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Here's what you need to know...
  • Station wagons offer the benefit of having room for your family and your family’s gear
  • They have better gas mileage than sport utility vehicles
  • They tend to be safe vehicles
  • Their cost to insure is among the least expensive

How much station wagons cost to insure depends largely on a variety of factors. As the station wagon becomes a more popular option for individuals and families, there are more being produced, more being purchased, and, in turn, more being driven and insured.

However, as to the total cost to insure a station wagon, more information must be provided than just the type of vehicle.

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Over the last 20 or 30 years, the station wagon has changed in many ways.

First developed for families looking for more room for passengers and cargo, the station wagon was traditionally a sedan with an extra-long area in the back of the vehicle which could be used for several different purposes.

What are the different types of station wagons?


All station wagons have extra room in the far back of the vehicle. Here are some of the ways that room is used:

  • Additional seating
  • Extra cargo space
  • Both, as the car seats fold up or down depending on your individual needs

The station wagon has continued to evolve, but the traditional station wagon such as the popular wagon used in the 1980’s movie, “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” has been updated and changed to meet the new requirements of the American family.

Even the names have changed, as the term “station wagon” has been replaced by new names such as:

  • Compact utility vehicle
  • Crossover vehicle
  • Five-door sports wagon

The term station wagon is now almost obsolete, but the original reasons that the station wagon was produced are still in play today.

Why should I purchase a station wagon?

Life in the United States requires that you and your family get around in the easiest and most efficient way possible. This starts by having a vehicle that can help you stay organized.

With additional cargo room and seating, today’s station wagons allow you to fit your entire family in the vehicle, as well as their sports gear, school bags, and other belongings.

Compact utility vehicles provide the handling and gas mileage qualities of a car, but also offer the convenience of having the extra room of a minivan.

Compared to compact utility vehicles, station wagons typically:

  • are cheaper to insure
  • are cheaper to purchase
  • get better gas mileage

If you require the extra room that comes with a station wagon, you may want to consider looking at many different models. If the cost of insuring a station wagon is a deterrent, it may be beneficial to look at minivans as well.

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What are some of the different models of station wagons that I can purchase and insure?

Several different types of station wagons that are on the market today include the Volkswagon Golf SportWagon, Volvo V60, Toyota Prius V, BMW 3-series, and the Subaru Impreza.

What is important to note about these vehicles is that they are sportier and smaller than the traditional station wagon.

In fact, most of the vehicles do not seat more than five people, so they are not necessarily a good choice for a large family that needs a lot of space.

Is it expensive to insure a station wagon?


A lot depends on the type of station wagon, but generally station wagons offer a lower insurance premium cost than other cars and trucks. The reason that station wagons are cheaper to insure is because they are safer to drive and have better safety features.

Station wagons are typically safer to drive because they’re a little larger than other cars on the road, but not so large that the vehicle can cause a lot of damage in a car accident.

Typically, station wagons are not a popular car targeted by auto thieves and are less expensive to repair when they do get damaged.

What are the costs to insure specific vehicles?

Minivans and station wagons are some of the least expensive vehicles to insure.

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