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Here's what you need to know...
  • Calculator tools for car insurance are tools websites use to generate quotes for potential auto insurance customers
  • The more information a tool requests, the more accurate the quote will be
  • Calculator tools are a great way for insurance companies to get their names out to the general public

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “car insurance calculator,” but you’re unsure what it means. A car insurance calculator is an online tool to help customers find the best car insurance rates.

Websites, like the one you’re on right now, offer car insurance calculator tools as a means of pointing you in the right direction for car insurance.

By entering pertinent information, such as your zip code, the tool can scan quotes already posted by America’s most well-known insurance providers and spit out the results for you to see.

These tools are an excellent way to find a short list of car insurance companies from which you can begin your comparison.

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How do car insurance calculators work?

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Some of the most basic car insurance calculators do nothing more than ask for your zip code and return a list of car insurance providers in your geographical area.

But the better tools will use your zip code as a starting point, and then ask more information to define your search more narrowly.

Such tools will usually ask for:

With this information in hand, the car insurance calculator is then able to access a central clearinghouse where car insurance companies post baseline prices for various types of car insurance coverage.

The tool scans this information and calculates an approximate cost for each different provider, then displays the information for the consumer. Car insurance calculators are not 100 percent accurate, but they provide a good starting point for consumers.

FREE Car Insurance Comparison

Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save!

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Why would insurance companies participate with car insurance calculator tools?

As anyone in the business world knows, marketing is essential in trying to grow your company.

From the standpoint of car insurance providers, a car insurance calculator is a great marketing tool that allows them to get their name and products out to several customers with little effort.

By simply making their information available to the central clearinghouse, car insurance companies have access to millions of potential customers without ever doing their own marketing campaign.

Car insurance calculators are not the only way to market, as evidenced by the vast number of car insurance advertisements we see. But they offer a quick and efficient way to connect insurance providers with potential customers at a pretty low cost.

Why do car insurance calculators seem to low-ball me?

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A car insurance calculator can only return a quote in direct proportion to how much information is provided.

That’s why some of the more basic tools seem to come back with low-ball prices more often than not. But you’ll find that the more advanced a car insurance calculator is, the more accurate the quotes it returns.

Also keep in mind that no online tool can account for all the potential details that might exist in your circumstance.

There are usually things the tool cannot account for which will add to the price of your insurance.

For instance, if you need pay-as-you-go insurance for a specialty car, that is getting particular. If you also need to insure teen drivers and are eligible for good driver discounts, you will need to delve further into a precise quote tool, or maybe contact a potential provider.

When it comes to car insurance calculators, one thing you’ll probably notice is that the tools located on the sites of the individual car insurance companies will be very detailed in the information they request.

That’s because these company-specific calculators are designed to collect all the information that a human agent would ask for. These tools tend to be extremely accurate as long as customers answer the questions honestly.

At the end of the day, car insurance calculators are a great tool to help you get started in searching for the best car insurance rates.

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