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Does car insurance cover any driver that drives your car?

Driving CarThere are many things that you need to consider when purchasing auto insurance for your vehicle. One often asked question about auto insurance is whether or not any driver that drives your vehicle is covered under your insurance.

Well, the simple answer is that in most cases, yes, your insurance will pay for any driver on your vehicle. Notice we say that this is in most cases. There are always exceptions to the rule and it is up to you to determine whether or not your policy allows you to have other drivers drive your vehicle that are not listed on your insurance policy.

Read below to get all of the details on who your car insurance covers and does not cover and then enter your zip in on the side of this page to start comparing car insurance!

When Your Car Insurance Will Not Cover Any Driver

Some of the verbiage that you might want to look for on your auto insurance policy are phrases such as “the insurance follows the vehicle”. This means that the insurance coverage will cover any driver. In some cases, there will be a two-tier process. If the driver of your vehicle has their own auto insurance coverage, then that insurance will be required to pay first, if not, then your insurance will provide the coverage.

There are also two other cases where your insurance will not pay for someone else driving your car. The first one is in the case of someone who has been deliberately excluded from driving your vehicle. This could be because of measures that you have taken to exclude a driver to keep your insurance down (such as a teen in your home) or steps the insurance company has taken because a family member has had too many accidents or points taken from their license. If your vehicle is stolen, the thief is not covered under your insurance either.

Getting Alternative Driver Coverage

If your insurance does not automatically cover other drivers that drive your vehicle, you can use another method to get the coverage that you need. First of all, you can add additional drivers to your policy. There are pros and cons to using this option. The pros being that you have the coverage you need if someone else drives your vehicle.

The real downside is that if any of the drivers you want to add to your policy are under 27, are male (males cost more), have points or have made a lot of previous insurance claims, your insurance premiums can skyrocket. It is important that you know the driving history of the people that you want to add and that you are aware of how adding them will affect your premiums.

Also, if you don’t trust someone, if you find them scary when they drive, for example, even if they haven’t had a single citation, you should not allow them to drive your vehicle. Only let people you trust drive your car.

If you have an emergency and you can’t drive your vehicle, you can call your insurance company to make a provision for a temporary driver. This does not mean that your insurance company will definitely allow this, but in many cases they do, which can provide you with temporary coverage during an established time period.

Another Option for Alternative Drivers

Many people do not realize that their own insurance will usually cover them when they drive someone else’s vehicle. Again, your insurance policy will state whether or not this coverage exists, but it is more common than not to be covered when you drive another vehicle. In fact, before the Internet and the ease of purchasing insurance instantly, if you went to purchase a new or used vehicle, you could show proof of your current insurance in order to drive a vehicle off the lot rather than having insurance on the vehicle you were purchasing. Of course, the bank had a maximum allotment of days before you had to provide proof that your new vehicle was insured. There is an exception, and that is when you are driving a city vehicle or a company vehicle. In these cases, it is up to your employer to provide you with adequate coverage when you drive as your own insurance will not cover you in any way.

Choosing the Best Auto Insurance Coverage

Now that you understand at least the basics that you can expect if someone else drives your vehicle, you need to decide if the auto insurance coverage that you currently have gives you the coverage that you need.

Choosing the right auto insurance is a lot easier these days than it was just five or so years ago because you can use the Internet to compare auto insurance rates. With free quote tools, such as the one we have at the top of the page, you can compare the rates of several companies side by side. What’s more, your quote is guaranteed for a certain period of time, giving you to the opportunity to ensure that those details that you want to be sure of, such as whether or not other people can drive your car and be insured, are satisfactory before you sign a contract.

Using a free quote tool is going to save you time and money and allow you to get the perfect insurance policy for your situation. Why not give it a try today?

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