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Affects of Negligent Driving Tickets on Auto Insurance

Will a ticket for negligent driving affect car insurance rates?The short simple answer to the question if negligent driving ticket will affect your rates is yes. What this type of ticket tells an insurance company is that at some point in your driving history you were negligent and irresponsible. Many insurance companies see this as a risk factor.

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How does a negligent driving ticket affect insurance rates?

Negligent driving tickets can affect insurance rates. This is mostly likely do to the fact that many insurance companies view this type of ticket as extremely careless.

The amount that your insurance will go up depends on the company itself and circumstances it was received under.

For example if you received a negligent driving ticket, because you caused an accident this will increase your insurance more than if you simply forgot to turn your lights on and received a ticket.

In most states a negligent driving ticket is one step down from a reckless or careless driving ticket. These tickets are most likely handed out to individuals who failed to follow traffic rules and laws. If you didn’t have all working lights on your vehicle an officer may issue a negligent ticket, as well as a repair ticket ordering you to get the vehicle fixed as soon as possible.

affects of negligent driving on auto insurance

Almost any type of ticket goes on your driving reordered and impacts your insurance. The ones that have the greatest impacts are the type of tickets that reflect driving that is likely to cause an accident. This is why you can expect negligent driving to impact your insurance rate more so than a simple speeding ticket of ten miles over the speed limit.

In order to keep your insurance rate as low as possible it is important that you maintain a good driving record and avoid getting negligent driving tickets or any tickets for that matter.

If you have too many negligent driving tickets, along with other traffic tickets some insurance companies may refuse to insure you.

This is because an individual with a lot traffic tickets and negligent driving is more likely to be involved in accident. A high level of accidents and insurance pay out means insurance companies are going to have lower profits.

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How long does a negligent driving ticket affect my insurance rates for?

negligent driving tickets and the affects on car insuranceA negligent driving ticket in most states and cases will stay on your driving reordered for three years. While it is on your driving record it will continue to affect your insurance rates.

Once you receive a negligent driving ticket there is often little you can do to have it removed from your record. You can try to go to court and have you explanation heard before the judge.

However, this type of action is rarely successful or worth your time.

It is normally best to just pay the negligent ticket and contact your insurance company to find out how much it will cause your rates to go up.

You should only go in front of the judge if you believe you did not deserve the negligent ticket and the officer mistakenly gave it to you. Though, many people find this to be an extreme hassle and the judge is likely to back up the police officer.

When will a negligent driving ticket affect my insurance rate?

There is some good news when dealing with a negligent driving ticket. If you have paid your car insurance premium in full or if you are in the middle of your auto insurance policy, your rates are likely not to increase until it is time to renew your auto insurance policy.

If you are paying monthly for your insurance, you cannot allow your policy to lapse do to non-payment.

When this happen most insurance companies will force you to start a new policy and cause your rates to increase because there is now a negligent driving ticket on your record.

car insurance affects from a negligent driving ticket

However, paying your insurance in full or keeping it paid on time will give you time to shop around. This doesn’t mean that other insurance companies won’t rate your for negligent driving ticket.

However, you may be able to fine another insurance company that offers lower rates to at risk drivers or at least a lower rate than your current insurance company.

It is always best to shop around for new auto insurance every year or so. This is because prices are constantly changing for customers.

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