Is car insurance more expensive for males?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Usually male drivers, especially teenagers, have higher insurance than other drivers
  • Location and car type also have an impact on male drivers’ insurance rates
  • As males grow older and have more experience driving, their insurance costs will decrease

Male car insurance for ages 18–25 has traditionally been higher than females of the same age bracket for a number of different reasons.

Why is it that being born a male rather than a female can cause car insurance rates to be more expensive? Read on to learn all about male car insurance rates.

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Male Teenage Drivers

A teen boy in a car with his new keys.

Commonly male teen drivers possess some of the highest car insurance rates around. Young motorists have proven to be high-risk motorists to insurance companies due to the higher volume of crashes as well as their lack of experience operating a motor vehicle.

Males will drive more miles while young simply because of the freedom factor, and while they are becoming more experienced drivers, males will have more chances to have a accident.

Male motorists below the age of 25 generally possess the top premium rates because they are more likely to take more risks than females of that same age bracket.

Women typically cost a little less to insure as a result of data which demonstrates that they aren’t as aggressive drivers and usually drive less that their counterparts behind the wheel.

Where You Live Affects Your Rates

The place you reside within the United States may have an effect on your car insurance premiums. Numerous state insurance regulators possess evaluation charts of prices shoppers may download.

Frequently this information consists of prices for various regions of the state and various age brackets.

If you have a little time, gather online male car insurance estimates by entering your zip code into free quote tools found on comparison websites such as this one.

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Why Males Pay More

Men on average drive more then women. If you drive more then your odds of being in an accident increase.

Additionally, teenage male drivers tend to be more frequent risk takers.

Risky driving usually results in more traffic violations and accidents.

Women in the 18 to 25 age bracket are usually married traveling with a baby on-board, driving with a lot more caution and using slower driving speeds, thus fewer accidents and moving violations.

Marital status, driving history, and the kind of car you drive when you’re young will also affect your insurance costs.

Insurance Rates Even Out


In the end, it all evens out for male car insurance holders. Remember to drive within your skill level when you are starting out. Practice will help you with the basics.

Drive within the speed limits, watch your traffic signs, and do not take any chances that may have an end result that could be risky to your life.

Drive safely, and find cheap car insurance. Enter your zip code below for free car insurance quotes!

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