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Discounted Rates for Having Multiple Line of Insurance

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car insurance discounts for multiple linesJust like with multi-vehicle discounts, you’re might as well be setting your money on fire as a consumer if you’re not using multi-line insurance discounts. The savings can be anywhere from 5 percent to 15 percent. If you were to combine these savings with other discount opportunities, then you would be saving hundreds of dollars per year.

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There is one catch: It’s not as easy to figure out the savings by using online insurance tools and you might have to consult an agent to figure out how to lower your rates by buying multiple kinds of insurance policies from one firm.

Explaining a Multiple Line Discount

Multiple line discounts for auto insurance simply means that, for example, instead of just buying auto insurance from Nationwide, you would buy life insurance, rental insurance, and homeowner’s insurance as well. This would mean significant discounts on almost all of those lines of insurance.

Most of the larger auto insurance companies offer the multi-line discount.

These companies would have to be larger and offer more services in order to offer the other kinds of policies anyway. This is why Progressive, Amica, and Nationwide can offer the multiple line discount, while smaller statewide or regional firms that only deal in car insurance might not be able to.

Nationwide Offers Significant Savings with Multi-Line Discounts

Even though two of the three firms that we did tests for didn’t really allow you to show how much you could save with multiple line purchases, Nationwide did. As per usual, the vehicle we used was a 2002 Toyota Tacoma 4-door car. The driver was a 49 year-old adult male with no moving violations over the last several years. The recommended monthly price for auto insurance was $110 per month.

multiple line auto insurance discount

When we went back in and edited the quote and added every other line of Nationwide insurance that you could buy–which included annuity, commercial policy, farm policy, and a life policy–the rate dropped to about $83 dollars or about a 20 percent savings. That’s $27 a month, or more than $300 per year. That’s a significant savings.

Keep in mind that your final numbers may vary if you don’t own a farm or need a farm policy. Other factors may also vary.

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Both Amica and GEICO Require Agents to Determine Savings

Our experiment was unsuccessful in figuring out how much money we could save online with both Amica and GEICO because neither company allows you add multi-line discounts online.

GEICO would simply tell you that other discounts were available when you also purchased auto, motorcycle, and umbrella insurance products. Likewise, Amica would inform you that you may be eligible for a variety of discounts if you also buy their homeowner’s insurance and urged that you “Contact an Amica representative to review the discounts available in your state.”

discount for multiple lines auto insuranceThis could be a way to give back to their agents who lose out on their commission whenever you buy directly online. This is also proof positive that if you’re really looking for discounts, then you have to make a real effort at using online insurance quotes in order to find what you’re looking for.

Multi-Line Purchases Save You Money on All of Your Insurance Buys

One of the other advantages of buying multiple lines of insurance is that you save money not only on your auto insurance, but on every single line of insurance that you buy. While this is probably one of the harder auto insurance discounts to investigate online, the significant savings make it worthwhile.

You might have to go through a number of sites in order to find other suitable kinds of insurance that you might like. For instance, your family may approach a particular insurance company because it has accessible agents to whom you can actually talk frankly. So other factors beside costs may come into play.

You also have to research the best and most effective kinds of rental, home, and/or life insurance policies for this to work.

Homeowner’s insurance is actually more important than auto insurance because it involves your biggest asset. Homeowners insurance also covers home repairs, which can easily run into the thousands of dollars. And life insurance helps protect your family and provide a financial cushion in the event of your timely or untimely demise.

As always, shop around and think things through. And you can start the online car insurance comparisons right now by typing your zip code into the box below.

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