Average Auto Insurance Costs for a New Car

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Your search for auto insurance coverage begins with educating yourself about the car insurance cost evaluation process
  • Insurance companies need to calculate the amount of money it will cost them to fix a car or replace it entirely, if necessary
  • One of the fastest ways to research auto insurance coverage is to find a list of vehicles according to common characteristics
  • You should review each car separately because they can vary in price so much, even if they come from the same manufacturer

Looking for typical auto insurance prices for new cars is not that simple. The rates vary by make, model and of course, the cost of the vehicle.

Instead of trying to find out what the car insurance companies charge for all new cars, focus on your specific type of vehicle to find more accurate results.

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Subcompact and Compact Cars


A wonderful resource for a complete list of cars by type is Usefulcharts.com. They list all kinds of vehicles here and place them in the correct group for easy review.

Subcompact and compact cars include:

  • The Dodge Caliber costs $1,377
  • The Ford Fiesta costs $1,266
  • The Chevy Sonic costs $1,404
  • The Mitsubishi Lancer costs $1,269
  • The Corolla costs $1,456
  • The Kia Rio costs $1,519
  • The Forte costs $1,357
  • The VW Jetta costs $1,332
  • The Audi A3 costs $1,285
  • The Volvo S40 costs $1,304

Mid-Size Vehicles

Popular midsize cars include the following:

  • The Dodge Avenger costs $1,352
  • The Ford Fusion costs $1,428
  • The Lincoln MKZ costs $1,420
  • The Chevy Malibu costs $1,401
  • The Buick LaCrosse costs $1,294
  • The Honda Accord costs $1,209
  • The Mazda6 costs $1,285
  • The Mitsubishi Galant costs $1,595
  • The Nissan Altima costs $1,456
  • The Subaru Legacy costs $1,222

Full-Size Vehicles

 image source

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When you start gathering automobile insurance quotes for full-size cars, you should look for rates between $ 1,210 and $1,685.

  • The Ford Taurus and Buick Lucerne are the most cost-efficient, with averages around $1,210 to $1,261
  • However, the Charger, MKS, Impala, and DTS are all closer to $1,500 to $1,685 per year
  • The Hyundai Equus is very high in cost, averaging $2,305 a year

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Luxury Vehicles, Sports Cars

Luxury vehicles and sports cars often have the highest price tags, both for retail value and car insurance rates, regardless of the manufacturer.

The luxury cars include Mercedes-Benz models, C-Class, E-Class, and S-Class:

  • The C-Class is the least expensive to insure with rates of $1,659 per year
  • The E-Class is the second least expensive around $1,916 annually
  • The S-Class is extremely expensive with a $3,103 yearly rate

BMW has five models including:

  • The Z-Series is the least expensive at $1,445 every year
  • The 3-Series is next with a rate of $1,535
  • The 1-Series has a rate of $1,703 per year
  • The 5-Series is just above the 1-Series at $1,708
  • The 7-Series costs $2,762 on an annual basis

Lexus also has five models, the IS, HS, ES, GS and LS:.

  • The IS is $1,678
  • The HS is $1,645
  • The ES is $1,677
  • The GS is $2,001
  • The LS is $2,524

SUVs and Minivans


During the 1990s, SUVs and minivans became extremely popular. The increased necessity for extra room and durability led to an explosion in the automotive industry.

Unfortunately, with the increase of gas prices, many consumers started to regret these vehicles.

Keeping a proper perspective allows many to continue to purchase both types, but the numbers are still decreasing.

There are several dozen kinds of SUVs and minivans to choose from and they all share comparable rates.

Recommended Level of Insurance Coverage


Most new car owners utilize full-coverage for their vehicles for two specific reasons.

  1. The most important reason is the investment. Although some subcompact and compact vehicles cost less, they still affect finances.
  2. The next reason is payment options. Most people utilize some type of financing to pay for their cars over time.

It is very rare to find a lending institution that does not require liability, collision, and comprehensive.

Of course, to save a few dollars, you can choose the lowest limits.

When reviewing the average cost to insure any of these cars, the choices require careful consideration.

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