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Joel Ohman
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UPDATED: Dec 16, 2019

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Here's what you need to know...
  • Comparison shopping for car insurance is a great way to narrow down your choices.
  • Once you have received several quotes, check out the individual companies that seem to fit your needs best.
  • When you deal with a specific company, you can ensure that all the details in your policy are custom-fit for your needs.

It seems that there are hundreds of car insurance websites offering free quotes for anyone who needs them. While this is a good thing, comparing multiple free car insurance quotes can be somewhat daunting.

Well, do not fear. Although comparison shopping for car insurance can be time-consuming, it’s not as difficult as it might appear.

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The key to comparing multiple free car insurance quotes is knowing exactly what you’re looking for. This helps you weed out quotes that contain too little information for you to make an informed choice.

It also helps you make sense of larger and longer quotes that might provide too much information.

Knowing what to look for in relation to your specific needs and preferences will help you make an educated decision a lot quicker.

Where do I start?

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The best place to start is at a website like the one you’re on right now. In fact, you can use this site’s search tool to begin the process of acquiring multiple free car insurance quotes.

You begin by entering your zip code, which then directs your browser to a second page. From there you’ll enter specific information about your car, where you live, your employment, and so forth. After a few minutes, the quote tool will return the results to you.

Keep in mind that automated online quote tools provide you with a number that is just a best-guess estimate based on the information you provide and industry averages in your area.

When you finally do choose a car insurance company to go with, a representative will have to verify your information, which could result in your actual rate being higher or lower than the quote. This will be especially true if your information was incomplete or inaccurate.

What’s next after I get several quotes?


With quotes in hand, you’re ready to begin comparing them line by line. You’ll probably notice there is very little difference in price for the required state minimums for coverage of bodily injury, property damage, and general liability.

Since all policies must carry those state minimums by law, there’s very little flexibility in the pricing structure. But there’s a catch.

In addition to state minimums, a company might include full glass coverage and roadside assistance as part of its basic policy. Others may not. That’s the type of thing you’re looking for.

Next, you’ll want to compare the amount of coverage offered for additional things such as:

  • Fire and theft
  • Full collision
  • Extraneous options like identity theft protection

Each of these items should be listed on a separate line, along with the annual cost of the premium. Again, you’ll need to compare what each of these additional coverages offers in relation to the amount of money it’s going to cost you.

Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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What do I do if there aren’t enough details?

Sometimes your initial free insurance quotes will not contain enough details for you to make an informed decision. That means you’ll have to contact the individual insurance companies to get the additional information you need.

This can be done in one of two ways: online and by phone.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of dealing with a live agent to start with, try the online method first. You’ll need to make an educated guess and choose a couple of companies that seem to have the best price.

From there go directly to the companies’ individual websites and use their online quote tools, if they have them.

These quote tools tend to be a bit more detailed than third-party tools and should offer you a better quote with more information.

From these quotes you can once again compare line-by-line items, looking for total coverage, premium, deductibles, and so on.

If this method still does not provide enough details, your last resort is to either call the insurance company directly or a local agent in your area. When you do call for assistance, make sure you don’t hang up until you have answers to all your questions.

It doesn’t do you any good to spend a lot of time on the phone just to hang up still wondering how much your car insurance is going to cost you.

Comparing multiple free car insurance quotes is a task that is frightening to many people. But it doesn’t need to be. After you’ve done it a couple of times you become quite adept at it.

You might even be able to teach your friends and family members how to do it, too!

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Free Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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