What are the best car insurance companies in Louisiana?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Carefully consider what you need from insurance before you start shopping
  • Because of the backlash from Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana residents pay more for insurance than the average nationally
  • Many personal factors make up your car insurance quote

Success in finding the best car insurance agency in Louisiana really depends on what “best” means for you. One agency may be better for the elderly while another agency is better for young people.

When you search for insurance anywhere, you want to execute a thorough search for the company that works best for you.

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Questions such as the following ones are possible inquiries you would want to make when searching for the right company.

  • What’s their risk structure?
  • Are insurance companies in your state heavily regulated by your state government?
  • Do the companies have more freedom to base their standards and policies on their individual company ethics?

Backlash from Katrina


Currently, Louisiana is the most expensive state in which to secure car insurance. Some experts agree that payouts for damage from hurricane

Some experts agree that payouts for damage from Hurricane Katrina are driving up the price of overall insurance in the state, which, in turn, affects the auto insurance branches of the different insurance companies.

You get to foot the bill when you need insurance because the companies have been absorbing the high cost of their pay-outs with higher insurance rates and deductibles.

Other agencies site the localized climate of theft and violence for Louisiana having the highest car insurance. Its highest-occurrence city is ranked at number 32 on the national list for cities that have the highest rate of stolen cars.

But you don’t have to bite the bullet. There are a few guidelines that you can follow to avoid paying extremely high premiums while getting decent coverage.

Who Should I Go to for Car Insurance

The following information is evaluated when you vie for auto insurance in Louisiana:

Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a fair market for the consumer; a married man at 65 years of age will pay a significantly lower premium than a 16 year old fresh out of the E-Class (learner’s permit provisional license).

Regardless of the driver category where you find yourself or the credit rating that you carry, you can trim around at your vehicle insurance rates until you have landed the best possible deal.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

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Customer-Service Oriented Insurance Companies

You may not want to simply regard premium price when determining which agency is best for you. At times, more friendly service would make for a better deal.

When you need help in understanding your policy or in services provided, i.e. road-side assistance, having a more service oriented company will win the day.

If your car is stolen or the work that you do includes many risks (in terms of insurance), then you’ll find that well-situated customer service would be best for you.

Companies Offering the Most Competitive Car Insurance Rates in Louisiana


The rate prices are still king when it comes to choices of insurance agencies. An expensive insurance agency will be extremely important for singles, young adults, others who live in high-theft areas and etc.

At times your driving record may have been destroyed by an incident that has long passed. In these cases, you find that you could use a second chance.

Safe-driver rewards and perks not only help to better the overall driving record but they also can bring down the rate of insurance (making one eligible for a higher-risk insurance application if necessary).

Second-chance perks will also include no-accident rates.

While auto insurance companies in Louisiana are not required by state law to insure you, there is an agency out there for everyone.

So, whether you have been a bad driver looking to get better or you’re a young person starting out in a high-risk area, there is an insurance agency (or maybe two) that you can take advantage of. Usually, larger corporate agencies offer the best rates (because of a larger client

Usually, larger corporate agencies offer the best rates (because of a larger client base), but these are not always as personalized as some would need.

Due to the high price of insurance for Louisiana residents going cheap may be best, but consumers who do high-risk jobs with their vehicles would be advised to search for a low price and great customer service combination in a policy or a happy medium between the two.

Finding the Best Rates for You

One of your greatest assets is the internet. Use it to get fast quotes and rates. Most sites will have fields where you can fill out the required information and get a quick turn around.

Be careful not give out too much information. In most cases, you can talk to a sales agent or customer service representative. Do not pay for a quote. Enter your ZIP code below, and we will help you find affordable car insurance INSTANTLY!

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