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Discounts for Safeco Auto Insurance

Safeco Car Insurance discounts are available on the financial strength of its parent company, Liberty Mutual Group. Safeco received an “A+” from A.M. Best and an “A-” from Standard and Poor’s insurance rating companies. Moody’s graded the company with an “A2”, which is comparable to the A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s rating.

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Safeco Car Insurance Discounts

Safeco is offered in all 50 states through its independent agents. You will receive a list of agents in your area that you can either physically visit to inquire, or be directed to the independent agent’s website. Either way, you will have the option of choosing all Safeco plans available in your state.

Each state establishes its own insurance minimums, and insurance guidelines for every company licensed to do business there.

When you call the Safeco Insurance customer service line, you will be greeted by the winners of the 2011 J.D. Powers and Associates Call Center of the Year award.

Your agent will help you construct a policy that is customized to meet you, your family, or business needs.

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts for the Family

It is expensive enough these days to purchase an individual policy, not to mention how much it costs for a family policy. With that in mind, it is advisable to talk with your agent about a multi-vehicle policy that will serve everyone in the family. You could also include the family boat or RV.

discounts from safeco auto insuranceFamily policies can become complex, since the driving record of every driver in the family is taken into consideration when establishing a quote. Some of the other criteria Safeco Insurance will take into consideration are:

  • The average amount of miles each car is driven
  • Credit history of the people on the policy
  • Age of the drivers, and the vehicles
  • Location of the vehicle
  • The make and model of each vehicle
  • Safety features on the vehicle(s)

When it comes to the amount of miles driven, the company wants to determine if the car will be driven less than 25,000 miles per year. If so, this will entitle the owner to a discount on premiums. Your family’s credit history is also taken into consideration. If you and your spouse have good credit, you will be eligible for a lower rate.

The location of your home or your zip code is a key factor to establishing a rate as well. More populated areas mean greater risk. The vehicle make and model, color, and safety features also weigh heavily in rate determination.

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts for the Elderly

If you have been a Safeco Insurance customer for years, this company will recognize your loyalty, especially if you maintained a good driving record during this time. Each state has its own policy with regard to when a person’s driver’s license should be taken away.

Most states use the vision test as a guideline for determining whether a driver is still able to maintain their driving privileges, while other companies include road tests.

New Safeco Insurance customers over age 55 can save with AARP or their car club memberships when establishing coverage. This discount may be combined with other discounts offered by Safeco. If you have not maintained a good driving record, you may be considered a high-risk driver, and pay additional premiums.

safeco discounts for car insurance

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts for Motorcycle Drivers

Motorcycle riders are considered high-risk drivers regardless of their previous driving record, simply because of the nature of the vehicle. Motorcyclist may offset this expense by participating in a motorcycle safety class, which is encouraged by your local DMV anyway. This is a risk management policy implemented by most states, and designated by a special license class requirement.

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts for Teens

Teens are considered another high risk category of drivers who can always use a break in premiums. Most teens are excited about the privilege of driving. Unfortunately, teenagers are also involved in a high number of accidents every year. For this reason, many states offer incentives for teens to receive discounts on their insurance premiums.

car insurance discounts from safecoSafeco offers Teen Safety Rewards as a way to help families save while introducing their teen to their insurance policy. Teen Safety Rewards use several tools to help encourage good driving habits from the start. These are a few of the examples offered by Safeco Insurance:

  • Teen to Parent Contract
  • Good Student Discount
  • Road Ahead Guide
  • Distant Student Discount

The contract between parent and teen is an agreement by the teen to follow safety rules established between them. Good grades always pay off with Safeco Insurance, while the Road Ahead Guide is an educational tool. Distant student discount is for students who are more than 100 miles away from home without transportation.

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