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If there is one auto insurance company that people in Washington are very familiar with, it is PEMCO Car Insurance. For several decades now, PEMCO Insurance Company has been providing car, life, boat, and home insurance policies to people in the state.

Although this provider decided to stay local and small, the services and products that PEMCO provides can be considered as world-class and top quality. Since the days of Robert J. Handy, a beloved journalist and math teacher who founded the company, PEMCO remained loyal to its mission of offering the residents of Washington reliable and low cost auto coverage.

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Strengths of PEMCO Car Insurance

Flexibility is one of the strengths of PEMCO auto insurance. Agents of this local insurance company will get out of their way to help clients find auto coverage that can specifically meet their needs. If you have special preferences, you can try working out a special plan with the company’s agent handling your policy.

Affordability is another benefit that customers can get from PEMCO auto insurance. The company offers various discounts and rewards to clients to encourage them to drive safely all the time. Aside from the typical good student and safe driver discounts, PEMCO provides up to 5% discount for people who use their cars less than two days a week.

Also, as much as 20% will be shaved off the premiums if a client insures two or more cars with liability coverage. Lastly, up to 9% savings in auto insurance cost can be awarded if the client gets additional home coverage from the company.

Weaknesses of PEMCO Car Insurance

Although residents of Washington love PEMCO, some fear that the company does not really have enough financial strength to fund insurance claims. And since there are a number of big insurance providers that are trying to cut the lead of PEMCO in Washington, there is a big chance that the company will lose many of its clients.

Whether you are a new client or an old PEMCO Car Insurance policyholder, you should always try to shop around for better rates. Try comparing the offers of other companies with what PEMCO is providing you before you sign up or renew your car insurance policy.

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