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Cheap Car Insurance: Geico vs. Allstate

The question “Is GEICO cheaper than Allstate?” is likened to a dog fight online. Allstate and GEICO are two of the top car insurance companies in America. With this as the case, there is a constant battle in the media as well as online as to whether one is cheaper than the other. The answer depends on who you ask.

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Is Geico cheaper than Allstate?

Both companies, Allstate and GEICO, have long histories of clever advertising and marketing. Allstate is marketed with the image of Dennis Haysbert from the CBS program, The Unit. Is there anyone on the planet who is not familiar with GEICO’s gecko mascot?

Allstate recently went so far as to mention that GEICO customers who switched to Allstate saved money. Haysbert even quotes an average amount! This is bold marketing because people remember these numbers and hold the business accountable for its marketing.

The problem is, rates change and depend on so many different factors, it is virtually impossible to hold this company accountable for these claims.

How is it determined whether GEICO is cheaper than Allstate?

allstate vs geico car insuranceSome people might wonder how Allstate knows whether its rates are cheaper than GEICO’s. According to reviewers, Allstate asks its customers who they had coverage with before switching over to them. Apparently, some that switched over had GEICO, and based on certain facts, they received a quote that averaged approximately $581 cheaper.

It could also be a marketing strategy to offer GEICO customers cheaper rates simply based on the fact that these are former GEICO customers. The difference could also involve the different programs they both offer to potential customers. It is up to you to determine what your needs are and how valuable each company’s program offers are to you.

For example, if you already know you may be accident prone, you may view Allstate’s “Accident Forgiveness” program as a valuable policy inclusion.

If you have a new car, Allstate’s “New Car Replacement” program may also be of value to you. You may have an older car, making GEICO’s MBI or Mechanical Breakdown Insurance something you consider valuable.

Who says GEICO is cheaper than Allstate?

Reviews or people who have actually had one of these carriers, and current subscribers make comments online to those who may inquire. This is a good way to keep car insurance companies honest in their business practices. Just like there are some people that claim Allstate is cheaper than GEICO, there are others still who claim GEICO is cheaper than Allstate.

It is the demographic, some people say, that determines whether GEICO is cheaper than Allstate.

who is cheaper geico or allstate

One person commented online that they were sure it is the middle-aged, good driver, with the clean credit report, that receives the cheapest rates at GEICO compared to the same profile given to Allstate representatives. In other words, if you fit this demographic, you will receive the cheaper rate at GEICO.

Is GEICO cheaper than Allstate in online quotes?

When you request an online quote, your quote is based on several factors. For an instant quote in minutes the computer only asks for your zip code and maybe a few general questions. For this purpose your quote may not be as accurate as your final quote. This rate is received when you receive your policy.

An online reviewer commented that he received a cheaper quote from GEICO when he made an online comparison between the two. Allstate’s quote was more than a hundred dollars greater in this case. There is no way to know the details of his profile to distinguish the determining factors.

Is GEICO cheaper than Allstate when you consider discounts?

battle between geico and allstateThe answer to this question depends on your detailed needs and eligibility. Allstate claims to have more than 40 different discount programs for which you could be eligible. GEICO does not offer a number, but the company offers a long list of discounts.

An example of a difference would be a 15% discount offered by GEICO to military personnel, and a possible 10% discount offered by Allstate. The Allstate website does not mention exactly how much of a discount they offer military personnel. GEICO also offers the Privileges program, which is basically a retail discount offer through GEICO using coupons.

Allstate may offer a different program that may help you save the same amount, more or less. It is all determined by the individual or family in the end. Either way, it is up to you to determine which company will best meet your car insurance needs for the cheaper rate.

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