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Customer Satisfaction Ratings of Auto Insurance Companies

When you visit the website of a car insurance company, or you listen to or watch a commercial from a car insurance company, you are often told that customer satisfaction surveys rate their services higher than any other company. The question is: Do car insurance company customer satisfaction ratings mean anything?

The truth is that customer satisfaction ratings should have some impact on your decision to choose a particular company. This is especially true if the insurance company doesn’t remove negative responses to skew the results, which many don’t.

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The bottom line is that you cannot only consider customer satisfaction ratings when choosing a car insurance company. You need to consider things like price of products, stability of the company, policy options, and so on.

The Science behind Car Insurance Company Customer Satisfaction Ratings

The first thing that you have to understand when you hear a car insurance company sing its own praises is that, unless it cites an unbiased source, such as the Insurance Information Institute, J.D. Power and Associates, or other similar companies, then it isn’t talking about scientific results.

Many car insurance companies offer a survey through what is called river polling. What this means is that a computer randomly selects people who visit the car insurance company website and request that they answer a few questions for the survey.

There are no specific criteria for taking the survey, such as being male or female, an older driver versus a younger driver, a long-term

car insurance company ratingscustomer versus a new customer, and so on. The customer is asked a few questions on how they feel about the company and then the results are added to other results in the system.

The results are somewhat skewed because only current customers of the insurance company are asked to take the survey, which typically means that there is already a satisfied customer in place. In addition, seldom do these types of surveys leave room for a negative opinion about the company in question.

Finding Customer Satisfaction Ratings that Count

Just because most of the surveys conducted by the car insurance companies aren’t scientific doesn’t mean that no such surveys exist. Each year the Insurance Information Institute conducts surveys based on a number of criteria, including customer satisfaction. It isn’t the only company that does this, either.

There are several entities that pride themselves on providing accurate information about car insurance companies. Typically, they conduct independent studies to determine if a company is doing well in terms of price, products, and customer served, all from their current and former customer’s point of view.

The difference between these surveys and the ones that you see from your car insurance company is that they ask more specific questions, such as your age, gender, where you live, and more. All of this information helps them to determine how people in your age group, in the same city, with your driving record, and more, view their insurance company. When the results of the survey are published, all of this distinct information is provided.

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So, why is this better than what you will get from a car insurance company? Mostly, it is because the study is an independent one.

The companies providing the results have no monetary interest in seeing one company come out ahead of the other.

What this means for you is that, if you see a commercial from a car insurance company stating that the III’s or the NAIC’s study shows that they are top rated in customer satisfaction, then you should sit up and take notice. These results are not tallied by the insurance company, but by independent groups!

Criteria for Selecting a Car Insurance Company

satisfaction survey for car insurance companiesSo, should customer satisfaction ratings be taken into account? Absolutely! However, you should also consider a number of other things, including:

  • Price
  • Financial stability of the company
  • Age of the company
  • Knowledge of the staff
  • Variety of products offered
  • Types of discounts offered
  • In which states they are available

Some of these criteria are a given, but you may be wondering why you should care in which states their insurance is available. The truth is that if you move to another state, and you love your insurance company, but you don’t know in advance if it is available in your new state, then you could end up having to switch insurance companies.

While it is always a good idea to compare prices between companies when you make a move to see if you can find a cheaper rate, if you love your insurance company you want to make sure that it is an option for you!

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