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UPDATED: May 31, 2017

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Riverside, California residents must purchase the state-required minimum car insurance limits
  • Many factors affect your auto insurance rates
  • Comparison shopping is a great way to save on car insurance

Car insurance requirements in Riverside dictates that all car owners should have coverage that provides both bodily injury and property damage.

The minimum amount required for bodily injury is $15,000 for a single persona and $30,000 total for every injured person who was involved in the accident.

The minimum car insurance requirement for property damage is $5,000 for every accident. The property in question could either be yours or that of other people.

The liability limit is actually described as 15/30/5. The first number represents the body injuries for a single person, which is $15,000, the second number is the bodily injury for all persons and the last digit is in relation to property damage.

It is worth mentioning personal injury protection and also no-fault coverage is not a requirement in Riverside.

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Driving in Riverside


Riverside is a metropolis that is situated in California. It is the fourth biggest city in the State of California and is ninety-seven kilometers away from Los Angeles.

With a population of approximately 301,871, Riverside is the 12th most populated city in California.

Religion is strongly embraced in this city with various churches and religious organizations having numerous celebrations to mark different events.

Similar to cities found all over the globe, Riverside is also facing the effects of the unstable economic wave, which makes it paramount for the residence to adopt different kinds of cost-cutting measures in order to make ends meet.

Car insurance is one area that people should look into keenly to reduce costs.

Riverside Laws for Auto Insurance

Car insurance laws dictate that the driver must have car insurance while driving a personal car or that of another. Those who own vehicles must have car insurance.

Car owners are expected to take on the responsibility of their own action and this is where both liability and property damage insurance covers strongly come into play.

There are methods that are used to detect financial responsibility.

Paying a $35,000 cash deposit to the Department of Motor Vehicle or having a certificate of personal insurance for the same department or paying a bond of $35,000 are some of the strategies used to identify financial responsibility.

All the drivers in Riverside must possess the minimum statutory limits of liability coverage. Lack of adhering to this could lead to very serious penalties.

Medical insurance, uninsured motorist, comprehensive, and collision covers are not required by the law even though they are worthwhile investments.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

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Car Insurance Companies in Riverside

The growing number of motorists in Riverside makes it essential for each car owner to try to identify a dependable car insurance company.

On the web, you can able to find sufficient information on different companies and the particular rates that they offer.

You will be surprised at how much savings you can make by getting a cheaper insurance company to provide you with the services that you require.

The car insurance companies in Riverside offer different premium car insurance rates. Many factors influence the rate of premium that one has to pay for his or her car insurance.

Factors such as having a clean driving record are very crucial and influence the rate of premium. It is important to point out that those that are married pay less as compared to the singles.

Some companies will provide a discounted rate for those who are pay for their car insurance in a lump sum.

This is a method of enhancing customer loyalty because the company knows that if you pay up premiums for six months, you cannot make a switch to another company during this period.

Some of the insurance companies available in Riverside include:

  • Steve Hinrichs State Farm Insurance
  • AIM All Insurance Marketing
  • Hawk’s Bay Auto Insurance
  • Preferred Insurance
  • Z Travel & Insurance Services
  • Loomis Insurance

Riverside has a good number of car insurance companies that are located in different parts of the city. These agencies act as a bridge between the car insurance companies and the policyholders.

Riverside Driving and Car Insurance Statistics


The driving statistics in Riverside prove that they many accidents that take place due to a result of factors such drunken driving, underage driving, speeding, and misuse of mobile phones while driving among other reasons.

On a yearly basis, there are thousands of deaths nationwide that are caused by car accidents. With such statistics in place, it is important for drivers to be very careful on the roads.

Comparing Quotes in Riverside

Every person would like to make some amount of savings. California requirements for car insurance is one avenue that should be given keen concentration.

This is because different companies charge varying rates for their car insurance services and therefore taking the time to make some comparisons is important.

Many people have been shocked at how much money they were losing by having very costly insurance.

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

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