Why are insurance rates higher for singles versus married couples?

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Here's what you need to know...
  • In general, single drivers are considered to be higher risk clients than married drivers
  • Single people are considered to be a higher risk because they are more likely to file a claim
  • Age, roommates, and the vehicle of a single driver will all impact car insurance rates

Single people pay more for car insurance than married people because the insurance companies consider single people to be a higher risk.

In the insurance business, it is all about the risk that an individual is going to cost the insurance company by filing a claim.

Singles, on average, pay 10 percent more in insurance premiums than their married friends.

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Is age a factor for single people?


According to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner, studies have shown that individuals under the age of 25 are more likely to get into accidents.

Usually, drivers younger than 25 are less experienced as drivers and are less emotionally mature, especially for male drivers.

Studies have shown that a male’s brain does not fully mature until age 25, proving that immaturity is a factor in making good decisions while driving.

Individuals under the age of 25 are usually single. The average age of marriage has consistently risen over the decades and is currently now at 27.

Usually, when an individual marries, they are mature enough to be more focused on the responsibilities that come with marriage.

Why does having roommates affect your insurance premiums?


A second reason single people are considered to be a risk is that they usually live with roommates. If you live with roommates, there is a good chance your roommate is going to borrow your car.

The insurance company is fully aware of the fact that, if you have a roommate, you will most likely let them use your car.

When they borrow your car, they are adding an extra risk to your insurance company due to their driving record and the fact that they are less likely to be cautious while driving your car.

The insurance company will even ask a single person about their roommates when calculating a quote. If you are single and living with roommates, this will increase your premium.

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Why does the vehicle matter?

Another reason why single people are considered to be a risk is because of the type of vehicle they usually purchase.

Singles do not want to drive their parent’s station wagons, minivans, or sedans. Singles want to drive a car that makes them look or feel cool, lets them drive fast, and allows them plenty of room for friends.

Since singles want a car that looks good, they often buy a new car.

A new car presents a higher risk to insurance companies because of the chance of it getting dinged up or stolen. The costs of repairs and replacement on a new car are also going to be higher than an older model.

Insurance companies also look at the size of the car. Statistics show that deadly car accidents are the cause of most deaths for individuals between the ages of 15 and 19.

In these accidents, the cars are usually full of young people.

How can a single person pay lower premiums?

Savings written on a graph with a calculator beside it.

A single person can pay lower insurance premiums by making wise choices.

  • Purchase a vehicle that is not going to raise their rates an extra 10 percent.
  • Avoid having roommates, if at all possible. If not, look into their driving record before signing a lease with them.
  • Keep your driving record clean by avoiding speeding violations and accidents.
  • Take driver’s education classes to learn as much as you can about vehicle safety, and obey all the laws of the road.

Lastly and most importantly, shop around for car insurance to find the best rate possible.

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