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Here's what you need to know...
  • Liability coverage is required for all drivers in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Car insurance rates are higher in Memphis than in other U.S. cities
  • Research coverage from several companies before purchasing a policy

In Memphis, Tennessee, drivers are required to purchase liability insurance. Liability coverage pays the medical bills of people hurt in a car collision that they are responsible for causing.

For this purpose, the state of Tennessee requires that all drivers have $25,000 for one person who files a claim for bodily injuries with the car insurance company. The $25,000 is designated toward any medical bills that the driver of the vehicle and passengers receive after the collision.

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Memphis Car Insurance Laws


Tennessee is a tort state which means the driver that causes the car crash must pay for everyone’s bills.

Memphis car insurance law states that people must purchase liability coverage. If drivers don’t do this, they will be penalized for failing to follow Memphis laws.

Anyone who causes a collision in Memphis and is not able to provide proof of having purchased liability coverage will:

Driving in Memphis

In 2010, Memphis experienced 24,929 automobile accidents. Eighty deaths resulted from these auto accidents, and 6,628 people suffered injuries.

Because of the large numbers of accidents and the increased number of injuries and property damage, car insurance rates will be very high in Memphis.

Vehicles are often stolen from Memphis residents, a factor that contributes to the high cost of car insurance for Memphis drivers.

An insurance company that considers the high theft rate will price their auto insurance policies higher because of the increased likelihood of needing to replace a policyholder’s stolen vehicle.

The population of Memphis has been growing; therefore, the number of vehicles on the roads has increased.

When the roads are more congested, more accidents occur. Every driver in Memphis should take the time to compare Tennessee rates for car insurance!

Memphis Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance companies charge their clients yearly auto insurance rates based on how likely they will be to be involved in a car collision.

When accidents happen, people file claims with the auto insurance company, and the company has to pay for the medical and property damage repair bills up until the limits of each policyholder’s coverage.

In Memphis, it’s highly likely that drivers will be in a car collision which is why the rates for Memphis drivers are so much higher than the national average rate.

Drivers in Memphis can expect to pay, on average, $1,560 annually for their car insurance.

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Memphis Car Insurance Companies

Keeping auto insurance rates at a minimum in Memphis is possible if drivers set the goal of being good drivers.

Everyone has a driving record on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). When people apply for a new car insurance policy with a new Memphis car insurance company, the agents will check out their driving records.

New car insurance companies aren’t the only ones interested in a driver’s driving record.

Your current insurance company will occasionally look at your record to see if there have been any changes since the last time they read them. If you have received new speeding tickets, for example, your insurance rates may increase.

A car insurance company isn’t necessarily going to raise their clients’ rates after one ticket.

If the client has been a loyal customer and had a good driving record in the past, some car insurance companies will forgive the fact that a client received one ticket.

However, if a client has received a speeding ticket that shows they were driving 15 miles per hour above the speed limit, these companies will have no choice but to raise these clients’ rates.

The reason that auto insurance companies raise the rates of people driving way above the speed limit is because the driver has increased the level of risk for the insurance company.

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Memphis drivers have the option of shopping around for an auto insurance company that will offer them a better rate.

To make the process proceed as quickly as possible, Memphis drivers need to be as honest as possible to receive the most accurate quotes. Then they can compare those quotes to the rates their current insurance companies are charging them.

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