Georgia Car Insurance [Everything You Need to Know]

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Georgia Statistics SummaryDetails
Road MilesTotal in State: 127,492
Annual Miles Driven: 111,535 million
VehiclesRegistered in State: 7,955,532
Total Stolen: 26,854
State Population10,519,475
Most Popular VehicleFord F-150
Uninsured Motorists13%
State Rank: 25th
Driving Fatalities2017
Total: 1,540
Speeding: 248
Drunk Driving: 366
Average Annual PremiumsLiability: $557.38
Collision: $331.83
Comprehensive: $159.18
Full Coverage: $1048.40
Cheapest ProviderCoast National Insurance Company

A recent Gallup poll has revealed that 83% of Americans drive a car at least several times a week. Considering that driving is one of the riskiest daily activities you can engage in, not only is owning car insurance a legal issue in most states, it’s just smart!

If you live in the state of Georgia and you’re one of the 83%, you share the road with 7,000,000 other drivers. Car insurance, like any other product, varies in quality from company to company. Many Americans feel overwhelmed when purchasing car insurance, and studies show a prevalence of certain myths.

But there’s no reason to let the process get you down — we’re here to help! And you can trust us because we’re not trying to sell you anything. Knowing the requirements in your state and what your options are is a good place to start. And don’t worry, we’ve done the research for you!

Are you ready to make an informed decision? Here we go…

You may already know comparing car insurance rates is a great way to save money! Start today with just your zip code.

Table of Contents

Georgia Car Insurance Coverage and Rates

The “Peach State” is a great place to live if you love Southern charm, friendly people, and beautiful beaches. US News & World Report ranked two Georgia cities in the top 100 places to live in the nation in 2018! But do you know what it costs to own and operate a vehicle in Georgia?

Although it might feel mundane, understanding basic things like car insurance rates and requirements can — and sometimes should — impact where you decide to live.

– Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Georgia

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in GeorgiaStats
Bodily Injury Liability$25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability$25,000 per accident
Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury$25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident
Uninsured Motorist Property Damage$25,000 with a $250, $500, or $1000 deductible

Liability insurance pays all individuals — drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc — who are owed compensation for property damage and/or injuries resulting from a car accident that you or anyone under your policy causes.

Georgia is an “at-fault” accident state. This means, if you are the at-fault driver during an accident, you will be held liable for any personal injury or property claims.

As such, liability insurance is required in the state of Georgia at these minimum coverage amounts:

  • $25,000 – to cover Injury or death of one person in an accident you caused
  • $50,000 – to cover total injuries or death of more than one person in an accident you caused
  • $25,000 – to cover property damage in an accident you caused

Remember, these amounts are minimum requirements and do not cover injury, death, or damage to yourself or your own passengers! That will require additional coverage.

Your liability coverage does, however, kick in no matter who is driving your car, and if you are driving a rental vehicle.

– Required Forms of Financial Responsibility in Georgia

Georgia law requires every driver and every owner of a vehicle to have proof of financial responsibility (proof of liability coverage) at all times.

Here are the six forms of acceptable proof of vehicle liability insurance coverage in Georgia:

  1. Liability insurance policy
  2. Rental agreement
  3. Fleet insurance policy card
  4. Bill of Sale, dated to within 30 days of the vehicles purchase date, and a valid insurance binder page issued by a Georgia licensed insurer
  5. A valid Self-Insured Insurance Card/Certificate of Self-Insurance
  6. Valid insurance policy information card for Georgia International Registration Plan (IRP)

Every time a motorist operates a vehicle, he or she is required to have — on hand — one of the above six forms proving financial responsibility.

The Georgia Department of Revenue is required, by law, to suspend or revoke vehicle registrations on any vehicles found to be driving without continuous liability coverage. You will also incur a $25 fine for a lapse in coverage. That fine jumps to an additional $160 if the lapse in coverage is not paid in 30 days.

– Premiums as Percentage of Income in Georgia

In 2017, the annual per capita disposable personal income in Georgia was $38,326.

Disposable personal income (DPI) is the total amount of money available for an individual to spend (or save) after their taxes have been paid.

The average annual cost of car insurance in Georgia is $1,232, which is just over 3% of the average disposable personal income.

The average Georgian has only $3,194 each month to buy food, pay bills etc. The car insurance bill alone will deduct about $100 out of that — much more for more than minimum coverage and/or a less-than-perfect driving record.

American Consumer Credit Counseling suggests saving 20 percent of every paycheck.  With Georgia’s DPI, that’s a whopping $639 each month! How much are you putting aside for savings?

– Core Car Insurance Coverage in Georgia

The above table illustrates the most recent data provided by the leading source on the matter, the National Association of Insurance CommissionersExpect car insurance rates in Georgia to be significantly higher for 2018 and on.

Don’t forget: Georgia has minimum requirements for liability coverage, but experts suggest drivers purchase more than what state law requires, especially when the state is an “at-fault” state like Georgia is.

Let’s dig into some of the most popular coverage options to add to a basic auto insurance policy.

– Additional Liability Coverage in Georgia

Georgia Loss Ratio%
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Loss Ratio
Medical Payments Loss Ratio80.33%
UUM Loss Ratio22%

As of July 2018, two states required Medical Payments coverage (Maine and Wisconsin), two states (plus D.C.) required Uninsured Motorist coverage (Montana and Wisconsin), and 17 states required both Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist coverage.

Med Pay, Uninsured, and Underinsured Motorist coverage are all optional in Georgia, but they’re still important to have. Why? In 2015 13 percent of motorists in the US were uninsured, and 12% of motorists in Georgia — these drivers would likely go bankrupt before they could pay off bills for damage and injuries they caused in a car accident.

Georgia ranked 25th in the nation in 2015 for uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Georgia has remained pretty steady as far as loss ratio is concerned and on the higher end of how much is covered.

– Add-ons, Endorsements, and Riders

We know getting the complete coverage you need for an affordable price is your goal.

Good news: there are lots of powerful but cheap extras you can add to your policy.

Here’s a list of useful coverage available to you in Georgia:

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– Male vs Female Annual Car Insurance Rates in Georgia

Male vs. FemaleGeicoProgressive
25-Year-Old Male$98.27$99.51
25-Year-Old Female$134.49$103.34
55-Year-Old Male$135.75$79.20
55-Year-Old Female$178.27$82.60

Popular myth: men pay more for car insurance. In most states that isn’t always true and Georgia is one of them.

In Georgia, both Geico and Progressive charge females more than males who have the exact same profile and driving record.

Our researchers discovered that females in Georgia are charged as much as $50 a year more than males who are the same age and have identical backgrounds and driving records.

We’ve also collected rates from the GA Insurance Department Sites for several profiles:

Driver ProfileRates
Profile A (40-year-old married male, good record, average mileage)Reduced $1,644.29 and Add-on $1,697.79
Profile B (30-year-old married female, speeding ticket and at-fault accident, and average mileage)Reduced $2,469.04 and Add-on $2,534.77
Profile C (28-year-old married male, speeding ticket and DUI, and high mileage)Reduced $3,745.01 and Add-on $3,815.83
Profile D (65-year-old married retired couple, clean record, pleasure driving, low mileage)Reduced $1,529.83 and Add-on $1,587.36
Profile E (35-year-old single female with 17-year old youthful male operator, clean records, average mileage)Reduced $4,594.91 and Add-on $4,684.28
Profile F (19-year old single female, one speeding ticket, high mileage)Reduced $4,028.96 and Add-on $4,113.38
Profile G (19-year-old single male, one speeding ticket, high mileage)Reduced $5,084.54 and Add-on $5,170.63
Profile H (19-year-old single female, clean record, high mileage)Reduced $3,552.26 and Add-on $3,629.53
Profile I (19-year-old single male, clean record, high mileage)Reduced $4,441.06 and Add-on $4,521.15

One thing to remember: your coverage limits and your driving record are gonna play a major role in your costs.

– Cheapest Georgia Car Insurance Rates by City/County

Lowest Average RatesRatesHighest Average RatesRates
Ware County$2,902.91Atlanta$4,263.90
Whitfield County$2,957.79Stone Mountain$4,251.77
Albany$3,152.58College Park$4,243.45

Georgia Car Insurance Companies

With the hundreds of car insurance providers out there, it’s nearly impossible to know who you can trust or when is the right time to switch (if ever!).

Let us help you figure that out!

Keep reading to get the inside scoop on who the best providers are (and why) across the Peach State.

– Georgia’s Car Insurance Rates by Provider

Top 5 Cheapest Providers (Average)RatesTop 5 Most Expensive Providers (Average)Rates
Coast National Insurance Company$1,141.14Everest Security Insurance Company$7,306.51
American National Property and Casualty Company$1,260.92Main Street America Assurance Company$7,299.73
21st Century Centennial Insurance Company$1,297.98Amica Mutual Insurance Company$7,084.16
AIG Property Casualty Company$1,475.30Victoria Fire And Casualty Company$6,487.43
Twin City Fire Insurance Company$1,617.20Insuremax Insurance Company$6,448.09

– Ratings! How Georgia Car Insurance Companies Compare

Let’s dive right in with financial ratings and a look at the top ten Insurance providers in Georgia…

 – The 10 Largest Georgia Car Insurance Companies’ Financial Ratings

Providers (Listed by Size, Largest at the Top):A.M. Best Rating:
State FarmA++
Berkshire HathawayA++
United Service Automobile AssociationA++
Liberty MutualA
Georgia Farm BureauB+
Auto OwnersA++

Sometimes it’s more important to know what people are saying about these companies than it is to know the financial data. You’re the customer, after all, and you need to be treated well! Read on to find out what other customer experiences have been like…

– Georgia’s Car Insurance Companies with the BEST Customer Ratings

J.D. Powers and Associates in 2018 ranked Farm Bureau Insurance — Tennessee the highest for customer satisfaction in the southeast! That’s a rather surprising result, seeing as how it beat out the big-name companies.

 J.D. Power Business Consultant says, “Cost is not the sole indicator of customer satisfaction in the auto insurance industry. Low prices may attract new customers, but it’s service that keeps them.”

Here’s the total breakdown for 2018:

– Georgia’s Car Insurance Companies with the MOST Customer Complaints

As important as knowing which companies are satisfying to customers, though, is knowing which have disappointed.

Customer complaints are telling, and you may want to avoid car insurance companies that have a record of accruing a lot of them!

Here’s a break-out of customer complaints against the major insurance providers in Georgia:

Top Providers by Market Share in GAComplaints 2018Complaints 2017Complaints 2016Complaints 2015
State Farm1266155092746559
Liberty Mutual191381
Georgia Farm Bureau16162319

Sometimes complaints are balanced by overall customer satisfaction, too. Be sure to account for all factors as you’re shopping around!

– The 10 Largest Car Insurance Companies in Georgia

CompanyDirect Premiums WrittenLoss RatioMarket Share
State Farm Group$1,937,80668.72%22.49%
Progressive Group$1,001,82863.09%11.63%
Allstate Insurance Group$820,47951.96%9.52%
USAA Group$706,27691.01%8.20%
Liberty Mutual Group$335,54066.84%3.89%
Nationwide Corp Group$267,97177.10%3.11%
Travelers Group$266,86471.60%3.10%
Georgia Farm Bureau Group$261,43264.70%3.03%
Auto-Owners Group$224,70570.36%2.61%

– Number of Car Insurance Providers in Georgia

Number of Domestic Insurers by TypeTotal

Laws in Georgia

In order to keep your car insurance rates low, you have to know the laws in your state so you’re not blindsided by a fine. Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Keep reading to learn about the laws specific to the state of Georgia.

– Georgia’s Car Insurance Laws

Georgia has a number of specific laws unique to their state, so be aware (especially if you’re a new resident or just passing through!).

One such law is a ban on all hand-held devices for all drivers and a no cell phone policy for drivers under the age of 18. Georgia also enforces red-light stopping in some cities through the use of traffic cameras. You can read up on the specifics of some of their laws and fining procedures here to avoid incurring fees and possible insurance rate increases.

– High-Risk Insurance in Georgia

Sometimes, bad things happen to you on the road and your record ends up being less-than-stellar. In Georgia, a high-risk driver must get a type of insurance called SR22A.

Here are some reasons Georgia drivers need an SR22A once they’re driving privileges are reinstated:

  • License suspension or revocation due to a DUI
  • Being involved in an accident without insurance
  • Getting labeled a negligent operator
  • Having too many points on your driving record

If you’re a high-risk driver and unable to find coverage through the free market, Georgia has a provision for you (dating all the way back to 1949!). It’s called Georgia Automobile Insurance Plan.

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– Georgia’s Windshield and Glass Repair Laws

It’s almost a given that at some point you will end up with a cracked windshield. So does Georgia offer any legal provisions for whether or not insurers have to cover your repairs?

The answer is… not exactly.

In Georgia, insurance companies have the option of offering to repair your windshield with aftermarket and used parts — as long as you agree. If you decline, you then agree to pay the difference in the cost of repairs to your windshield. This option usually falls under comprehensive coverage plans.

– The statute of Limitations in Georgia

If you get into an accident and your claim to what happened is disputed, it is important that you be informed as to what the statute of limitations laws are in your state. What does this mean?

“Plaintiffs have time limits in which to file a civil claim, collectively called ‘statutes of limitations.’ The purpose of these laws is to ensure that claims are made while evidence is still relatively vital, and to prevent the constant ‘threat’ of a lawsuit long after the disputed event has occurred.”

Georgia Statutes of LimitationsYears
Personal Injury2 Years
Property Damage4 Years

– Automobile Insurance Fraud in Georgia

In the state of Georgia, insurance fraud is classified as a crime (see below), and law enforcers take it very seriously! A 16-month investigation led to 26 arrests in 2017 for false claims and staged accidents. A total of 326 charges were levied! The moral of the story is: don’t commit insurance fraud.

Georgia and Insurance Fraudyes/no
Insurance Fraud Classified as a Crime
Immunity Statues
Fraud Bureau
Mandatory Insurer Fraud Plan
Mandatory Auto Photo Inspection

– Georgia’s Vehicle Licensing Laws

To drive a car, you have to have a license! Keep reading to find out what Georgia’s mandatory licensing laws are…

– Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

  • Suspended registration with $25 lapse fee and $60 reinstatement fee. Pay any other registration fees and vehicle ad valorem taxes due
  • Within five years: Suspended registration with $25 lapse fee and $60 reinstatement fee. Pay any other registration fees and vehicle ad valorem taxes due

Georgia is also one of a growing number of states that allows electronic proof of insurance.

Vehicle owners or leasees are required by state law to

  • “Maintain continuous Georgia liability insurance coverage on vehicles with active registrations.
  • Immediately cancel the vehicle registration for any vehicle no longer in service using Form MV-18J
  • Not drive or let anyone else drive a vehicle that does not have a valid vehicle registration and Georgia liability insurance coverage”

– Teen Driver Laws in Georgia

Not all teen driving regulations are the same from state to state! Here’s what you need to know in Georgia:

Young Driver Licensing SystemFirst RequirementSecond RequirementThird Requirement
To get a learners license you must:Have a minimum age of 15
Before getting a license or restricted license you must:Have a mandatory holding period of 12 monthsHave a minimum supervised driving time of 40 hours, 6 of which must be at nightHave a minimum age of 16
Restrictions during intermediate or restricted license stage:Nighttime restrictions – midnight-5 a.m. secondary enforcementPassenger restrictions (family members excepted unless otherwise noted) – first 6 months—no passengers; second 6 months—no more than 1 passenger younger than 21; thereafter, no more than 3 passengers secondary enforcement
Minimum age at which restrictions may be lifted:Nighttime restrictions – until age 18 (min. age: 18)Passenger restrictions – until age 18 (min. age: 18)

– License Renewal Procedures and Older Drivers in Georgia

Georgia’s license renewal procedures for the general population and older drivers are pretty straightforward. Here are some tables to help you easily see what is allowed/required!

License Renewal Procedures in Georgia:Years
General PopulationEvery 8 years
Older PopulationEvery 8 years
Proof of Adequate Vision Required for License RenewalWhen?
General PopulationEvery Renewal
Older PopulationEvery Renewal
PopulationMail or online renewal permitted
General Populationonline, every other renewal
Older Populationnot permitted 64 and older

– New Residents or People Visiting Georgia

New to Georgia? Here are a few of the things unique to the Peach State:

Georgia Rules of the Road

Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, it’s important to know the rules of the road! Take a peek at this basic rundown to make sure you are following the law…

– Fault vs. No-Fault

Georgia is an at-fault state. This means you’ll be held liable for damages in an accident where you are the at-fault driver. Make sure you have a good liability policy in place to protect yourself against risks!.

– Impaired-driving Laws in Georgia

You should never make the decision to drink and drive, but if you do, know that Georgia has some strict laws and penalties against that behavior.

Georgia's DUI LawsLaws
BAC Limit0.08
High BAC Limit0.15
Criminal Status by Offense1st-2nd misdemeanors, 3rd high and aggravated misdemeanor, 4th+ felony
Formal Name for OffenseDriving Under the Influence (DUI)
Look back Period/Washout Period10 years
1st Offense - ALS or Revocation120 days minimum up to 1 year
1st Offense - Imprisonment10 days - 12 months, can all be suspended at judge's discretion unless HBAC, then all but 24 hours can be suspended
1st Offense - Fine$300-$1000
1st Offense - Other20-40 hours community service
2nd Offense - DL Revocation3 years
2nd Offense - Imprisonment90 days - 12 months; mandatory 72 hours for 2nd in 10 years, otherwise can be probated
2nd Offense - Fine$600-$1000
2nd Offense - Other30 days community service min, IID 6 months min, evaluation and treatment program mandatory, mandatory DUI school, photo of offender must be published in local newspaper
3rd Offense - DL Revocation5 years
3rd Offense - Imprisonment120 days - 12 months; sentence can be probated unless 3rd in 10 years, then 15 days mandatory incarceration
3rd Offense - Fine$1000-$5000
3rd Offense - Othermin 30 days community service, 6 months IID, DUI school required, photo of offender must be published in local newspaper
4th Offense - Imprisonment1-5 years, sentence can be probated to 90 days mandatory minimum
4th Offense - Fine$1000-$5000
4th Offense - Other60 days community service, can be suspended if 3 years jail term served, 6 months IID min
Mandatory Interlockrepeat offenders

In 2017, there were 366 deaths due to alcohol-impaired driving on Georgia’s roadways, down slightly from 384 in 2016. Find stats on 2008-2017 here. Georgia also ranks 49th in the nation for the most dangerous state for drunk driving (out of 51 — including the District of Columbia). That’s… not great.

You should also know that Georgia is a zero-tolerance state for THC and metabolites while driving.

– Keep-Right Laws in Georgia

Georgia does have keep-right laws. If you are impeding faster traffic in the left lane, you are to yield to the faster traffic and move to the right.

– Speed Limits in Georgia

The maximum speed limit on interstates — both rural and urban — across the state of Georgia is 70 mph. On other roads, it is 65 mph.

– Child Safety Laws in Georgia

All children age 7 and under — or 57 inches tall or less — must be in a child restraint in the state of Georgia while riding in a moving vehicle. Over 57 inches tall, they may wear an adult safety belt. Children age 7 and under must sit in the rear of the vehicle if a rear seat is available.

Be sure to restrain your children properly — their safety should be your first priority, but you should also be aware that Georgia imposes fines up to $50 for a first offense (increasing on repeat offenses).

Georgia also has restrictions on young people riding in cargo areas. People 17 and younger are not permitted to ride in pickup trucks with covered cargo areas or any pickup truck off the interstate. 

– Ridesharing in Georgia

In 2017, ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber won a victory in the state of Georgia when a court upheld a law allowing them to exist and denying exclusive rights to taxi services.

But what about insurance? What happens if your ridesharing driver gets into an accident while you’re in the vehicle? 

A 2015 law passed in Georgia requires all ridesharing companies to carry a minimum of $1 million in coverage for “personal injury accident claims, property damage, and death.” So don’t worry — should the worst happen while taking an Uber or a Lyft, you’re covered!

– Automation on the Roads in Georgia

What is automation on the roads? “Automation is the use of a machine or technology to perform a task or function that was previously carried out by a human.” In other words, self-driving or autonomous vehicles (or autonomous functions in vehicles).

Obviously, this sort of technology requires careful testing and regulation, but laws will vary state-to-state. Georgia does allow for the deployment of autonomous vehicles on their roadways. Here’s what else you need to know about what is currently allowed on the roads in Georgia:

  • “Georgia does not require a licensed operator for a ‘fully autonomous vehicle’ when the ‘automated driving system’ is engaged.”
  • “Georgia does not require the operator to be in a ‘fully autonomous vehicle’ when the ‘automated driving system’ is engaged.”

  • Autonomous vehicles in Georgia do require liability insurance.

We’re not through yet…

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These Facts Might Raise Your Eyebrow

Have you wondered why how safe is Georgia? Listen we all know there are crazy drivers on the road, but we want to keep you informed so you can avoid the crazies and protect what’s most important.

How can you beat that?

– Vehicle Theft in Georgia

Here are the top ten stolen cars in the state of Georgia:

Make/ModelYear# of Thefts
Honda Accord19971,052
Ford Pickup (Full Size)2006954
Chevrolet Pickup (Full Size)1999948
Honda Civic2000653
Toyota Camry2014568
Chevrolet Impala2008512
Nissan Altima2014484
Dodge Pickup (Full Size)2003452
Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee2001449
Dodge Caravan2002425

– Road Danger in Georgia

The best way to stay out of danger on the roads is drive defensively and be aware of common issues in your state.

– Traffic Fatalities from 2017

Here are statistics on traffic fatalities in Georgia from 2017:

TypeNumber of Fatalities
Traffic Fatalities1,540
Passenger Vehicle Occupant Fatalities
(All Seat Positions)
Motorcyclist Fatalities139
Drivers Involved in Fatal Crashes2,283
Pedestrian Fatalities253
Bicyclist and Other Cyclist Fatalities15
Person TypeNumber
Occupants (Enclosed vehicles)1,127
Crash TypeNumber
Single Vehicle823
Involving a Large Truck214
Involving Speeding248
Involving a Rollover361
Involving a Roadway Departure769
Involving an Intersection (or Intersection Related)401

– Fatalities in Crashes Involving an Alcohol-Impaired Driver by County

County NameFatalities Per 100,000 PopulationCounty NameFatalities Per 100,000 Population
Baker County62.5Morgan County10.86
Talbot County48.01Appling County10.8
Taylor County36.85Brantley County10.68
Chattahoochee County29.01Long County10.52
Echols County25.41Pierce County10.36
Burke County22.2Early County9.71
Jasper County21.48Mcduffie County9.3
Stewart County16.71Evans County9.28
Washington County14.77Mitchell County8.97
Screven County14.33Pulaski County8.93
Mcintosh County14.18Colquitt County8.73
Randolph County14.13Towns County8.69
Putnam County13.81Chattooga County8.07
Emanuel County13.32Grady County8.06
Franklin County13.15Charlton County7.86
Dawson County12.31Macon County7.51
Marion County11.83Dooly County7.28
Hart County11.63Coffee County6.97
Stephens County11.59Madison County6.83
Terrell County11.46Rockdale County6.64
Camden County11.31Bulloch County6.57
Decatur County11.23Newton County6.48
Peach County11.07Pickens County6.33
Monroe County11.06Telfair County6.25
Dade County6.14

– Teens and Drunk Driving

Teens drunk driving is a serious problem in a lot of states, and one that each parent must take seriously.

Teens and Drunk DrivingLimits
Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities Per 100K Population1.0
Higher/Lower Than National Average (1.2)Lower
DUI Arrest (Under 18 years old)89
DUI Arrests (Under 18 years old) Total Per Million People35.44

– Traffic Fatalities: Rural vs. Urban

4 Year Trend2017201620152014

– Fatalities in Crashes Involving Speeding by County

RankCountyFatalities 2016Deaths Per 100K Population 2016RankCountyFatalities 2016Deaths Per 100K Population 2016
1Glascock County266.8425Appling County15.41
2Baker County262.3426Long County15.38
3Miller County351.0127Pierce County15.2
4Stewart County117.0228Clayton County145
5Crawford County216.2729Washington County14.92
6Clinch County114.7330Liberty County34.89
7Screven County214.2531Dodge County14.8
8Meriwether County314.2432Columbia County74.75
9Brooks County212.7433Mcduffie County14.66
10Seminole County111.8434Putnam County14.64
11Marion County111.7535Jackson County34.62
12Cook County211.6436Bibb County74.57
13Bryan County411.1637Habersham County24.53
14Morgan County211.0438Franklin County14.48
15Early County19.7139Richmond County94.46
16Harris County38.9240Thomas County24.44
17Chattooga County28.0541Troup County34.3
18Decatur County27.4942Dawson County14.23
19Dooly County17.243Douglas County64.22
20White County26.9444Floyd County44.14
21Baldwin County36.6445Grady County14.02
22Jefferson County16.3346Hart County13.91
23Telfair County16.2447Bartow County43.87
24Pike County15.5848Monroe County13.72

– Five-year Fatality Trends in the Top-10 Counties (2017)

Georgia Counties by 2017 RankingCounty2013 Fatalities2014 Fatalities2015 Fatalities2016 Fatalities2017 Fatalities
1Fulton County8577104130115
2Dekalb County7055838095
3Gwinnett County4555676166
4Cobb County5949495953
5Bibb County3123212834
6Cherokee County161212732
7Clayton County2621264832
8Richmond County2327271732
9Hall County1721333131
10Chatham County4426544429
Georgia Counties by 2017 RankingCountiesFatalities 2013Fatalities 2014Fatalities 2015Fatalities 2016Fatalities 2017% Change From Previous Year 2014% Change From Previous Year 2015% Change From Previous Year 2016% Change From Previous Year 2017
1Fulton County8577104130115-93525-12
2Dekalb County7055838095-2151-419
3Gwinnett County45556761662222-98
4Cobb County5949495953-17020-10
5Bibb County3123212834-26-93321
6Cherokee County161212732-250-42357
7Clayton County2621264832-192485-33
8Richmond County2327271732170-3788
9Hall County17213331312457-60
10Chatham County4426544429-41108-19-34

– EMS Response Time

TypeTime of Crash to EMS to NotificationEMS Notification to EMS ArrivalEMS Arrival at Scene to Hospital ArrivalTime of Crash to Hospital Arrival

– Transportation

If you live in Georgia, chances are you live in a 2-car (or more!) household, drive alone to work, and spend a hefty amount of your day commuting!

With an average commute time of 26.9 minutes, Georgia ranks above the national average, and with over 70% (79.3, to be exact) of the population driving alone, that commute doesn’t exactly rank Georgia as the greenest option when it comes to carbon emissions.

– Car Ownership

– Commute Time

Some Georgians even suffer through a “super commute” — spending in excess of 90 minutes in the car!

– Top 5 Cities for Traffic Congestion

If you don’t like traffic, you might want to avoid living in Atlanta, Georgia. A 2018 study found Georgia’s hub city to be number one in the country for the worst traffic based on average hours spent in a commute (from 2017): a whopping 102! Ouch. Atlanta came in ahead of San Francisco (91 hours), Los Angeles (79 hours), New York (70 hours), and Miami (64 hours).

CityHours in CongestionCommute in Traffic: PeakCommute in Traffic: DaytimeCommute in Traffic: Overall
Atlanta, GA7017%9%10%
Savannah, GA147%6%7%
Athens, GA127%6%6%
Gainesville, GA127%6%5%
Buford, GA85%6%5%
Columbus, GA84%3%4%
Augusta, GA74%3%3%
Macon, GA74%3%3%

For more information about traffic around the US, check out your city/state’s traffic index.

But if traffic doesn’t bother you, there’s plenty else to recommend Atlanta — both as a travel and a living destination.

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