Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2012

Joel Ohman
Founder, CFP®

UPDATED: May 14, 2019

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If you’re shopping for a new car today, one of your primary concerns has to be fuel efficiency. Fortunately, the most fuel efficient cars of 2012 don’t just get you where you want to go, they get you there with a little more money in your pocket. That’s something we all can appreciate.

Considering the predictions that we will be seeing some record gas costs sometime this year, now might be the time to ditch the sports car and go with a much more economical option instead.

Some of the cars on our list are hybrids, meaning you can help keep things green too. Your green car can also get you some car insurance discounts.

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1. Toyota Prius

 image source

image source

Cost: $26,400

MPG Rating: 51 City, 48 Highway

The Prius has been the go-to car for fuel efficient cars for a while now, so this should come as no surprise. It’s not the most affordable of the group, but it’s not insanely expensive, either. You also need to factor in the money you’re saving while getting 51 miles per gallon!

2. Honda Civic Hybrid

Cost: $24,050

MPG Rating: 44 City and Highway

While the hybrid version of the Civic might be relatively new, the Honda Civic has been around forever!

It’s not just reliable, it’s packed with safety features too, making the grade for an IIHS top safety pick.

Its “Eco Assist” feature helps drivers conserve even more gas, offering real-time guidance on just how much fuel you’re burning up.

3. Lexus CT 200h

Cost: $29,120

MPG Rating: 43 City, 40 Highway

Want more luxury to go with your fuel efficiency? The Lexus CT 200h has got plenty of that and was rated among the cleanest cars available. The multiple drive modes available should cover any driver type, and the customization options extend to the tiniest details, like keeping your doors locked even after you park.

4. Honda Insight

Cost: $18,350

MPG Rating: 41 City, 44 Highway

Our list takes a swing away from the luxury direction with the sleek Honda Insight, the “hybrid for everyone”. Honda wanted to the insight to feel more “futuristic”, and they added a number of top-notch features to make sure you’re feeling way ahead of the times when you’re driving your Insight!

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Cost: $20,705

MPG Rating: 41 City, 36 Highway

The Fusion Hybrid is Ford’s top miles per gallon performer, and it doesn’t disappoint in other features either! The EcoGuide helps you make sure you’re driving with gas mileage in mind.

Ford even went as far as using recycled materials for their seats, going the extra mile to promote going green.

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6. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Cost: $34,755

MPG Rating: 41 City, 36 Highway

Another fuel efficient luxury car option, the MKZ is the priciest yet on our list of gas savers. If you’re not into paying extra for that luxury feeling, you’d be better off looking elsewhere, but for those who want to save gas in style, Lincoln offers a number of bonus options to entice you. You can link up with smartphone apps like Pandora and enjoy your music in the noise-canceling interior.

7. Honda CR-Z

image source

image source

Cost: $19,545

MPG Rating: 35 City, 39 Highway

Sorry if you’re getting sick of the Honda entries, but they’ve got a lot of affordable options with some hard to beat fuel efficiency ratings! The CR-Z leans more towards the driving/racing fanatics with its 6-speed transmission, the first of its kind for hybrid cars.

Scared of rolling backwards down hills after a stop? No worries — Hill Start Assist keeps the brake engaged until you’ve got it back in gear and moving forward again!

8. Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Cost: $25,850

MPG Rating: 35 City, 40 Highway

Hyundai’s goal with Sonata was to increase the gas mileage without taking away from the horsepower, and they’ve managed to keep it at 206 horsepower — not too bad for a hybrid, right? It’s just the best for its class. The Sonata is also at the top when it comes to room for passengers and offers a warranty for the battery that’s good for the life of the car.

9. Smart Fortwo

Cost: $12,490

MPG Rating: 34 City, 38 Highway

While no smart car is going to get you that extra space for all the passengers, you can still get there with some unique style. Coming in under $15,000, the Smart Fortwo is the most affordable fuel efficient car in our list and puts up some impressive mileage numbers. We just hope the eight airbags keep occupants safe in the event of a crash!

10. Volkswagen Jetta TDI

image source

image source


MPG Rating: 30 City, 42 Highway

Finally, the Jetta TDI is a fuel efficient diesel car to round out our top 10. Is making the switch to diesel worth it? The warranty only allows for a small percentage of biodiesel (zero petroleum included) to be run through the engine, but for those who want to do as much as they can for the environment, pure biodiesel may be the way to go.

Gas Hogs to Avoid

Just for good measure, we’ve decided to include a few cars that just don’t cut it when it comes to gas mileage. You might notice that these are all a little more on the expensive side. People who want to save money on gas probably won’t be looking to spend that much on the car purchase alone.

These cars rated from 10-14 miles per gallon are:

  • Bugatti Veyron
  • Aston Martin DB9
  • Bentley Continental GTC
  • Mercedez-Benz CL600

Hopefully, we’ve given you some great ideas for the most fuel efficient cars that 2012 has to offer. With hybrid cars, you’re not only going to save on gas and live a little “greener,” you can also make some great savings with hybrid car insurance.

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