12 Easy Steps to Get The Hartford Car Insurance Quote Online (Photos)

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Here's what you need to know...

  • The Hartford offers the only national auto and home insurance sponsored by the AARP
  • The Hartford insurers drivers in 45 states
  • The Hartford offers standard car insurance as well as classic car coverage, boat insurance, and policies for RVs, ATVs, golf cars, and snowmobiles

If you’re over 50 and looking for car insurance, The Hartford offers America’s only AARP-sponsored auto and home insurance programs. Aging isn’t optional, but you should feel empowered by the choices you can make and unique wants and needs you have at every stage of your life.

Finding a company that’s in sync with your wants and budget takes some work, but it is possible.

Read this guide to learn about The Hartford insurance company and how to get a free online quote. Then, enter your zip code in a box like the one above and provide some information to get matched with free auto insurance quotes from multiple providers today!

Step #1 – Research The Hartford

Head over to The Hartford’s homepage and start to explore the company’s site. It’s easy to get caught up in figures, but finding your perfect match for auto insurance is about so much more than premiums.

You can read about the company’s history, their community involvement, and learn how they connect and support their customers.

Step #2 – Make Sure Your State is Covered

The Hartford offers auto insurance in 45 states. Check out the list of state’s covered here to see if yours is on the list. If it is, click your state and read over the requirements.

You might already know them, but it never hurts to refresh your memory and get a better understanding of how much car insurance you really need.

Step #3 – Learn About Car Insurance


The Hartford’s website is extremely helpful and can walk you through all the auto insurance basics like in the video above.

From videos to terminology explained, take as much time as you need learning all you can about auto insurance before you apply for a quote.

Step #4 – Get Answers to Your Auto Insurance Questions

A helpful FAQ section makes it easy for you to get the exact information you need about auto insurance.

Step #5 – Enter Your Zip Code

When you’re ready, scroll up to one of the site’s quote boxes and enter your zip code.

Step #6 – Provide Your Personal Information

Read the privacy policy at the bottom of the screen and enter your information.

Adding some personal information to a car insurance quote saves you time if you decide to buy; some companies also draw from public records and can use information provided with your permission to auto-complete certain parts of the quote application.

Step #7 – Be Prepared

Make sure you have your license, vehicle registration, and current policy details to make the process as efficient and easy as possible. If you need to step away, that’s alright.

You can save your progress and log back in later to retrieve a saved quote from the homepage.

Step #8 – Provide Vehicle Details

Your vehicle(s) year, make, and model must be provided along with details on your typical use of the car and average mileage. You can add up to four vehicles to your quote.

Step #9 – Add Drivers

You can add up to five drivers to your quote. For each driver, you’ll need a first and last name, date of birth, gender, marital status, employment status, and general knowledge of their driving record (accident history, claims, and any violations within the past 5 years).

If you have questions, such as how to add more than five drivers or how to obtain necessary information for each driver in your household, click on the FAQ questions on the right-hand side of the screen.

Step #10 – Get Discounts

Any discounts you automatically qualify for will be added to your policy. You can qualify for more by being an AARP member, having a homeowners or renters policy with The Hartford, or having taken a Defensive Driving course within the last 3 years.

Step #11 – Share Your Current Insurance Info

You’ll have to provide details about your current insurance status. Make sure you have your policy information on-hand so you can specify your current limits, policy duration (6 or 12 months), and expiration date.

Step #12 – Shop Around and Save

Keep the quote The Hartford gives you and move on to another site. It’s wise to compare at least three different car insurance quotes before making a decision.

We can help make the process even easier; enter your zip code below and we’ll provide you with free personalized auto insurance quotes.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption