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List of Companies Offering High Risk Car Insurance

Can I get a list of high-risk auto insurance companies?Your state’s Department of Insurance website will provide you with a list of high risk insurance carriers in your area. These are companies that specialize in offering car insurance covers to drivers who have been classified as high risk due to past incidents and behaviors.

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In some cases, the Department of Insurance website will simply list the insurance companies that are licensed in your area; however, in most cases you will be able to search for a company by type, such as high risk or SR22 and so on.

The reason that you can’t just find a basic list of high-risk insurance companies, outside of state lists, is because such a list wouldn’t necessarily be relevant in your state. What this means is that a company has to be licensed to sell auto insurance in the state where you live, so finding a list must be directly relevant to your state.

It is possible that you could do an online search for a list of high-risk insurance companies that are relevant to your state as well. However, only your state website or an actual quote tool will show you companies that are guaranteed to be available in your state.

What is high-risk car insurance?

High-risk car insurance is, as the name suggests, car insurance for people who are considered to be high-risk drivers. There are a variety of people who qualify as a high-risk driver.

A simple definition of a high-risk driver is a driver who, when on the road, is a danger to themselves or to other drivers because of the actions they take while they are driving.

list of high risk companies offering auto insuranceYou could be a high-risk driver if:

  • You are a teen
  • You have bad credit
  • You have a DUI or DWI
  • You have a bad driving record
  • You have made several insurance claims
  • You have multiple points on your license
  • You have caused more than two accidents in a single year
  • You have driven for less than 3 years; even if you are an adult
  • You purchase and drop insurance policies multiple times a year

An insurance that you have made a claim against may determine that you are a high-risk driver simply because they are the ones that paid your claim. You may find that, in this case, you could get lower insurance simply by switching to a car insurance company that has never had to pay you anything.

Is high risk auto insurance more expensive than standard insurance?

In general, auto insurance for those considered to be high risk is more expensive than for those who have good driving records. The insurance companies look at someone who is high risk and assumes that their own costs will rise because of it, so they pass on the rising costs to the consumer.

The good news for high risk drivers is that, because there are more companies that specialize in non-standard policies, there is more competition between the different insurance companies.

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When there is competition, it usually means that the rates offered are more affordable than they were years ago. There are quite a few companies that are able to offer affordable high risk auto insurance, so it is worth taking the time to search for them.

How long do I have to have high risk insurance?

The answer to this varies. If you are a young driver, usually once you reach the age of 25 you are no longer considered to be high risk. Also, both young and old drivers can benefit from taking a defensive driving course, which may help decrease your risk rating.

List of car insurance companies

If you have had a DUI/DWI or had your license suspended for another reason, and you have an SR-22 policy, this is usually required for three years. This requirement can vary from state to state as well, depending upon how severe the offense was. You can find out what the requirements are for your state by going to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website.

The good news with being a high risk driver is that it usually only lasts for a certain period of time until you are considered to be a lower risk.

Where can I purchase insurance for a high-risk driver?

Where you purchase your high-risk insurance will depend on the reason that you are a high-risk driver. For example, a teen driver will find that they can purchase car insurance through just about any insurance company while a driver with multiple DUIs may not be able to buy insurance through any traditional companies.

You will find that every state offers what is called an assigned risk insurance plan.

No one can be turned down for an assigned risk insurance plan; however, get ready to pay for the privilege of purchasing this liability only insurance. In most cases you will pay three or four times as much for your assigned risk insurance than you would for a traditional plan.

There are some insurance companies that specifically specialize in high-risk drivers. These companies usually work with people with DUI convictions, people who have had multiple accidents and so on.

While the insurance costs through a high-risk company will be higher than a traditional insurance company, it should be lower than it is with an assigned risk plan. Over time, you should be able to purchase traditional insurance again; if you keep your nose clean!

Should I shop around for high-risk car insurance?

high risk car insurance quotes hard to findYes! You should always shop around for your car insurance before you make a purchase. Just as with traditional auto insurance companies high-risk specialists will have differences in their premiums between companies. Shopping around is the only way to ensure you can get the lowest rate possible.

When you are already paying a premium for your premiums, you should take advantage of any edge that you can find to ensure that you don’t have to pay more than absolutely necessary for your coverage.

Once a year you should take the time to do a comparison search to ensure that you continue to get the lowest rates. This type of search is easy to do when you use a quote tool and you aren’t under any obligation to make a purchase.

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