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Will a ticket for driving with a suspended license affect car insurance rates?

Will a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License Affect Car Insurance Rates?Driving on a suspended license could not only affect your car insurance rates, you could end up in jail! There was a time when you would get off with a warning on your first offense. Now law enforcement is taking more drastic measures the first time around. They could impound your car for several days, and that is just the first step.

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If you are behind the wheel of a car with a suspended license, you are committing a crime. The penalty is different in each state; although, the number of states with lenient penalties is dwindling fast. It really depends on the circumstances however. There are some instances where people encounter a traffic stop only to learn their license is suspended for the first time. In this case, there had better be a good reason you were not aware.

Will a Ticket for Driving With a Suspended License Affect Car Insurance Rates for my Spouse?

If you and your spouse share a vehicle, it is highly probable that your rate will increase once the insurance company is made aware of your suspension. Your spouse may also exclude you from the policy to avoid increased premiums. The problem with that option is many car insurance companies consider the driving records of all household drivers regardless of whether they have permission to drive the designated car or not. You will see the increase at the time of renewal.

Will a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License Affect Car Insurance Rates in the Future?

When you are eligible to reinstate your driver’s license, it will cost you more to get car insurance for a suspended license. You are classified as a high risk driver, and will have to pay an average of 20% to 40% more for coverage. As a consequence for your actions, you may have to go with a company that markets to high risk drivers. Standard or preferred insurance carriers have the option of accepting you as a subscriber or not.

Once the proper fines are paid and your license is reinstated you will be in the position to improve your status. It takes approximately three to five years to overcome a suspended license depending on the reason your license was suspended. The suspension may stay on your driving record as long as seven years in some states.

You may also be required to obtain an SR22 form that ensures the DMV that you will maintain insurance coverage for the duration of the recovery process. The SR22 mandate usually lasts three years, after which you may be in the position to acquire insurance from a standard carrier. If your previous carrier continues your coverage, you should be able to call them periodically to see if you are eligible for a rate reduction.

Will a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License Affect Car Insurance Rates on my Job?

If you are an employer and allow an employee to drive a company vehicle on a suspended license, you could be jeopardizing your business. Many employees must use company vehicles to perform their jobs. It is up to the employer to report changes to an employees driving status to the insurance company.

The employee may be able to obtain a restricted drivers license to maintain employment. The restriction only allows you to go back and forth to work, perform your job, and maybe travel to the DMV. If you have a CDL license some states will not issue a hardship license so that you may work.

Will a Ticket for Driving with a Suspended License Affect Car Insurance Rates If I am Not Driving My Car?

If someone else is driving your car on a suspended license your car could be impounded or, in the case of an accident, your insurance company may refuse to pay damages even if the driver is on your policy. This scenario may apply to your teen or young driver who may not have made you aware of their suspension. If there is no damage or liability, you may receive a phone call to retrieve the car from the location of the traffic stop.

In some states, like Montana for instance, you can obtain storage insurance while your license is suspended to protect your vehicle from theft, vandalism, and acts of nature. This coverage is inexpensive and worth the cost if your car is not garage kept. Although you may not want your car to sit idle, this is the price you will pay until you earn your driving privileges again.

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