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My Auto Insurance Is Too High

Share Tweet Pin +1Shares 0Do you have auto insurance that has a premium that is simply too high? One thing that all consumers can agree on is that they want to be sure they are getting the best deal possible with their insurance. When you are in the market for a car insurance policy, or […]

Does owning a home affect car insurance?

Owning a home has the potential to affect your car insurance rates. Your home’s location will be used in the calculation that your insurance company uses to underwrite your policy and bundling your home and car insurance with the same company can lower your rates via a multi-line discount. If you’ve already bundled your car […]

Does a pacemaker affect auto insurance?

Health issues are unfortunately something that all of us are going to have to deal with at some point in our life. One very common thing that many people benefit from is that of a pacemaker. A pacemaker is a tiny device that assists our heart to keep it at a steady beat. When you […]

Car Insurance for the Homeless

For one reason or another, many people go through periods of homelessness during their lifetimes. Many individuals who are homeless are also drivers, and like the rest of the population need to get from place to place. Insurance coverage can sometimes be hard for those who are homeless to acquire. That said, there are some […]

Auto Insurance for Employees

Commercial auto insurance is different from traditional plans you may have for your cars. Rather than allowing your friends and family to drive the car with permission, most commercial plans will list specific drivers who are authorized by the company to drive. Before you ask an employee to run an errand in the company vehicle […]

Car Insurance for an Emergency Service Worker

Emergency service workers have their lives on the line every day to respond to a call or attend to an emergency. At times, you may have to use your personal vehicles to arrive at the emergency site. Therefore, it is important to get coverage for your private and the work vehicles properly to protect you […]

Car Insurance for Track Days

Car enthusiasts have a challenge when it comes to acquiring the right insurance cover for a track day event. Many car insurance providers do not include the track day coverage on their standard policies while others offer no guarantee of payment of their claims. The insurance policies for the track day events are higher in […]

Can I get my car out of impound without insurance?

The odds that you’ll have an accident while driving your car are 1 in 366. While these odds don’t seem too serious, there’s a much greater likelihood that you’ll get pulled over while driving. According to data reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the odds that you’ll be pulled over in any given year […]

Car Insurance for a Child if You Are Divorced

Divorced parents are faced with countless questions, including who will cover the car insurance for teenage children. With the cost of insurance for teen drivers on the rise, this is a valid concern that should be considered as part of any custody agreement. The great news is that there are ways to keep the cost […]

Auto Insurance for a 19-Year-Old

It doesn’t matter how safe of a driver you are when you’re a teen driver. In the eyes of auto insurance companies, any driver with the word ‘teen’ in their names is considered a high risk. All teen drivers, regardless of their records, are going to get stuck paying high auto insurance rates. It might […]

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