2012 Top Cars to Rent

Here's what you need to know...
  • Finding rental cars is often a necessity when traveling for either business or pleasure
  • The type of rental car you choose is normally based on size, price, or location
  • Rental car insurance should also be considered when choosing a rental car

Depending on the renter’s needs, it should be easy to find the right rental car for the occasion.

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Rentals Based on Size


When it comes to choosing a rental car based on size, most renters either want a compact car to save on gas or a larger vehicle to tote around luggage and souvenirs.

A few of the best options for compact options include:

  • Hyundai Elantra – Seating for five adults and room for three large suitcases, unlimited miles, 29 mpg, and an automatic transmission
  • Nissan Versa – Seating four adults and one child, one large suitcase and one small one, available in two- or four-door options, and approximately 30 mpg
  • Chevrolet Tahoe – Seating for five people and five large suitcases, high daily rental costs, and 15 mpg

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Rentals Based on Price

The fee for renting a car is often a major factor for people when deciding what car to go with. From budget-conscience singles to CEOs on a business trip, there are options in all price ranges.

Note: prices are based on Kayak.com and may vary depending on the city in which you are renting.

  • Hyundai Accent – With a daily cost of $18, the Hyundai Accent has room for four adults and space for three large suitcases with 31 mpg
  • Kia Rio – With a daily cost of $37, the Rio only seats four adults/children with room for two large suitcases and comes in two- or 4-door options and gets 31 mpg
  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class – With a daily cost of $136, this luxury ride seats five adults plus four big suitcases yet is compact enough for a single driver to not feel dwarfed

Rentals Based on Locations


Driving down a beach highway, on mountainous terrain, or parking in tiny spaces in large cities, rental cars are sometimes determined by your location.

  • Ford Mustang Convertible – The Mustang has room for four adults but only two small suitcases and gets about 21 mpg
  • Ford Escape – The Escape is more of a cross-over vehicle, seats five adults with enough space for four large suitcases, and gets about 25 mpg
  • Ford Focus – The Focus has four d00rs with seating for five adults, and space for three large suitcases, and gets 30 mpg

Necessary Decisions


While going on vacation or even a business trip, many drivers don’t take the time to research what type of vehicle would be best to rent.

They may just take whatever is offered to them at the rental counter, not realizing they could save more and find a better fit for their rental needs.

Another area of focus for rental car drivers is auto insurance.

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