What company has the lowest rated used car insurance?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • J.D. Power is an organization that rates car insurance companies based on clients’ responses
  • These surveys have questions about pricing, customer service, claims processing, and overall satisfaction
  • Commerce Insurance Company was scored as the lowest rated car insurance according to J.D. Power

One way of rating used car insurance is to check the website J.D. Power and Associates, an organization that submits surveys to car insurance company clients in order to discern how well a job these companies are doing in offering their services.

These surveys are given to the car insurance companies’ current clients who can feel free to answer the questions honestly.

The company that was the lowest rated for the used car insurance policies it sells was the Commerce Insurance Company, now known as Mapfre Insurance.

On every category, Commerce received the lowest possible score, and its overall rating was the lowest for all companies surveyed.

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Policy Offerings


Clients had a chance to express how they felt about the types of coverage Commerce sells, and people did not seem to be very enthusiastic about the choices they have.

Out of five circles, Commerce received two circles, the lowest rating possible.

Although Commerce offers several different types of used car insurance, every kind of coverage is not offered in every state.

The combined list would be impressive, but, apparently, everyone in every state cannot purchase the type of coverage they want and need.

The coverages combined are:



People also thought the price they paid for their used car insurance was unfair for the coverage they were receiving.

A possible reason could be because these people believe they are paying too much for the little coverage they are receiving from this company.

People do not like to see mistakes on their bills, and they also do not like it to be difficult for them to pay their bills.

Commerce has failed its customers in this area as well because its clients ranked it with two circles in this category.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Contacting the Insurer

A very important part of a car insurance company is the experience that people have when they contact their insurers.

In this category, Commerce predictably received the lowest rating.

Apparently, customers of Commerce are less than satisfied when they need to contact the company about their used car insurance coverage.

Overall Satisfaction


Commerce’s overall satisfaction rating was two circles as could be expected.

Commerce is the only car insurance company that received the lowest ratings for all five categories in the study.

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FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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