Car Insurance for Young Drivers

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Young drivers usually have the highest insurance rates due to a lack of experience
  • Having your young driver complete a drivers ed course can provide you with a discount
  • Purchase an older, safer car for your young driver to drive instead of a fancy new sports car

It is a well-known fact that young drivers are quoted the highest auto insurance rates of any age group.

One of the easiest ways to find the best insurance rates for your young driver is to compare quotes from multiple companies online until you find the best rates available.

There are other actions that adults can take that will help to reduce their young driver’s car insurance premium.

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Sign Young Drivers Up for Drivers Ed Courses


Teenage drivers have notoriously high car insurance rates because insurance companies view them as high-risk drivers.

Since teen drivers do not have the experience that older drivers have, they need to be equipped with the proper knowledge.

For this reason, a drivers ed course should be considered essential.

A drivers education course will not only teach a young driver state laws for drivers, the course will also teach younger drivers about the importance of being safe on the road.

While safety education is the greatest benefit of taking a drivers education course, the second greatest benefit is that you can find cheap car insurance premiums for your teen.

Car insurance companies give teens that have completed driver’s education courses discounts on insurance rates.

Some states require that teens drivers take a drivers ed course and some states do not. Almost all car insurers provide the discount for a completed drivers ed course.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

 Secured with SHA-256 Encryption

Drivers of Safe, Older Cars Pay Lower Rates

The year, make, and model of a vehicle directly impacts the insurance premiums. Sports cars that go at high speeds are higher to insure than economy cars that are built with safety in mind.

Purchasing a brand new high-end vehicle for your new teen driver will cause your insurance premiums to skyrocket.

Older model vehicles that have built in safety features are the best idea for new drivers. Not only does this reduce insurance premiums drastically, your teen is likely to drive more safely in a regular vehicle that is reliable and safe.

Teen drivers have the highest fatality rates of all drivers. High-end vehicles that run at high speeds may be great toys for experienced adult drivers, but when automobile shopping for a young driver, safety should be the top priority.

Make Sure Your Young Driver Is Getting Good Grades


Making good grades in school is another great way to reduce car insurance premiums for young drivers.

In fact, it is a good idea for you to have your child prove that he can be responsible in school prior to purchasing a vehicle for him. Having good grades is a great way to get a discount on insurance rates and helps encourage your young driver to do well in school.

Teens can get discounts for making the honor roll or dean’s list, which is a great benefit for youth drivers and a great incentive to work hard at their studies.

Finding Quotes for Young Drivers


While you can spend the time calling around to different car insurance companies in order to find the best possible rates or consult with an agent, technology has made the process of finding the best insurance rates easier than ever.

You can receive car insurance quotes online from reputable car insurance companies right from the comforts of home.

When you shop online for the best possible quotes, you have the ability to compare rates from a variety of companies with just the click of your mouse.

With online insurance quote comparisons, you can research a number of companies and make your decision based on the one that provides the best possible rates for your young driver.

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