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Here's what you need to know...

  • Meritplan Car Insurance has an excellent rating from AM Best
  • The company offers various types of auto insurance and benefits
  • It’s important to note that Meritplan’s services and rates vary among states

Meritplan Car Insurance continues to be an attractive choice for clients because of various reasons. But even if the rate and coverage of this Merit Insurance Company would seem to be the best choices, it is still advisable to compare the prices, value for money, and qualities of the coverage provided by this company with those from other auto insurance providers.

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Meritplan Company Background

It is not really surprising that Meritplan Car Insurance continues to be a popular auto insurance provider in the United States. For many years now, Meritplan Insurance Company constantly gets excellent ratings from AM Best, a reputable insurance ratings group. It is worth noting that Meritplan is under the Countrywide Financial Corporation, which is owned by the world-renowned Balboa Insurance Group.

Types of Meritplan Auto Insurance Coverage


One of the first things that customers need to check when seeking the best auto insurance plan is the types of coverage. Meritplan Car Insurance, which is offered through the Countrywide Auto Insurance Program, provides customers with various choices when it comes to coverage. Here are some of the options that are available to Meritplan plan holders.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Meritplan Auto Insurance


One of the main strengths of Meritplan Car Insurance is its affordability. With the availability of numerous savings and discount options, it is not really that hard for a client to find discounts that he is eligible for. In fact, policyholders who would like to renew their coverage can also avail themselves of the same discounts that they have received in the past.

It is no wonder that the price of Meritplan policies is really competitive. If there is something that baffles a lot of insurance industry experts, it is the fact that Meritplan continues to receive A-rating even if they have been part of companies with unstable financial standings in the past.

But one thing that many customers complain about Meritplan Car Insurance is the fact that the company’s coverage options and services vary from one state to another. Thus, a client needs to contact Meritplan agents to ascertain what options are available in a particular area. Customer service and claims processing are also some of the things that Meritplan needs to improve on.

Comparing Meritplan Car Insurance Quotes

To find the best auto insurance package, everyone should be more vigilant and ready to scrutinize the insurance quotes that come from providers. Compare your Meritplan auto insurance quotes online with quotes from many top companies using our free car insurance comparison service today! Enter your ZIP code into the box below to get started.

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