Information Contained in Major Car Insurance Reviews


When you are in the market for car insurance, your needs may be very different from somebody else’s needs. Your family makeup and all the other categories that factor into a car insurance rate may be entirely different.

Major car insurance reviews usually contain the lines of insurance that the company offers, whether it is a large, medium, or small company, and the average capital the company earns.

These reviews also contain the company’s rating with the most reputable insurance rating companies in the industry such as:

This rating is noted in grade form.

For example, most major car insurance companies have an “A++” or similar rating if they are solvent.

A company’s solvency is indicative of its financial strength and ability to pay its policyholders’ claims. If the company’s future business projection does not look promising, the rating companies will give it a lower grade and offer an explanation.

A company’s grade also indicates whether or not it has a good standing in the community it serves.

Major car insurance reviews usually inform you of the types of plans they offer. The review will mention the required types of coverage for the states in which the company serves. If the company offers coverage for vehicles such as motorcycles or boats, the review may mention that as well.

The majority of major car insurance reviews are written by policyholders and persons involved in an accident with a policyholder. These reviews are of most interest to the average consumer because they want to know the kind of service the average person receives from the company.

These reviews normally explain the details of a particular incident.

Reviews written by insurance writers are more objective, and these are the ones that contain the most information about the company. If the writer is objective, they may even include information about court cases that involve major car insurance companies.

If the company demonstrates a pattern of unethical practices and claim denials, its actions are usually made manifest in lawsuits, which are matters of public record.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

The Benefits of Major Car Insurance Company Reviews

Major car insurance company reviews are beneficial to the insurance industry because they make big corporations accountable to the public. There was a time, before the Internet, that these practices went unnoticed for a longer period of time before they were made public.

It also helps the consumer make educated decisions about who they may consider doing business with.

Reviews are also beneficial to the insurance companies, especially those who have good intentions, and proof of it is expressed in customer and insurance writer reviews.

There are no derogatory cases settled or pending that involve ethical companies. If there was a lesson to be learned, the company learned their lesson and is proving it by keeping its business out of the justice system.

The Disadvantages of Major Car Insurance Company Reviews

For the most part, the disadvantages of major car insurance company reviews fall on the insurance company. If there are too many consistently negative customer and insurance writer reviews, the company stands to lose business.

Bad reviews are a fair disadvantage if the company is guilty of faulty practices.

There may be a couple of isolated incidents when a consumer or person involved in a serious car accident may post angry words online. However, a rational person can judge when someone is angry and emotional in a post.

Ultimately, major car insurance company reviews carry no disadvantage to the consumer, who should have the advantage when it comes to spending their hard-earned money.

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