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Joel Ohman
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UPDATED: May 22, 2019

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Here's what you need to know...
  • In many cases, insurance companies are categorized by state or region
  • Some lists are categorized by specialty car insurance carriers
  • Not all insurance companies are licensed to do business in every state
  • Many comparison sites will allow you to compare as many as 20 companies at a time

There are approximately 100 major car insurance companies, and then there are secondary insurance companies who do not have the familiar names.

Most insurance companies today have their own website, or you can use comparison sites to try to navigate through them.

Since there are so many, you have to find some way to narrow them down to make a conscious decision.

Many service websites have found a way to categorize them for you.

Online car insurance quotes are available for your review with only your ZIP code!

Is there a list of auto insurance companies for my state?


Since transportation and insurance laws are established in each state, auto insurance companies are regulated by each state as well.

Moreover, each company has to be licensed by the State Insurance Commission. Most reputable carriers are also members of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

The NAIC makes sure the companies that provide service to the state are financially solvent and offer you service within the guidelines of the state.

Insurance companies also receive a grade rating from insurance ratings companies such as J.D. Powers and Associates and A.M. Best.

If you have a complaint with a company, you can report or register it to the insurance commission of your state.

Insurance companies have a direct relationship with your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as well.

Technology allows the DMV and your insurer to cross-reference each other for information regarding new policies, cancellations, and renewals.

This new technology includes the National Driver Register, which keeps track of suspensions and revocations in addition to DUI’s and other serious traffic offenses.

What if a company that I want to buy insurance from isn’t licensed on my state’s website?

License letters

Just because a company isn’t listed doesn’t mean that they are not licensed in your state.

Some state websites are slow to update and when a newer company moves into the state, they may not be listed right away.

You can ask the company to provide you with proof that they are licensed to sell insurance in your state. Additionally, you can call your state insurance department and ask for the licensing information as well.

Even if the company isn’t yet listed on their website, they should have a record of the licensing in their files.

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What if I am solicited by an insurance company that doesn’t sell car insurance in my state?

Any insurance company can advertise where you live, even if they aren’t licensed to sell insurance in your state.

If, however, they make an offer to you for an actual insurance policy, then you need to inform the insurance commissioner’s office in your state.

You should never, under any circumstances, purchase car insurance from a company that isn’t licensed to sell insurance in your state.

If you are in a car accident, then your policy will not be considered valid, and you will be personally responsible for the costs associated with any damages or injuries.

If an unlicensed insurer tries to sell you insurance and you purchase it knowing that they are not a licensed insurer, then you could be arrested for fraud. Report the company and move on.

What if I move to a new state and my current insurer isn’t licensed where I live?

Until you register your vehicle in your new state, your current insurance is valid.

You do need to check the laws in your state to see how long you have to register your vehicle.

In some state, such as Florida, you have ten days; in other states, you can have as long as 60 days.

Technically, your car will still be insured if you don’t make the registration transition in the time frame required by your state, but you could end up paying heavy fines if you cause an accident without registering your vehicle.

What is the difference between insurance agencies and insurance companies?


An insurance agency acts as a broker for several companies. The licensed insurance agent or salesperson may act as a broker or work exclusively with a carrier, such as an agent with Progressive or Allstate.

The insurance agency does the following:

  • sells the policy
  • collects the premium
  • manages the policy

The insurance carrier or company interchangeably establishes your level of risk as a driver.

They also are the financial backbone in the event of an accident as they process the claim and make the final decision on payouts.

The auto insurance underwriter is actually the processor of claims, although there may be a group of processors that put the package together after the information is gathered by the auto claims adjuster.

The underwriter determines the risks and makes the decision to pay your claim through the company. Insurance underwriters also back other insurance companies through reinsurance.

Where can I get a list of auto insurance reviews?


When you want to know what others are saying about an insurance company or agency, car insurance company reviews can give you the answers.

The internet allows people to give a voice to their experiences.

Consumer feedback keeps companies honest and is used by insurance company raters when issuing grades for customer service.

If an insurance company is reprimanded for unfair or unlawful marketing practices, you may find it online.

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