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Traumatic Brain Injury’s Most Likely Victims

Share Tweet Pin +1Shares 0Being involved in a car accident can be one of the scariest things in your life. In an instant, your world spins out of control . . . screeching brakes, broken glass, terrifying screams. Your brain can barely process everything going on. Adrenaline sets in, and you may not even know you […]

Can I cancel my car insurance after an accident?

As a child, you quickly learn the importance of having auto insurance when you’re playing the ever popular game called Life. This game shows and proves that you never know when you’re going to get into an accident. If you draw the card saying you’ve had an accident, you better hope that you chose to […]

What does an at fault claim mean?

When you file a claim, the auto insurance company will spend a great deal of time and resources investigating it. In fact, part of your auto insurance contract says that the insurer is responsible for paying all of the expenses that are incurred to investigate and settle a claim. The purpose of claim investigation is […]

What insurance details do I need after an accident?

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary situation, even if the accident turns out to be a minor one. In addition to always driving defensively, you can protect yourself by ensuring your auto insurance policy is still in force and that matches your current financial and vehicle needs. If you need better […]

Pokémon Go: Distracted Driving and Mobile Gaming

Click here for rankings table and click here to view interactive maps The Internet Age has brought us plenty of incredible innovations. Long gone are the days of needing a paper map to get anywhere. Now, drivers can use GPS devices and even mobile maps to calculate their routes from point A to point B. […]

If I am in a car accident, do I call their insurance or mine?

Being in a car accident is frightening, and many people don’t know what to do. Here’s what you should know if you are in a car accident. If you need lower car insurance rates after an accident, enter your ZIP in the box above and we’ll send you quotes from the top companies near you! […]

How long does a car accident stay on your insurance record?

Every driver, no matter how skilled they are, can have a terrible day behind the wheel in the blink of an eye. Braking late, switching lanes too soon, or driving over a steep pothole can all lead to an accident that you never could’ve foreseen when you got in your car earlier in the day. […]

Will car insurance cover DUI accidents?

If you are in a DUI car accident, it depends on whether or not you were the impaired driver and your insurance policy. If you were the impaired driver, your insurance provider will probably determine that the accident was your fault. Depending on your insurance company and your insurance policy, your accident-related expenses may or […]

Does my car insurance cover hitting a deer?

Deer-related accidents are anything but rare. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, each year approximately one and a half million vehicles are involved in crashes because of deer. Don’t be concerned that your insurance only covers collisions with other vehicles. Unless you have a liability-only policy, this isn’t the case. A full coverage […]

How does car insurance work when you have an accident?

While no driver intends to get into a car accident, accidents happen. The most common reasons for car accidents include driver error, distracted driving and not driving safely during adverse road conditions. When you get into a car accident, you must wait for the police to arrive and fill out an accident report. The accident […]

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