The Comprehensive Guide for Auto Insurance Discounts

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Whether you like it or not, auto insurance is a necessity in the United States. If you plan on driving, it is imperative that you carry the proper auto insurance according to your state. In the U.S., every state has a minimum requirement for general insurance and for bodily injury and property damage liability.

According to the National Association of Commissioners, the average annual cost of auto insurance in the United States in 2013 was $841.

This cost may seem steep to you, and you may immediately wonder how you could pay less for auto insurance and still meet your state’s requirements. The answer to that question lies in the discounts!

There are countless discounts available for auto insurance, and you will probably be surprised by the types of discounts you qualify for.

As you attempt to make decisions about car insurance costs and coverage, the sheer number of companies available to you may seem overwhelming. We have narrowed down your choices to 22 auto insurance companies and 67 potential discounts. Not all discounts are available in every state, so always speak with your local provider.

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Best Insurance Discounts 2017 - Search by Discount

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We started our research for the companies listed by searching their website. When no information was available on their site and/or to confirm the information provided online, we made outbound calls to each company to discuss available discounts.

One critical call out: Discounts and their availability vary by state and eligibility requirements.

For sources, see the references section below.

Best Discounts by Insurance Provider

While you may not think of safety features as a traditional discount, many companies offer discounts for vehicles with safety features. We’ve included many of them in our data, but if you have a feature not listed, don’t hesitate to ask your insurance provider if you are eligible for a discount.

Each discount listed is subject to change based on the state you live in and your provider’s eligibility requirements. Always speak with your provider for a more detailed analysis of your eligibility.

Five Tips on How to Get the Best Discounts for You

Based on the information we have compiled, there are 67 potential discounts available from the 22 companies included.

This number may seem daunting, but coupling the options above with our five tips to find the best discounts should help ease your mind and get you on the right track.

Your best weapon is knowledge. If you want the best discounts possible — know what’s available, speak with your provider, then get quotes with at least three to four different providers.

#1 – Do Your Research


If a discount is extremely common, auto insurance companies may advertise it on their websites.

When you’re on a particular company’s website, you may be able to filter the information and options by state to view specific discounts based on your location.

For some insurance providers, you may have to dig a little deeper by reading through their FAQ sections and blog posts to find answers to your questions.

Also understand that discounts might not stack at full percent, as many providers have a limit for how much they’ll discount your policy. For instance, our table may show that you could qualify for three discounts of 35 percent off, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get 100 percent or more off your policy.

Most providers will have a maximum percentage off you can receive. Speak with a representative to ask what their company can specifically offer you.

#2 – Know What You’re Looking For


You know your wants and needs for auto insurance better than anyone else, so your best bet is to have all your information compiled before you start narrowing your search.

Some of the information you put together may include:

  • Where you live
  • Where you park your car
  • What types of cars you have
  • How many drivers will be listed on your policy
  • How often you drive
  • Your annual mileage
  • Whether you have additional houses or properties that you rent or own
  • What discounts you may be eligible for

While this list is not exhaustive, it should give you a good idea of what to include. All of these variables can influence your rates.

Along with compiling a list of factors, also be aware of the coverage you want and need and the budget you have to spend on auto insurance. Never allow an auto insurance company to sell you coverage that you don’t need!

#3 – Shop Around


Even if you are planning to stay with your current auto insurance provider, it never hurts to compare rates and discounts from three or four different companies.

To effectively comparison shop, ask each company about available discounts, because every company offers a slightly different discount package.

As you compare rates, be aware of price optimization. Many consider this practice discriminatory, and you may have fallen victim to it with your current insurance provider, ultimately paying too much for being a loyal customer.

To offset any additional costs on your current policy, ask your provider about additional discounts you could take advantage of.

#4 – Recent Life Changes May Help You


While auto insurance companies often consider factors that can increase your premium costs, there are also factors in your specific situation that could lower your auto insurance rates, such as:

  • You got married
  • You quit smoking
  • You changed your vehicle (e.g., from Mustang to minivan)
  • There was a change in your household (e.g., a child went off to college)
  • Your teenager received good grades
  • You bought a house or an additional vehicle
  • You moved to a different state or neighborhood
  • You got a new job or changed your commute to work

Any of these changes — as well as many others — could save you money on your auto insurance premiums. So be sure to let auto insurance companies know your circumstances.

#5 – Don’t Stress


Receiving multiple quotes from different companies may seem like too much to handle.

To avoid receiving any unnecessary information, know the details of the coverage plan you want, and ask for the same coverage plan when getting quotes from potential auto insurance companies.

And always remember to ask about available discounts! You never know exactly what each company could offer.

Following Through

It’s always possible for you to lower your auto insurance costs, but you must be willing to put in the work. While it may seem tedious, this effort could save you a great deal of money on your coverage.

To avoid paying too much for auto insurance, commit to shopping around every six months — and make asking about discounts a part of that.

We hope you now have the knowledge to go on the offensive when shopping around. Now, get out there and save some money on your auto insurance!

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– Click here for the full stats and sources for each category. For all media inquiries, please email: Josh Barnes

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