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Delaware Statistics SummaryDetails
Roadway MilesTotal in State: 6,407
Annual Miles Driven: 10,178 million
Vehicles Registered927,276
Most Popular VehicleChevrolet Silverado 1500
Uninsured Drivers11.40%
Traffic Fatalities2017
Total in State: 119
Speeding: 33
Drunk Driving: 32
Average Annual PremiumsLiability: $799
Collisions: $319
Comprehensive: $123
Combined: $1,241
Cheapest ProviderUSAA

Delaware, due to being the first of the original 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution on December 7, 1787, is distinguished as “The First State” of our nation. Like former NBA great Shaquille O’Neal, however, one moniker just isn’t enough for Delaware.

Even though it’s the second smallest state in the union, it boasts many monikers such as “The Diamond State,” “Blue Hen State,” and “Small Wonder,” giving Delaware an impressive nickname-per-square mileage ratio.

Equally impressive is the longevity of Delaware’s longest-tenured senator Joe Biden. His 36 years in office puts the former Vice President of the United States in the top 20 all-time of longest-serving senators in the history of our country.

During his time in the Senate and as vice president, Biden has been an advocate of investing in America’s infrastructure.

“We’ve got to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure. We need highways, we need transit, [and] we need lightning-fast broadband. It’s an absolute necessity.”

Not only is concern about the conditions and viability of the roads on which we travel significant, but attention must also be given to the manner in which we travel. Having a proper understanding of the vehicles we drive and the best ways to insure them is important while traversing these ever-changing, ever-expanding roadways.

The following will be discussed in this article:

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Table of Contents

Delaware Insurance Coverage and Rates

Finding the time to research all there is to know about car insurance companies in Delaware and their rates and practices can seem like an impossible task.

The good news is we’ve paved the way for you to get the information you want and need to make an informed decision about your car insurance. We will help you discover the key indicators that insurance companies consider risks and how you can mitigate those risks.

We’ll help you to know what the state requires, what you may want or need, and where you can get it at the best price.

– Delaware Minimum Coverage

Delaware is one of only a few states that is considered “no fault,” meaning regardless of who is found to be at fault for an accident, all drivers must seek compensation for damages from their own insurance companies.

The Diamond State mandates that all drivers carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP). The minimum amount of PIP coverage required by law is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per occurrence. In addition, $5,000 funeral services coverage is required.

The required minimum limits for basic coverage in Delaware is to 25/50/10 for all motorists. This means that car owners must carry the following minimum levels of liability insurance:

$25,000 for bodily injury or death of one person in an accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle, $50,000 for total bodily injury or death in an accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle, and $10,000 for property damage per accident caused by the owner of the insured vehicle.

Delaware does not require you to carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, but it is a viable option and can protect you and your passengers if the at-fault driver has no insurance, or if you’re the victim of a hit-and-run.

How much risk are you assuming by only carrying the minimum amount of liability insurance? It depends on your monthly budget and on how exposed you want to be to potential litigation.

If you have assets or future assets that you wish to protect, you want to consider increasing your liability coverage.

The experts at the Wall Street Journal recommend liability limits of 100/300/50 and offer the following advice for choosing your coverage limits:

Make sure you’re covered for an amount equal to the total value of your assets (Add up the dollar values of your house, your car, savings, and investments).

Please be aware that basic coverage only provides you with liability protection; It will not pay to repair or replace your car for an accident that you cause.

If you’re looking to repair or replace your car after an accident, then collision and comprehensive coverage are worth the investment. These policies come with a deductible and they pay out based on the current value of your car, not necessarily the price you might have paid for it.

Self-insurance is available in Delaware to individuals and businesses with 15 or more cars registered in the state.

Next, we will take a look at how much motorists in Delaware pay on average for auto insurance. The amount you actually will pay may be slightly lower or higher than these figures, but this data will provide you with some context from which you can project your own situation with reasonable accuracy.

Premiums as a Percentage of Income

The late, great American cartoonist Bob Thaves once said, “I don’t know if I can live on my income or not—the government won’t let me try it.”

That funny quote from the illustrates the concept of one’s Disposable Personal Income (DPI), which is the money you’re allowed to keep after the government takes its cut in the form of taxes.

Annual Full Coverage
Average Premiums
Monthly Full Coverage
Average Premiums
Annual Per Capita
Disposable Personal Income
Monthly Per Capita
Disposable Personal Income
Percentage of Income

You are mandated by law to carry at least the basic coverage. A full coverage policy includes liability, comprehensive, and collision insurance. Here’s a peek at the average cost of each:


Now that we have sorted through some data about auto insurance costs to the individual consumer, let’s take a look at some important statistics about the insurance companies themselves.

First, let us examine the concept of loss ratio.

– Loss Ratio

What exactly is a loss ratio? And what is its effect on your premiums?

The insurance loss ratio is the loss to the insurance company for claims that were paid out, divided by the premiums collected. A high loss ratio means that an insurance company has too many customers filing claims, which will subsequently lead to a rise in future premiums for all consumers.

State Farm, the largest auto insurer in Delaware, has a loss ratio of 60.02 percent, which is a healthy rate. Typically, a loss ratio between 40 to 60 percent is considered standard. Too much higher would mean that a company is paying out too many claims and would have a hard time remaining solvent. However, if a company’s loss ratio is well under 40 percent, that means the company is pocketing much more money in premiums than paying out in claims or discounts to its customers.

– Add-ons, Endorsements, Riders

A little over 11 percent of drivers in Delaware (11.4 percent to be exact) don’t have insurance, which ranks as the 28th highest percentage in the country.

As a counter to the those who choose to forego any coverage altogether, you may consider opting for additional coverage options to protect. You can consult this Instant Auto Insurance Guide provided by the Delaware Department of Insurance for a quick and helpful summary of all the enhancements available to you.

One such option in the Blue Hen State is Medical Payments Coverage. This coverage pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses, without regard to legal liability, resulting from accidental bodily injury while operating or occupying an insured vehicle or being struck as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle.

Med Pay insurance applies regardless of whether the insured or another driver was at fault. It even applies when the insured or the insured’s family are pedestrians on the street and are struck by another motorist.

Despite the increasing popularity of pay-by-the-mile auto insurance plans offered by companies like Metromile, they are currently not being offered in Delaware.

Other Usage-Based Insurance programs (UBI) are active and available to drivers in Delaware. Programs like Drivewise from Allstate or Snapshot from Progressive or CoverageMyWay from Esurance offer discounts to drivers based on how well and how often they drive.

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In addition to these add-ons, there are several more optional enhancements that you can explore to decide which ones may be right for you:

– Male Vs. Female Rates in Delaware

Through her alter ego, Sasha Fierce, Beyoncé introduced the world to the melodious thought exercise, “If I Were a Boy,” highlighting the double standards and differences in expectations that exist for women compared to their male counterparts in our society.

Queen Bey raises an interesting debate. If she were a boy, would her car insurance rates be any different? Would they be better or worse?

Let’s take a look to find out.

CompanySingle 17-year old femaleSingle 17-year old maleSingle 25-year old femaleSingle 25-year old maleMarried 35-year old femaleMarried 35-year old maleMarried 60-year old femaleMarried 60-year old male
Allstate P&C$13,198.18$15,406.57$3,876.03$4,113.55$3,680.77$3,617.49$3,230.45$3,405.48
Geico Advantage$6,449.50$6,710.85$2,798.53$2,699.68$2,660.39$2,952.77$2,562.65$2,983.93
Liberty Mut Fire Ins Co$27,326.93$41,390.16$12,287.48$17,022.83$12,287.48$12,287.48$12,138.88$12,138.88
Nationwide Mutual$7,151.92$9,060.24$3,345.06$3,575.26$3,017.56$2,994.99$2,753.71$2,742.95
Progressive Direct$10,102.13$11,159.65$2,437.17$2,371.56$1,994.89$1,844.62$1,754.37$1,790.24
State Farm Mutual Auto$8,048.04$10,393.68$3,162.14$3,294.46$2,818.09$2,818.09$2,600.14$2,600.14
Travelers Home & Marine Ins Co$9,243.54$14,106.72$1,745.40$1,906.92$1,634.80$1,642.27$1,610.37$1,568.84

Here’s a look at the Most Expensive Demographic rates in the Diamond State. Can you see where you fit in? Are you having a better idea of what car insurance in Delaware might cost you and your family?

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual RateRank
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$41,390.161
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$27,326.932
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$17,022.833
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old male$15,406.574
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$14,106.725
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old female$13,198.186
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$12,287.487
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$12,287.487
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$12,287.487
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$12,138.8810
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 60-year old male$12,138.8810
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old male$11,159.6512
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$10,393.6813
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old female$10,102.1314
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$9,243.5415
Nationwide MutualSingle 17-year old male$9,060.2416
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$8,048.0417
Nationwide MutualSingle 17-year old female$7,151.9218
Geico AdvantageSingle 17-year old male$6,710.8519
Geico AdvantageSingle 17-year old female$6,449.5020
USAASingle 17-year old male$5,556.0721
USAASingle 17-year old female$4,729.5322
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old male$4,113.5523
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old female$3,876.0324
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old female$3,680.7725
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old male$3,617.4926
Nationwide MutualSingle 25-year old male$3,575.2627
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old male$3,405.4828
Nationwide MutualSingle 25-year old female$3,345.0629
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$3,294.4630
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old female$3,230.4531
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$3,162.1432
Nationwide MutualMarried 35-year old female$3,017.5633
Nationwide MutualMarried 35-year old male$2,994.9934
Geico AdvantageMarried 60-year old male$2,983.9335
Geico AdvantageMarried 35-year old male$2,952.7736
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$2,818.0937
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$2,818.0937
Geico AdvantageSingle 25-year old female$2,798.5339
Nationwide MutualMarried 60-year old female$2,753.7140
Nationwide MutualMarried 60-year old male$2,742.9541
Geico AdvantageSingle 25-year old male$2,699.6842
Geico AdvantageMarried 35-year old female$2,660.3943
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old female$2,600.1444
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old male$2,600.1444
Geico AdvantageMarried 60-year old female$2,562.6546
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old female$2,437.1747
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old male$2,371.5648
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old female$1,994.8949
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$1,906.9250
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old male$1,844.6251
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old male$1,790.2452
USAASingle 25-year old male$1,773.5453
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old female$1,754.3754
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$1,745.4055
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$1,642.2756
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$1,634.8057
USAASingle 25-year old female$1,615.1958
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$1,610.3759

As you can see, whether you’re a boy or girl, young or old, in Delaware, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny (actually, a lot of pretty pennies) to be insured with Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

– Delaware Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Is car insurance more expensive in Northern Delaware or in Lower Slower Delaware?

Let’s find out by taking a look at the most expensive Zip Codes in the First State. Here are the 25 zip codes with the highest average annual premiums in Delaware:

Zip CodeGrand TotalRankCompared to Average

So that you can compare and contrast, here are the 25 zip codes with the lowest average annual premiums in Delaware:

Zip CodeGrand TotalRankCompared to Average

-Delaware Insurance Rates by City

City (Highest)Average Grand TotalCity (Lowest)Average Grand Total
YORKLYN$7,863.61BETHANY BEACH$4,953.79
NEW CASTLE$7,378.97FRANKFORD$4,966.95
PORT PENN$7,329.63DAGSBORO$4,974.65

Where does your city rank statewide?

Delaware Car Insurance Companies

Sifting through all the information to find the auto insurance company that is a right fit for you can be overwhelming.

Who’s going to give you the best rates? Who has the best customer service? Do you qualify for any discounts or upgrades?

In a state that boasts more chickens and corporations than actual human beings, it’s hard to even know whom to ask for advice.

No need to worry: we are here to help you find the relevant information you need to make a wise decision.

When deciding on a car insurance company, you should seriously examine its public reputation.

Doing your due diligence will ensure that you don’t end up in an acrimonious relationship with an auto insurer that leaves you feeling so dead, held up so high on such a breakable thread (breakable thread).

A company’s public reputation can often be a strong indicator of the kind of rates it offers to its consumers. We’ll show how the largest companies rate in the areas of financial stability and customer satisfaction.

– Financial Ratings

AM Best is a credit rating agency. It evaluates insurance companies and grades them based on their financial stability. The table below shows the ten largest insurance companies in Delaware as measured by direct premiums written with their AM Best rating.

CompanyDirect Premiums WrittenAM Best Rating
State Farm Group$208,113A++
Nationwide Corp Group$117,716A+
Progressive Group$71,536A+
Liberty Mutual Group$65,887A-
USAA Group$65,690A++
Allstate Insurance Group$50,794A+
Hartford Fire & Casualty Group$22,107A+
Travelers Group$16,349A+
CSAA Insurance Group$13,997A

– Customer Satisfaction Ratings

JD Power 2018 Auto Insurance Study Result Mid-Atlantic Region

– Companies in Delaware with the Most and Least Complaints

For any relationship to be successful and long-lasting, trust has to be a major factor. Both parties must work together to achieve satisfaction.

Unfortunately, satisfaction can’t always be achieved in every relationship. When a consumer is dissatisfied, he or she can file a complaint. Those complaints, justified or not, are factored into a company’s complaint ratios.

The complaint ratio is how many complaints a company receive per one million dollars of business.

If you wish to file a complaint against an insurance company in the state of Delaware, use this online form.

– Largest Car Insurance Companies in Delaware

This chart gives a visual representation of the car insurance companies with the largest market share in Delaware.

Delaware Top 10 Car Insurance Companies by Market Share

– Complaint Ratios for Delaware’s 10 Largest Auto Insurers

Delaware Complaint Ratios Top 10 Auto Insurers

Ever wonder how many licensed auto insurance companies are in Delaware? The answer is 867. 101 are domestic to Delaware, while the remaining 766 are foreign to the Diamond State.

– Delaware Car Insurance Rates by Company

Now, we’re going to examine which carriers, on average, give the best rates statewide.

– Delaware Rates by Carrier and Commute

Company10-mile Commute
6,000 Annual Mileage
25-Mile Commute
12,000 annual mileage
Liberty Mutual$17,851.76$18,868.27
State Farm$4,314.22$4,619.47

– Delaware Rates by Carrier and Coverage Level

Liberty Mutual$19,461.69$18,149.05$17,469.29
State Farm$4,756.42$4,477.15$4,166.98

– Delaware Rates by Carrier and Credit History

Curious about how your credit history impacts the quotes you receive from car insurance companies? Consumer Reports conducted a study for Delaware analyzing the effect of credit history on premiums.

Liberty Mutual$13,495.40$16,738.18$24,846.46
State Farm$2,796.45$3,767.83$6,836.26

– Delaware Rates by Carrier and Driving Record

When it comes to owning a not-so-clean driving record, your reputation can precede you. Each auto insurance company has its own underwriting criteria and each views certain violations differently. Here is a quick look at how different auto insurers in Delaware price various driving violations:

CompanyClean RecordWith 1 Speeding ViolationWith 1 AccidentWith 1 DUI
Liberty Mutual$14,685.04$15,044.50$16,885.42$26,825.11
State Farm$4,048.67$4,466.85$4,885.02$4,466.85

– Delaware Rates by Carrier and Demographic

CompanyDemographicAverage Annual Rate
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$1,610.37
USAASingle 25-year old female$1,615.19
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$1,634.80
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$1,642.27
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$1,745.40
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old female$1,754.37
USAASingle 25-year old male$1,773.54
Progressive DirectMarried 60-year old male$1,790.24
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old male$1,844.62
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$1,906.92
Progressive DirectMarried 35-year old female$1,994.89
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old male$2,371.56
Progressive DirectSingle 25-year old female$2,437.17
Geico AdvantageMarried 60-year old female$2,562.65
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old female$2,600.14
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 60-year old male$2,600.14
Geico AdvantageMarried 35-year old female$2,660.39
Geico AdvantageSingle 25-year old male$2,699.68
Nationwide MutualMarried 60-year old male$2,742.95
Nationwide MutualMarried 60-year old female$2,753.71
Geico AdvantageSingle 25-year old female$2,798.53
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old female$2,818.09
State Farm Mutual AutoMarried 35-year old male$2,818.09
Geico AdvantageMarried 35-year old male$2,952.77
Geico AdvantageMarried 60-year old male$2,983.93
Nationwide MutualMarried 35-year old male$2,994.99
Nationwide MutualMarried 35-year old female$3,017.56
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old female$3,162.14
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old female$3,230.45
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 25-year old male$3,294.46
Nationwide MutualSingle 25-year old female$3,345.06
Allstate P&CMarried 60-year old male$3,405.48
Nationwide MutualSingle 25-year old male$3,575.26
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old male$3,617.49
Allstate P&CMarried 35-year old female$3,680.77
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old female$3,876.03
Allstate P&CSingle 25-year old male$4,113.55
USAASingle 17-year old female$4,729.53
USAASingle 17-year old male$5,556.07
Geico AdvantageSingle 17-year old female$6,449.50
Geico AdvantageSingle 17-year old male$6,710.85
Nationwide MutualSingle 17-year old female$7,151.92
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old female$8,048.04
Nationwide MutualSingle 17-year old male$9,060.24
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$9,243.54
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old female$10,102.13
State Farm Mutual AutoSingle 17-year old male$10,393.68
Progressive DirectSingle 17-year old male$11,159.65
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 60-year old female$12,138.88
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 60-year old male$12,138.88
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 35-year old female$12,287.48
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoMarried 35-year old male$12,287.48
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 25-year old female$12,287.48
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old female$13,198.18
Travelers Home & Marine Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$14,106.72
Allstate P&CSingle 17-year old male$15,406.57
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 25-year old male$17,022.83
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 17-year old female$27,326.93
Liberty Mut Fire Ins CoSingle 17-year old male$41,390.16

Note: All carriers and situations are not created equal. Examine the vast difference between the rates offered to a 60-year-old married female and a 17-year-old single female by Travelers:

A married 60-year-old female will pay $1,610.37 on average with Travelers; while a 17-year-old single female will pay $9,243.54 with the same company.

When it comes to shopping for the best car insurance rates, remember these two words: Do You.

Choose the company offering the best rates for your personal situation, not anybody else’s.

The best way to ensure that you’re getting the best possible coverage at the best possible rates for your specific circumstance is to compare rates from multiple carriers.

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Another sure-fire way to make sure your rates stay as low as possible is to be a good driver. And being a good driver entails knowing the rules of the road and adhering to them. We’ll go over the laws of the land to keep you informed and your driving record spotless.

Delaware Laws

Trying to memorize every traffic law in Delaware would be both mind-numbing and impractical. We’ll help you to sift through the nonessentials and highlight those regulations which are most relevant Delaware drivers.

– Car Insurance Laws

State laws have considerable influence on auto insurance. Each state determines the type of tort law and threshold (if any) that applies in the state, the type and amount of liability insurance required, and the system used for approval of insurer rates and forms.

Insurance companies in Delaware are subject to the regulations set by that state insurance commissioner. Ultimately, all rates and regulations must meet the fair competition standards set by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

– Car Insurance Rate-Setting Regulations

“Open competition” is the capitalistic process in which rates are formed; however, if the insurance commissioner decides that rates are excessive or could be harmful to the company’s solvency, he or she will step in and adjust those figures.

– High-Risk Insurance

The SR-22 form must be filed by drivers who have committed violations or have multiple infractions, as well as uninsured drivers and others. If your license has been revoked or suspended, you may need to file an SR-22 to have it reinstated.

The SR-22 form is available from your insurance company but it is not an insurance policy.

If you do require the SR-22 insurance proof in DE, that means your license is or will be suspended or revoked and you cannot legally drive in Delaware. Filing the correct documentation and meeting other requirements per the DMV can help you toward eventually reinstating your driving privileges.

Please be sure to have the correct address on your driver’s license to ensure that you receive the notice.

Here is a list of some major violations that will earn points on your license or even a suspension in Delaware:

  • Passing a stopped school bus: 6 points
  • Reckless driving6 points
  • Aggressive driving6 points
  • Speeding 20 MPH over the posted speed limit: 5 points
  • Disregarding Stop Sign or Red Light3 points

To see a list of other violations that can result in points or suspension, click here.

Your license may be canceled for an incorrect or fraudulent license application or it may be canceled if a check written to pay driver license fees is returned for insufficient funds.

– Windshield Coverage

Delaware has no specific laws requiring insurance companies to offer special glass coverage or no-deductible windshield replacement. Your insurance company may require you to use a specific repair shop in order to receive coverage. As a consumer, you have the right to choose repair vendor but you may be required to pay the difference in the quote.

– Automobile Insurance Fraud in Delaware

Insurance fraud is the second largest economic crime in America. Insurance fraud impacts premium rates and the prices consumers pay for goods and services. The department’s insurance fraud prevention division plays an important role in investigating suspected fraud.

And if those fraud numbers continue to escalate it is more likely that the insurance will pass on some of that cost to you as the consumer in the form of increased premiums.

If companies didn’t have to waste your premium dollars on false claims, you could see a reduction in the rates you pay.

There are two classifications of fraud: hard and soft.

  • Hard Fraud – A purposefully fabricated claim or accident
  • Soft Fraud – A misrepresentation of information to the insurance company

Soft fraud is more common than hard fraud. Twenty to 40 percent of consumers admitted to lying to their insurer about one of the following:

  • Number of annual miles driven
  • Number of drivers in the household
  • How the vehicle would be used

Insurance fraud is a crime no matter how you slice it. Even the “little, white lie” you tell to get a lower rate can lead to harmful consequences. That kind of willful misrepresentation of facts is called known as “rate evasion” and is $16 billion annual expense to auto insurers.

But consumers aren’t the only ones perpetrating auto insurance fraud in Delaware. American Standard is under investigation by Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn’s office for allegedly running an auto warranty scam.

If you suspect insurance fraud or have been the victim of fraud, you can contact the Delaware Department of Insurance to report such activity.

– Statute of Limitations

Delaware’s statute of limitations for filing a claim is two years for both personal injury and property damage.

– Vehicle Licensing Laws

Don’t make the mistake of driving in the state of Delaware without proper registration and insurance. It would be unwise and potentially costly to do so.

– Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

Delaware’s DMV has an online portal where residents can perform tasks such renew their registrations and drivers’ licenses, update or change their address, and retrieve their driving history. Vehicle registration and insurance information can be easily accessed through the state database.

The penalty for driving without insurance in Delaware is as follows: A minimum $1,500 fine and license suspension for six months for a first offense. A second offense within three years will earn a minimum $3,000 fine and license suspension for six months.

– Proof of Financial Responsibility

For information on what the requirements are for financial responsibility in Delaware, click here.

– Teen Driver Laws

Delaware employs a Graduated Driver License program for young drivers, designed to reduce the high accident and fatality rate among teen motorists. The program seeks to give young drivers supervised driving experience to assist them to eventually earn their Level 1 Permit and Class D License.

To be eligible for Delaware ‘s Level 1 Permit teen drivers must be a minimum of 16 years old and under 18 years old. The learner permit candidates must present proof that they have completed a certified Delaware driver’s education course. When applying for a learner permit, the teen drivers must have a sponsor sign the permit application. The sponsor is held responsible along with the teen drivers for any negligent damage that the permit holders may cause until they reach the age of 18.

While driving the supervisor or sponsor must sit beside the teen driver while the vehicle is in motion, no other passengers are allowed to sit beside the permit holder. This mandatory supervision is in effect for the first six months that the teen driver holds the permit.

Level 1 permit holders must have certified documentation of 50 hours of driving, 10 of which must be nighttime driving. Like all drivers in Delaware, a texting ban and handheld device ban in place for teen drivers. In fact, Level 1 permit holders are prohibited from using cell phones altogether when driving, even if it’s mounted or connected to Bluetooth.

When the teen driver with a Level 1 Permit has been driving for a full year and is in good standing (without suspension, revocation etc.), the permit will automatically convert to a Class D License.

RestrictionsLevel 1 Learner's PermitClass D License
Age15 years, 10 months16 - must have held an Level 1 Permit for a minimum of six months prior
PassengersNo more than one passenger in addition to parent, supervisor, or sponsorFirst six months or until age 18 - no passengers under 18
HoursUnder age 18 - no driving between 10:00 p.m. and 6 a.m.Under age 18 - no driving between 10:00 p.m. and 6 a.m. (exceptions: presence of a parent/guardian, driving to and from school activities or work, family emergency, being an emancipated teen)
Cell phone useComplete ban
Texting prohibted for all drivers
Handheld ban
Texting prohibted for all drivers
Pre-requisitesIf under 18, parent or guardian or sponsor must assume financial responsibility in written documentation50 total hours supervised driving, 10 must be at night

– Older Driver License Renewal

Delaware can never be accused of ageism against its senior population when it comes to their driving laws.

Elderly drivers in Delaware must get their licenses renewed every eight years just like every other driver in the general population. Just like the rest of the general population, senior drivers must show proof of adequate vision at every renewal. And just like the rest of the general population, elderly motorists are prohibited from renewing online or by mail; all drivers in Delaware must renew in person.

– New Resident Licensing

If this is your first time being a resident in the First State, you may have some questions regarding how and when to apply for a new license in Delaware. The DMV and Department of Transportation in Delaware have provided you a lifeline in the form of this useful resource: Guidelines for New Residents.

Bring all required documentation to a driver’s licensing location to obtain your new Delaware driver’s Iicense.

– License Renewal

Driver licenses must be renewed every eight years. Renewals must be done in person. You should not wait until your license expires.

– Rules of the Road

Delaware is a “no fault” state, meaning all drivers must seek compensation for damages from their own insurance companies.

– Keep Right and Move Over Laws

Delaware law requires that you keep right if driving slower than the average speed of traffic around you.

Delaware adopted a new “Move Over” law on January 1, 2007, requiring drivers to move over and for emergency vehicles while simultaneously lowering speed as they pass. The law bars drivers from driving in the lane next to shoulders where emergency and nonemergency workers are present.

– Speed Limits

Type of RoadwaySpeed Limit
Rural Interstates65 mph
Urban Interstates55 mph
Other Limited Access Roads65 mph
Other Roads55 mph

– Seat belt Laws

Delaware requires drivers and all front-seat passengers 16 and older to wear a seat belt. A violation is not a primary offense. Passengers in the back seat ages 8-15, or weighing 66 pounds or more,  are permitted to use an adult safety belt.

Not wearing a seat belt by itself cannot be a cause for your getting pulled over but should you be stopped for some other traffic violation, you can be ticketed for failure to wear a seat belt. The minimum fine is $25.

– Car Seat Laws

All children 7 years old or younger, or weighing less than 66 pounds, are required to be seated in a child safety seat. They are not permitted to use an adult seat belt under any circumstances.

– Ridesharing

To date, no auto insurers in Delaware offer insurance specifically for ridesharing services.

– Safety Laws

The goal of all safety laws should be to ensure the well-being of all motorists and pedestrians on the road. The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) has compiled a list of helpful safety resources regarding traffic and safety laws.

One of those such resources is the Delaware Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

– DUI Laws

The Blood-Alcohol Content (BAC) limit in Delaware is 0.08 percent; the High BAC limit is between 0.15 and 0.2 percent.

DUI in Delaware1st Offense2nd Offense3rd Offense4th Offense
JailMax. Six monthsTwo to 18 monthsOne to Two yearsTwo to Five years
Fines and Penalties$500 to $1,500$750 to $2,500$1,500 to $5,000$3,000 to $7,000
License Suspension12 to 24 months24 to 30 months24 to 36 months60 months
IID** RequiredNoPossible - after 24 monthsPossible - after 24 monthsPossible - after 48 months

– Drug-Impaired Driving Laws

Currently, Delaware has a Zero Tolerance Policy on THC and metabolites.

Delaware Can’t-Miss Facts

Here are some can’t-miss facts about the Diamond State:

– Vehicle Theft in Delaware

Car theft is no laughing matter. Which cars in Delaware are most popular to car thieves? Check out the chart below to find out.


– Vehicle Theft by City

The table below gives a breakdown of the top cities for auto theft within the state.

CityNumber of Thefts
Rehoboth Beach7
New Castle5
Delaware City3
Bethany Beach0
Dewey Beach0
Fenwick Island0
Ocean View0

– Risky and Harmful Behavior

For your information, we’ve compiled a list of all driving-related fatalities in Delaware.

-Traffic Fatalities by County

New Castle County4859635359
Sussex County3644413539
Kent County1421273121

– Fatality Rates Rural Vs. Urban

Roadway Type2008200920102011201220132014201520162017

– Fatalities by Person Type

Person Type20132014201520162017
Passenger Vehicle Occupant5073697369
Bicyclist and Other Cyclist13325

– EMS Response Time

LocationTime of Crash to EMS NotificationNotification to ArrivalArrival at Scene to Hospital ArrivalTime of Crash to Time of Hospital Arrival

– Transportation

The Diamond State, along with southeast Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, form the congested tri-state corridor of the Delaware Valley.

So, how bad is the commute look for the motorists of Delaware? How does rush-hour traffic compare to the rest of the nation? What methods do they use to get to work? The answers to those questions are coming up next.

– Car Ownership

– Commute Time

At 25 minutes, Delaware motorists almost mirror the national average of 25.3 minutes of commute time. Only 2.48 percent of Delawareans experience a “super commute” of 90 minutes or more.

– Commuter Transportation

Now you have all the essential facts about Delaware driving laws and insurance requirements. Make sure to put all that knowledge to good use to get yourself the best insurance quotes possible.

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