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Obtaining Car Insurance with a Learner’s Permit

Most novice drivers will find themselves protected by the insurance policy that covers the car in which they are learning to drive. For example, a son who is learning to drive on his father’s car, will be covered by the family policy.

Here's what you need to know...

  • Anyone in possession of a learner’s permit who is operating the vehicle of an accompanying licensed driver of at least 21 years of age will be covered by the car owner’s insurance in most states.
  • Once the new driver transitions from having a learner’s permit to an official license, he or she will need official insurance as well.
  • Often new drivers are added to their parent’s policy which allows them to take advantage of existing discounts.
  • However, if a new driver decides to take out his own policy, there are several steps he can take to keep his insurance payments manageable.

Read on for some additional detail about getting car insurance with just a learner’s permit and then be sure to use the quote tool on the page to enter your zip in for a free car insurance comparison!

1. Drive Safely

The most important thing a new driver can do to stay safe and pay less is to drive responsibly. A clean driving record will save a lot of money in insurance premiums in the long run.

This means respecting all the rules that were just learned in driver’s ed class like:

  • keeping to the speed limit
  • maintaining a proper distance between cars
  • paying close attention to all traffic lights and signs

2. Drive the Right Car

The car that a new driver operates also has a profound effect on the price he or she pays for insurance. The make and model of an automobile are two factors that insurers consider when computing the cost of a policy.

The only factors that come close in significance, besides the good driving record mentioned above, are the demographic and location of the new driver.

Since it is virtually impossible to alter one’s demographical data, and very difficult to change a residence, a new driver is left with the opportunity to change the price of his policy by buying the car that will save the most money on insurance.

A flashy sports car will cost more to insure than a reliable sedan. Since sports cars go faster there is more risk associated with driving them. By choosing a less risky vehicle, a new driver will be able to ease into his new driving lifestyle in a safer way.

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3. Drive Sober

Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is obvious advice and it applies to everybody, not just new drivers. It is an important message to reinforce whenever possible.

An accident caused by driving under the influence can have a catastrophic effect on the life of a driver. A ticket for driving while intoxicated can destroy one’s driving record.

One of the key things any driver can do to protect his life and his driving record is to drive soberly.

Another facet of smart driving comes in the form of the high school report card or college transcript. Good grades can reap savings in excess of 10% on the yearly premium.

When a new driver shows responsibility at school, it indicates to insurance companies that he or she is more likely to show responsibility while driving.

4. Compare Rates on Car Insurance

Whether a family is adding a new driver to an existing policy or a new driver is buying his own policy, completing a careful insurance comparison is a must. Experts advise shopping around for new insurance rates every six months.

Few situations impact the bottom line as much as adding a new driver to the policy, so there is no time like the present to find the best rate for this new circumstance.

By evaluating several different insurance companies in an organized manner, smart drivers will be able to find the car insurance policy that gives them the most personalized protection for the least amount of money.

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