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Should I buy new car replacement insurance?

Share Tweet Pin +1Shares 0Buying a new car is often a very exciting experience. The uniqueness associated with traveling around in a new car does make driving invigorating. Dreams, sadly, are too frequently shattered by reality. Even newly purchased vehicles can and do end up in serious accidents. Neither the hands of fate nor the […]

Does auto insurance cover an ambulance?

When an ambulance is called, it is generally because someone is hurt. Determining whether insurance covers the cost of the ambulance will depend on various factors. You need to determine fault You must find out whether anyone actually took the ambulance to the hospital You must understand what type of insurance you and the other […]

Is falling asleep at the wheel covered by car insurance?

Driving comes with risks. Once a vehicle pulls out on the road, the potential for being the victim of or causing an accident is a possibility. Accidents can even happen in one’s own driveway. Because of the risks inherent with operating a moving vehicle, smart drivers buy quality insurance policies. Comparing a series of quotes […]

Is car insurance considered a utility bill?

When it comes to car insurance, people tend to categorize it as “other” in their monthly budgets. They don’t quite know what to call car insurance because it doesn’t seem to fit into any other category. Some people view it as a commodity because it is something that is used and it is something of […]

Does car insurance cover a side mirror?

A side mirror is an important component when it comes to your visibility on the road. If it gets damaged or broken off, you will want to get it repaired/replaced. Side mirrors protrude out from the side of the car, so they are easily broken off when you get too close to another vehicle as […]

Does auto insurance cover lightning strikes?

“It was a dark and stormy night” is not a description found solely in the cliched beginning of a potboiler novel. Such a description would fit a number of accidents that occur on the roads throughout the world. The worse storm conditions are, the greater the chances that a vehicle could get into an accident. […]