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Progressive vs USAA

Progressive vs USAAThe Progressive and USAA insurance companies are two well known and highly respected insurance providers with a long history. Both providers offer the more common insurance aspects such as property and casualty, but that is where the similarities end.

USAA is a membership based organization catering to military personnel and their families, while Progressive is open to just about anyone, and USAA offers additional financial services as well as traditional insurance protection.

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USAA History

USAA has a slightly longer history than Progressive, starting in the 1920’s, and is exclusive to active or retired military personnel, their spouses, widows, and children. USAA began with a few Army officers pooling their resources to provide quality coverage for their fellow soldiers and officers.

USAA has expanded to include every branch of the military including officers and enlisted members, as well as expanding their range of services to include banking, investments, and asset management. The USAA offers several mutual funds, IRA’s, college savings programs, and different types of wealth management advice for its members.

Progressive History

Progressive began in 1937 as the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. Two lawyers just starting their careers decided that an insurance company was a good investment, and in order to provide the type of service they had envisioned, they would need some innovative strategies. T

hese principles have propelled the Progressive organization from those days forward into one of the largest auto insurance sellers through independent agents in the United States.

Progressive is now one of the most visible providers in the nation, they have continued to lead the way with industry firsts including drive-in claims, price comparisons, and their trademarked Immediate Response Claims Services. Progressive was also one of the first providers in the country to allow customers to pay their premiums in installments.

Similarities of USAA and Progressive

While there are many distinct contrasts between the two, Progressive and USAA do have some core similarities such as:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Home and Property Insurance
  • High Ratings with A.M. Best and Moody’s
  • High Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Progressive & USAA: Key Differences

Both of these organizations offer a full range of online services, but Progressive is the leader by far in this arena. Progressive gives customers the ability to shop up to three other providers over the phone, in person, or online, and get a quote right then and there instead of having to compile and compare the data yourself. Progressive also offers the flexibility of completing the entire process online or with the assistance of a live representative, and you can even meet with an independent agent if you choose.

USAA and Progressive both operate nationwide, but due to their different customer bases and types of services, the number of customers for each is significantly different. USAA has the smaller customer base of the two, with just over seven million, which is to be expected with an exclusive membership structure. Progressive has grown into a multi-billion dollar, publicly traded organization, while USAA has remained in the hands of the policy holders.

Although they have many different aspects, USAA and Progressive have both grown from very humble beginnings to become much more than any of the founders could have imagined. Be sure to compare both Progressive and USAA car insurance quotes along with quotes from many different companies. Enter your zip to start now!

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