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Sports Car InsuranceEveryone would love to have a bright shiny new sports car- but who can afford the sports car insurance rates? It just may not be as impossible as you think to own the car of your dreams and be able to insure it also-if you do some comparison shopping.

Start by entering your zip code and comparing the free online car insurance quotes now!

Like everything else that you purchase, car insurance varies from company to company. One of the simplest and most economic ways to find the best deal on sports car insurance is to compare quotes online!

Now, exactly what constitutes a sports car also varies from company to company. The one thing that all companies do have in common is the fact that sports cars are in a different class and they come with their own sets of very different rules.

Factors Used to Determine the Definition of a Sports Car

Take a look at some of the factors used to define sports cars:

  • The manufacturer , e.g., Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro or Corvette, Dodge Viper, Mitsubishi Lancer, Porshe 911, Saleen, Ferrari, Mazda RX8, Maserati, and Lamborghini, just to name a few
  • Engine in the car, and if there are any modifications that have been done to the engine to increase performance or speed. The number of cylinders in the engine is another determining factor.
  • Body Style of the car- most sports car models are two door
  • Model and Series of the car- modifications to the car such as exhaust systems, expensive stero equipmwnt, and ground effects
  • VIN identification numbers on the vehicle

Reasons that it is More Expensive to Insurance a Sportscar

As a rule of thumb, sports cars draw the attention of many younger drivers-which means expensive insurance rates. Younger drivers get higher car insurance rates to begin with, so it really increases when insuring a car with more horsepower. Some of the reasons that those sports car beauties are so expensive to drive include:

  • They are more expensive to repair- the parts for them can be difficult to find, as well as more expensive to fix
  • Foreign sports and imported vehicles, cars require a shop that will repair them. This is hard to find sometimes and more costly to repair
  • Sports cars have a higher probability of getting stolen-if a thief has a choice between stealing an old clunker or a sports car, the sports car will be the one chosen. Many times they are stolen in spite of costly car alarm systems
  • Sports car drivers have a tendency to drive faster and damages are higher

On the up side of this is the fact that car insurance companies that sell sports car insurance or as it is sometimes called-performance car insurance are in competition for the business. So they are willing to go all out to make being able to insure sports cars happen for a reasonable price. The best way possible to find these companies is by online comparison-shopping; you can get a quote from various different companies without even leaving your home.

How to Find the Right Sports Car Insurance Policy

Your role in selecting the right car insurance providers is to compare and be upfront. Be honest about all of the features, modifications and any other equipment that did not come stock on the car. In the event that it is wrecked or stolen the insurance company will not pay for something it had no idea existed.

If you own a classic sports car, you do not need to carry sports car insurance at the higher rate. Classic car owners can often have their repairs done at a regular garage. Because their parts are much easier to find than today’s high performance sports cars. Labor is also much less expensive on a classic car.

High performance sports cars will usually require higher limits of coverage than what the state minimum requires. In the event of an accident, you will need more coverage-comprehensive coverage being the first thing that you will need. Comprehensive coverage is the coverage that will cover your car for theft, vandalism and any other damage that would not be due to an accident.

Where to Locate Sports Car Insurance

Many incredible car insurance deals are available to customers with sports cars. To be able to find these great deals you are going to have to shop around. Online comparison shopping is the best way to do this.

Take your time and research different companies and see what their quotes include in the policy. No matter what your specific needs are, one thing is for sure, you can benefit by getting online sports car insurance quotes now!

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